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  2. Fiver

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Here is an article about the song, and why Irving Berlin wrote it: http://www.irvingberlin.com/god-bless-america
  3. Raja


    My guess he was dealing on the side and had a more reliable supply
  4. magicdog

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Ted McGinley. I never heard the Joke coke rumor (Woodruff taking the recipe with him), but it sounds funny. I think Coke had been using corn syrup before that point however. At least since the mid 70s. The Coke that gets bottled in Mexico is the same original formula Coke that your parents and grandparents had from the 30s onward. It uses sugar. I find it in Sam's Club all the time.
  5. slf

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Ah, yes. The photo of a 15 year old girl, naked, wrapped in a bed sheet that VF called a "beautiful" and "natural pose." What the hell were her parents thinking?
  6. Actually it is not as weird as you think it is! SAD, but not necessarily uncommon. I have experience in nursing home residents and family values. I could write a book about the differences and perceptions. You sound like a wonderful and dutiful daughter. You will have no regrets, trust me.
  7. Raja


    I just took it that in case one got picked up at first contact the police couldn’t figure out where they had been. But then they hit local pharmacies before flying to the desert locations
  8. praeceptrix

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I grew up listening Herb Alpert's music. I'm pleased to hear that he is actively giving back to the community, and has been doing so for a while. https://www.wbgo.org/post/herb-alpert-fully-fund-major-renovation-harlem-school-arts?fbclid=IwAR2F4Iss1OUs688a2qSDGa5YZ1R_a5rWn_Pcquu1IsB87DoY9zQxey_jg4s#stream/0
  9. Dejana

    Box Office

    The calm before the storm... Another Conjuring-verse movie beats expectations in the meantime and Captain Marvel passes $400 million. April 19–21, 2019 Estimates: 1 (N) The Curse of La Llorona $26,505,000 | 3,372 Theaters | $7,860 Avg. | $9M Budget | $26,505,000 2 (1) Shazam! $17,340,000 (-29.1%) | 4,183 Theaters (-123) | $4,145 Avg. | $80–100M Budget | $121,341,951 3 (N) Breakthrough $11,100,000 | 2,824 Theaters | $3,931 Avg. | $14M Budget | $14,606,925 4 (6) Captain Marvel $9,100,000 (+5.7%) | 2,653 Theaters (-322) | $3,430 Avg. | $152-175M Budget | $400,026,133 5 (2) Little $8,451,000 (-45.1%) | 2,667 Theaters | $3,169 Avg. | $20M Budget | $29,380,410 6 (5) Dumbo $6,800,000 (-27.7%) | 3,225 Theaters (-481) | $2,109 Avg. | $170M Budget | $101,254,910 7 (4) Pet Sematary $4,850,000 (-50.2%) | 3,146 Theaters (-439) | $1,542 Avg. | $21M Budget | $49,583,075 8 (9) Missing Link $4,369,756 (-26.5%) | 3,437 Theaters (+24) | $1,271 Avg. | $12,976,997 9 (7) Us $4,264,000 (-37.4%) | 2,264 Theaters (-504) | $1,883 Avg. | $20M Budget | $170,444,620 10 (3) Hellboy $3,880,000 (-67.8%) | 3,303 Theaters | $1,175 Avg. | $50M Budget | $19,676,271 11 (8) After $2,500,000 (-58.3%) | 2,138 Theaters | $1,169 Avg. | $14M Budget | $10,435,149 12 (N) Penguins $2,347,000 | 1,815 Theaters | $1,293 Avg. | $3,298,757 13 (N) Kalank $1,253,000 | 320 Theaters | $3,916 Avg. | $1,763,185 14 (16) How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World $835,000 (+11.9%) | 1,062 Theaters (+240) | $786 Avg. | $129M Budget | $159,105,140 15 (11) Unplanned $650,000 (-63.2%) | 839 Theaters (-563) | $775 Avg. | $6M Budget | $17,267,243 Amazing Grace $591,642 (+69.5%) | 188 Theaters (+130) | $3,147 Avg. | $1,336,458 High Life $292,000 (+62.3%) | 146 Theaters (+114) | $2,000 Avg. | $9M Budget | $688,621 Teen Spirit $250,536 (+474.4%) | 696 Theaters (+692) | $360 Avg. | $305,356 Red Joan $40,631 | 4 Theaters | $10,158 Avg. | $40,631 Under the Silver Lake $40,157 | 2 Theaters | $20,079 Avg. | $40,157 * International Box Office: CAPTAIN MARVEL: $689.5M Overseas Total | $1.089B Global Total HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD: $355.4M Overseas Total | $514.5M Global Total DUMBO: $206.6M Overseas Total | $307.8M Global Total SHAZAM! $201.5M Overseas Total | $322.8M Global Total GREEN BOOK: $227.6M Overseas Total | $312.5M Global Total US: $75.3M Overseas Total | $245.7M Global Total THE LEGO MOVIE: THE SECOND PART: $82.2M Overseas Total | $187.6M Global Total ESCAPE ROOM: $97.3M Overseas Total | $154.3M Global Total THE UPSIDE: $13.9M Overseas Total | $121.9M Global Total PET SEMATARY: $46.1M Overseas Total | $95.6M Global Total WONDER PARK: $48.5M Overseas Total | $93M Global Total FIVE FEET APART: $25.7M Overseas Total | $70.7M Global Total THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA: $30M Overseas Total | $56.5M Global Total LITTLE: $4.8M Overseas Total | $34.1M Global Total AFTER: $15.9M Overseas Total | $26.4M Global Total BREAKTHROUGH: $5.9M Overseas Total | $20.5M Global Total
  10. dleighg


    so why was the guy (Louis?) who vouched for Bosch not one of the enslaved? And the VA doc who showed up in both places-- was he in on the whole deal, or just writing too many scripts?
  11. SmithW6079

    S06.E19: Lumbar Support and Old Pork

    Regarding the groceries: have these people not heard of this invention called a freezer? Fresh fruit & vegetables you generally don't freeze, but all the meat could be cooked and frozen or frozen uncooked. I didn't understand Bonnie's mad rush to eat everything. Any dry goods keep almost indefinitely. The car I could see, especially one you had to finance for six years.
  12. Blue Plastic

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    Yes. If they were trying to say that the reduction of songs in her head was indicative of her getting healthier mentally but then also that the songs in her head are beautiful and the basis of a possible new career for her to pursue, that doesn't make much sense. If the songs in her head were something that she really loved and a big part of "who she really is," then they shouldn't have lessened. The subject should have changed as she got better, but the number or frequency of them shouldn't have. Yep, the "Bachelor" stuff was a complete waste of time if that was going to be the ending. The time jump confused me so much. I kept having to look at Paula's outfit to figure out which scenes were "a year ago" and which were "now." I don't see the point of having a time jump just for the "big reveal" to be "I choose myself." I can see that maybe she never really loved any of them. But I could also see her choosing one of them, particularly Nathaniel or Greg. Nathaniel is probably the best match in terms of personality IF he really retains his personal growth at being no longer mean. If Greg really doesn't like anything, I don't see Rebecca doing well with that long term. And I just don't think it would be healthy to be with Josh - she stalked him and that just doesn't seem like a good basis for a relationship. They just made such an emphasis on Rebecca's love life that it seems like a real cop-out to continue to build it up until the 11th hour (heh) and then say, "Psych! She chooses none of them!" I really liked this show, though, and will miss it. My favorite thing of all was the friendship that developed with Rebecca, Paula, Valencia, and Heather. That was a great friend group and I don't like that Valencia was supposed to have moved to NY because I need to think of the four of them being TOGETHA 4EVA. 🙂 I also really loved how Paula's story turned out, even though IMO we didn't get get to see enough of her new office (understandably) for me to "feel it" when Paula said she loved it there. I didn't see a lot to "love" with their weird obsession with those suits. Not sure if there was some way for them to quickly show instead of tell how great the office was, but IMO they didn't achieve it. On a superficial note, all this season Rebecca's hair drove me crazy. It was so cute in the first season. It looks so much better short! If the actress just wanted to grow it long that's totally her prerogative, but it was so cute short and they rarely styled it once it got longer. It made sense for the first few episodes of season 4 that Rebecca's hair would just be straggly, but after that she just never styled it? The only time they ever styled it again was for the fantasy rom-com episode.
  13. And like most things, the more you insist you are that thing, the more I think you are not.
  14. SuprSuprElevated


    Not necessarily. A certain former host announced nearly 60 days prior to departure, a big deal was made of it, lots of hoopla. Most here anyway, believe that former host was canned.
  15. Castiels Cat

    S14 E19: Jack in the Box

    His acting in this episode was superlative however that scene and the following in front of the box just blew me away. I know what you mean about him almost not looking like Dean. In my second rewatch I started to look for blinking eyes. Is Dean blinking enough. I mean... yes crying in the woods was Dean. The guy sitting at the table at the end... the guy above.... Angel's can hide inside their vessels unbeknowst (Gadreel). But let's just say stupid Jack who in a hubric moment thinks he is the hero that has defeated the monster and swallows his grace which looks to be a total set-up by a nemesis who is fond of long con set-ups designed to demoralize Dean into submission. The monster survived and is hiding somehow weakened. However he has goaded Jack into losing his soul and taking enough grace into becoming a nephilim again. Maybe Michael is in Jack regaining strength and is the inner voice that taunted him about losing his soul causing him to lose his temper and annihilate Mary. At any rate... maybe Dean is just righteously angry. Maybe Michael slipped back in after Jack deconstructed. Now he needs Dean to kill Jack to steal the nephilim grace in a sacrifice that will summon God. IDK. I do think Dean's eyes were looking more like Michael's and Jensen dropped that hint about the blinking. I also think it's weird Dean derided God as being a writer of stories in his underwear after Michael said something similar in the same monologue as he indicated he would like to catch up with him and kill him. ???
  16. I actually think being the highest-rated show should give them the confidence to be more bold with Iris and WestAllen. Plus DC has seen the evidence in dollars in the success of "Black Panther", Jason Mamoa's "Aquaman" (which includes the interracial coupling of Mera and Arthur), and "Scandal" to name a few recent hits featuring Black women, a POC lead, and IR couplings. So, there's no excuse to say that they (POCs, IR couplings) don't sell in the marketplace. Plus there are more commercials than ever featuring IR couples, which suggests advertisers recognize the sea change happening in the marketplace. In fact, correct me if I'm wrong, but, right now DC, is doing slightly better in showing IR couples and POCs as leads or co-leads than Marvel right now. It's only recently in 2018, with "Into the Spider verse" (an animated film) and "Black Panther" that Marvel has really put POCs at the forefront of their offerings. DC put Candice Patton as the female lead in 2014, and it was so successful, they're keeping Iris Black in the DCEU, and have made her Black for the recent comic story. There's no legitimate excuse to not treat Iris or WestAllen as well as they would a White character or a White couple on their network.
  17. AES13

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

  18. Apprentice79

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    Days of our lives had the first gay male wedding on television via Wilson. Becky/Gabourey looks amazing and Kai/Jamal do nothing for me as a couple. At least Jamal will soon be gone and I really don't know how I feel about that..
  19. galaxychaser

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @Nysha I’m very sorry for your loss.
  20. Prevailing Wind


    Yes. x4
  21. Lots of OAP’s missing today. Tara Temptation managed to turn up for it though.
  22. JohnnyStar5

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    I too was surprised David seemed to not know what a scabbard is. (And it is clever of Farberware to put a sharpener inside it. I haven't seen that before).
  23. In the Wells Fargo home mortgage ad, is it the doggess or a female narrator speaking? I'm not sure, but I think the doggess' lips are moving or not but then she describes the yard as a bathroom... the jury is still out as far as I am concerned. :-D
  24. methodwriter85

    Dynasty (2017)

    Darn. I think she could have worked. Oh, well. She and Liz actually did a pretty cute Parent Trap scene recreation. I didn't, either. I think they put a latex mask on her.
  25. Wiendish Fitch

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Good and fair assessment on The Slipper and the Rose, you guys. :) I love it, even if I have to agree that the ending drags quite terribly. Then again, I sometimes feel that way about All About Eve (and I love it way more than The Slipper and the Rose!). Just goes to show that flaws don't always have to dampen our enjoyment of a movie (so go jump in a lake, CinemaSins).
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