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  2. Does Kyle ever do anything with Porsha that will actually enrich the child's mind? I thought that scene at the makeup place was ridiculous and Teddi's daughter seemed very uncomfortable.
  3. Yes, you are right .. probably the whole state. Lol. I was thinking about going, but the ticket, plus a hotel room, just for about 50 minutes? No thanks.
  4. secnarf

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    The mother of two of my patients (twins) got me a mug that says 'educated drug dealer' on it, along with a very lovely note. I love it 🙂
  5. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    5 p.m. episodes, both new, and both have dog attacks. (I'm sorry, but JJ's new hairdo makes her ears look massive). Fractured Jaw at the Rodeo!-Plaintiff, and defendants got into a drunken, stupid brawl, and plaintiff suffered a fractured jaw from two defendants hitting him. The defendant had earlier assaulted another person, and broke his nose. There are Xrays of the broken jaw. I think the main defendant has the dumbest male hairstyle in years, it looks like a 70's housewife, minus the hairspray. The defendant of course, is a poor misunderstood drunk, who is innocent of anything but self defense. Defendant claims the plaintiff got in his face, and plaintiff shoved defendant, and they started arguing even more. Mutual shoves, and then defendant threw the first punch. Beau'D Hopkins is the defendant with the hideous hairdo. Plaintiff's bills went to collections, and $3500, for plaintiff. A Pit Bull is a Stupid Dog to Have!- Plaintiff is suing sister-in-law for attack on six year old little girl, the plaintiff's step daughter, through step mother (I think that's the relationship, but I'm not sure. Little girl was removed from court by Byrd. Little girl has a huge facial scar. Plaintiff is 19 year old step daughter, living with 17 year old boyfriend, and 18 year old friend, and 22 year old stepson. Defendant is being sued for child permanently scarred by defendant's pit bull. Plaintiff was watching her sister, and dog attack happened in defendant's room on the little sister. The sister's (plaintiff's) classic response to why she wasn't properly watching the girl, is "I didn't think anything would happen". Stepdaughter claims she told the stepmother there is a new, adult pit bull in the house, and stepmother says it's a lie, she didn't know about the dog. The dog was the boyfriend's. Why would any one with sense (stepmother) let a six year old go to stay with the 17, 18, and 19 year old fools anyway? Stepmother says the dog was a new addition, and there was a husky in the household, then the pit bull left, and was brought back. The little girl was bitten in the defendant's (17 year old boyfriend) room. As JJ says, stepmother/plaintiff hadn't been to the house for a long time, and allowed the girl to stay for the weekend with the fool step daughter. Nothing for the plaintiff's, because it was her fault the child was there. Man's Fear of Large Dogs Comes Back to Bite Him!-Defendant is being sued by former roommates, for provoking their Husky/German Shepherd mix into biting him. Defendant is a former roommate, and is being sued for lease breaking, animal abuse, and filing a false police report. All three signed the lease. Defendant found out about the dog before moving in, but found out at the lease signing that the dog was huge. Defendant is afraid of large dogs. Two weeks after move in, the defendant walked into the apartment, when the dog attacked and bit him on the thigh. Plaintiff/dog owner claims defendant provoked the dog, but coming into the apartment. Defendant was entitled to move out, after the attack. Defendant lived there for three months, and then moved out. Plaintiff's case is dismissed. Defendant gets nothing on the counter claim too. Gas Explosion Anxiety!-Plaintiff is suing neighbor for trespassing, and tree damage. Plaintiff planted the tree trunk on her side of the driveway (narrow strip of grass between common driveway (they look like townhouses). Defendant trimmed the branches on her side of the property line, claims she was worried about the tree destroying the gas line, and causing an explosion. Plaintiff alleges that defendant carved into the trunk also. Defendant is counter suing for vet bills, and emotional distress and all kinds of loony garbage. $1969 is for the entire tree replacement, and JJ says that's garbage, since the plaintiff never replaced the tree. Defendant's claims thrown out. The tree was originally planted over the gas line, and gas line was moved for free by gas company. Defendant gets nothing. Plaintiff gets $1.00 (that is not a typo).
  6. I LOVE this. The look on Kyle’s face when PK told her he spoke with Ken....she’s so stupid.
  7. Norwindian

    Sex And The City

    She was my least favorite. She was too prissy and whiny for me. My dislike of her was cemented when she and Trey were shopping for china and she pouted until she got the one she wanted.
  8. phoenics

    Roswell, New Mexico: In the Media

    Exactly. She's just SO determined to show her preference that it really irritates me. I just feel doomed shipping Michael&Maria and I fear for Maria's safety with the fandom. Carina is just SO problematic to me.
  9. PrincessPurrsALot

    S07.E4: South Carolina

    Constituents, There are parallels between the current storylines and things happening currently in US politics. Comparing characters to some current politicos is okay in a general way. However, let's keep the actual politics being discussed to those on the show. Otherwise we'll have to send you all to a reeducation camp where you will be forced to learn toxic sharia math while eating school lunches that include green vegetables.
  10. It was also disgusting and tarnished Malcolm's character for no reason. It made him a rapist out of the blue.
  11. Goddamn Victor made me cry...I was sort of overflowing all episode, and then right at the end when Devon and Lily were standing there looking at Neil’s portrait, 😭😭😭
  12. suncity

    Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    Damn, so they have just given up creating hits, was hoping they would clean house with new shows planned. I hope this doesnt affect picking up pilots; Batwoman, Lost Boys, Nancy Drew etc. They sound promising.
  13. sATL

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    I say give it to her. Let her learn to deal and live with the decision she wanted. I don't care for the turning on a dime. She acts like the house is the only place she can relive the memories of raising the kids. Plus she does like to entertain and have a large kitchen. There was an episode a while back when she went house hunting at existing subdivision homes. She kept saying everything was too small.
  14. This I didn't know.
  15. Callaphera

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    Aw, man. Marlena being possessed by the devil and Father John was my childhood (I know, it was a couple of years before Rolf showed up but still). I used to race home from elementary school to watch that. That was appointment television. Roswell, New Mexico... not so much. Thankfully I think he just kept her in there because she looked not that decomposed - if she was decomposed at all - and since the pod seems to keep them in the same state they were in when they got into the pod, she would have looked a lot worse if he kept bringing her out and throwing her back in. But then Noah said his pod didn't work the same or was broken in the crash or was the dollar store version (like buying Tilde instead of Tide) so... maybe she wasn't as fresh as I was hoping? Ugh. This show, I swear. For the sake of argument, what if Liz knew what it would cost and agreed anyway? That'll take the cosmic out of your love. I kinda wish they went there now. Max: "I could do it. I could bring her back but it'll cost-" Liz: "Yeah, do it. That's fine." Max: "-my life, Liz. It'll cost my life." Liz: "...yeah, I know. I said that's fine." Max: "Oh. Um."
  16. Ariana is the only one on Vanderpump Rules who is really chafing. Everyone else is thrilled to have the money to buy million dollar houses and travel the world and be partners in bars and all of the other riches they've reaped as a result of their relationship with Lisa. They know that she is sarcastic as hell and don't take it personally. It's her shtick, whether one finds it humorous or not. But each and every one of them knows that if they were ever in any kind of trouble or desperately needed help of some sort that she would be there for them. She'd probably even help a Kristin in desperate straights. I am an avowed Lisa fan, but I realize she has her faults. What these women are doing, however, especially Kyle, is detestable.
  17. WonderWuman73

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    WTF! that cake! There are no words 😖😳
  18. Sew Sumi

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah and Jason

    I think they showed Jana's spaces maybe once a few seasons ago. Nothing recent. eta: I just remembered that she talked about when her chickens were killed, saying ",It wasn't pretty." But that's been it.
  19. LanceM

    S39 Spoilers & Speculation

    This is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Advisors? Really? Just let the newbies play on their own.
  20. Moxie Cat

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I've been rewatching "Beyond the Wall," and as awesome as that episode is, the whole endeavor was obviously a total disaster because without Viserion, who knows how long it would have taken the NK to breach the wall (years, potentially) and it resulted in only one recruit: Jaime. So I like to speculate that Jaime will wind up playing an absolutely pivotal role in these last few episodes - so we can say that "well, without the wight-capture, Jaime wouldn't have been THERE to do THAT." Similar to how it seems obvious that Beric is in place to do something specific. I just don't think that Jaime's endgame is simply to kill his sister. It seems too prosaic. I could buy that Arya wearing Jaime's face might do it (that seems legit and likely). Would love for it to be Sansa, though. Don't they? Isn't that how Osha, Hodor, and the boys slipped in while the Ironborn were there? I bet Winterfell has a whole system of tunnels, maybe even down to the village.
  21. ahrtee

    S14 E19: Jack in the Box

    I'd bet we could write it at 95% accuracy. And that's the point--there will always be some deus ex machina to pull a solution out of his ass at the last second to make the sacrifice (or murder, depending on your POV) not only unnecessary but showing a total lack of faith in the others. Dean will either (a) apologize immediately, or (b) more likely--still be angry but backs down and doesn't trust Jack, until Jack does something incredibly wonderful (saving Sammy, eg) so that Dean has to agree that they couldn't live without him. The End (for me, at least!)
  22. izabella

    The Village

    He also cheated on her and lied to her about it.
  23. LanceM

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    Redmond has stated that the season 38 winner is not on the cast. He will be releasing the cast once they fly out to Fiji which should be in a few weeks. I will wait to see what he has posted as I don't trust any of the posters over on Sucks.
  24. raven

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

    Ugh, I always hated them. Still going to see this though!
  25. Booger666

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I’m confused. When did David lose his visitation? I thought they went to court last year and David was given visitation but he wasn’t supposed to post on SM (which he did but Olivia didn’t have the $$ to go back to court).
  26. MMEButterfly

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    I empathize with Janelle, and I'm also an introvert. I can't imagine the sheer misery of starring on a reality show.
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