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  2. Chick2Chic

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Hope has been annoying long before Ben and Ciara hooked up
  3. iwasish

    S16.E03: Eat Pray Fight

    At least Scott knows what a vacation is about . What is Khloe complaining .about? Problems of her own making? Stay the fuck home if you’re miserable.
  4. Can someone identify these people? I know Alberti, ???, Ali (I think), Cathy, Blunt Cut Blonde, and ???.
  5. dwmarch

    S04. E19. Everybody Hates Kathy

    For me it was that she was wearing her boots in the house. Who does that? People who think they might need to run from the cops at a moment's notice, that's who.
  6. WendyCR72

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Isn't it enough that Liz has 3 kids by 1. a one-night stand who was the former hubby of her BFF, 2. the local hitman, and 3. the cuckolded once-upon-a-time true love that left because of daddy issues and Liz repeatedly metaphorically kicking him in the nuts? Liz needs no more spawn. And SERIAL KILLER need never spawn.
  7. xaxat

    Season One Discussion

    I agree with everyone who believes this episode could have used a good pruning. Were Yuka and her brother (other Native Alaskans?) sleeper agents destined to work for The Traveler and his kind? Several times they discuss how they are different from the white inhabitants but sometimes it seemed to go beyond just race. Well after it's clear Traveler is an alien, he says that she knew who he was. Traveler's last words to her are about ships entering the mesosphere, which would only make sense if you accept space flight. And her brother definitely knew he was an alien and regime change was on the way. Was Yuka's brother's story about their people walking on the Northern Lights true? (Or at least as true as a Christian might believe in Christmas.) Was the captain the equivalent of the three armed alien from "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?"" Unaware that another group of aliens is about to invade? (Which makes Traveler's hat a nice nod to the original.) I'm thinking he's not an alien, just a descendant of the original alien invaders. Yuka's brother sure seemed calm in the end. I would have been like.
  8. I consider it a blessing to have a rare enough Offline Name that the first name never gets branded and the surname not at all. Besides, I'd not want to be linked by name to a soda drink with few if any actual health benefits (and a still secret formula ).
  9. readster

    Last Man Standing

    It's funny considering the ratings dropped to below what it was back on ABC. Though with the merger with Disney. You have to wonder if the show will make it past another season.
  10. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Evine: Be Good

    Anybody else watch the special Easter weekend Evine After Dark presentation this morning midnight -2am? They had some new products and had a new gal from the UK presenting with Kimberley Wells. They mentioned there will be some new products coming in the future for the guys also.
  11. Forgive me for being horrible, but the first thing I thought when Theo asked "how will I know if it worked?" was "um... you'll have a penis?" I'll back out slowly now. Sorry.
  12. Morrissey

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    That is hilarious. It would have been such a treat if Colin and Christie had waited for him at the Pit Stop. "Phil. You are the first team to arrive. However. You didn't complete the Roadblock."
  13. LadyChatts

    S39 and S40 Spoilers & Speculation

    During AS Tina and Ethan tried getting the top prize amount raised to $2 million dollars. I figure if the TPTB wouldn’t cave then when the show was in its prime, they won’t cave now.
  14. Blergh

    TV Tropes You Hate

    Yeah, talk about adding insults to probable injury!
  15. And she was granted a restraining order against him.
  16. Fireball

    Dynasty (2017)

    So I feel stupid I didn't realize Alexis's new face was Fallow's face. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention. But I really hope the show doesn't go the route of Alexis sleeping with Liam. I did like that Fallow was only mad that Kirby didn't tell her about Cuhlane.
  17. Blergh

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Agree with you Fiver and Jaded about Miss Spears's current condition. UYI, you're fine but I respectfully disagree with you re her parents and the senior Cyruses. That is all. Regardless, I DO hope she's currently getting the best help possible.
  18. Annber03

    TV Tropes You Hate

    Okay, that is horrifying and awful. What a shitty thing to make you do. So sorry you went through all of that.
  19. ParadoxLost

    Spoilers With Speculation

    For whatever reason Chuck is appearing, I suspect they'll also use it as a shortcut to set up the final season without having to figure out how navigate from this mess to whatever they are going to do.
  20. It got better after my rant. There were a few more scenes of her pushing things on the floor and making messes to cover up her identity, but not too many. Now it is a standard Hallmark plotline of her pushing to get the mixing bowl sized chocolate eggs made, and supporting the lives of the love interest and the daughter by providing the woman's supporting touch. The love interest got mad at her when he found out she is the owner's daughter--not at himself or his coworkers for not figuring it out. Plus, why would a owner's family member and corporate VP not ever visit a main production facility?
  21. HunterHunted

    TV Tropes You Hate

    The former actually happened to me. The car rolled so many times that when we landed upside down, I spun around in my seatbelt several times. And because this is the type of country America is when the ambulance arrived, the EMT's asked my friend, the driver, and me how we were. Both of us described what happened to each of us. My friend said she thought her abdomen might have hit the steering wheel. I told them that I spun several times in my seatbelt. They put my blonde haired blue-eyed friend on a stretcher and my made dark-skinned Black ass schlep to the bottom of the ravine to get our purses and IDs. I went to med school. I know the type of shit that could have happened to me.
  22. Hater

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Duell is protected by the threesome of suck. Plus the guy has zero prospects outside of GH, wtf is he going to do? The young actor who plays Kyle on YR has more sexual chemistry with his female co stars than Chad ever had on GH and that guy hasn't been on the damn show for 9 years.
  23. I most remember Eliza for the episode after she was voted out and was the first Juror one season. As she sat on the jury alone, the Tribal Council was one of the all-time most bonkers ones for reasons I can't remember. What I do remember was Eliza making a series of bug eyed agog faces on every cutaway, each more incredulous than the last as events unfolded before her.
  24. GHScorpiosRule

    S07.E18: Lost Canary

    Thanks for that. This is what happens when I watch while I'm getting angrier and more pissed at what is happening to make these new people who I don't give a fuck about some connection to the core characters. Of course, my mind can't let go of the fact of where she got the idea to be a female arrow to Oliver's since NO ONE KNEW he was the Arrow during the time she was training, and plus Oliver was on the island. Unless I missed something and Dante had spies on the island and knew Oliver was there and decided to train Emiko with arrows as well? Because knives and swords seem to be his choice of weapons. Which just makes me giddy because I find it...meta/nod to Adrian's role as Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod/Highlander. Oh, and I knew the Wild Dong wasn't sincere, either and that he's in Dale's pocket in the future.
  25. Jaded

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    When Britney really hit it big with her song Baby One More Time she was still an underaged teenager who became overly sexualized in the process due in part to that Rolling Stone cover that caused so much controversy and nasty venom to come her way by people calling her names and saying she was too sexy. All of that had to really mess with her head too. Here's the cover story that went along with that cover from 1999. After her breakdown in the late 2000's I felt bad for kinda hating on her at times because I was a Christina fan at the time. Here's another article from Rolling Stone in 2008 about her mental health crisis and everything that surrounded it. This is a list of magazine covers from over the years....
  26. hoodooznoodooz

    S07.E19: The Exorcism of Stassi Schroeder

    Scheana used to work at Chili’s?
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