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  2. SallySarue

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    Agree, something's not right here. Is she just playing it up for the cameras? If so, did she forget that she already told us that she spent six months there previously? None of these things should be a shock to her after having experienced it all already...for 6 months!
  3. Ohiopirate02

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I figure that C & L are a newer company and are learning as they go. I have a feeling that if Jill is bringing in sales then they are not looking too closely at her posts. This feels like a young company staffed by young women who are not that business savvy. Just take a look at their website-- DO YOU SHIP INTERNATIONALLY (OUTSIDE OF THE US)? We do ship outside of the US, but unfortunately free shipping does not apply to these items. Shipping can cost $12 or more depending on how much you order and the type of shipping. When you proceed to checkout, there will be multiple options for shipping and will show you the price option. You may have to pay to pick up your package too have some customers have had to. All of these fees depend on where you are located. You can also contact us at info@citrusandlemon.com and we will be happy to give you an estimated cost of shipping to your country. Not only is this grammatically incorrect, the tone is off for a business. My guess is that the company is run by a handful of women, who are also the models on the website. I also noticed that the pictures on the accessory page are barely photoshopped.
  4. Alice Mudgarden

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    I never heard the expulsion part. Some people think two are already gone? Why is this season already feeling a little bonkers?
  5. gonecrackers

    Four Weddings

    I think what makes it more difficult is none of the other brides in that one stands out to me; I can't recall their themes, etc, just the one singing about carrying his seed LOL. It's also difficult to find episodes because they often don't use the photo of the brides from that episode. I haven't seen that one in the rotation either; when I do look at what they're running it's usually the same ones over & over. I tend to forget about this thread now that it's become a "topic" & not a forum, but will try to remember to check here more often.
  6. Tiny Hats, Big Knives....a Dateline/ID Channel Exclusive
  7. captain1

    The Casketeers

    This is a wonderful show - I’m hooked! I have a good friend who is a funeral director. I suggested it to him and I hope he’s watching!
  8. teddysmom

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    It was pretty tight to the end then Hawley pulled ahead.
  9. rickhurst3186

    "The View": Week of 6/24/2019

    I'm sorry I'm watching late but I can't get through the first segment without having to say "Meghan is an idiot"! I'm turning the channel to now.
  10. Haleth

    "The View": Week of 6/24/2019

    Well said, Zahdii. Can you send your whole post to Meg?
  11. Neko

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Agree. Roseanne's early stand-up was pretty funny, and I loved Roseanne, and I wish she hadn't tainted reruns were her racist ramblings. Andrew Dice Clay, however, was never funny.
  12. Natalie68

    Small Talk: Only 2 Ounces Of Commenting Allowed

    Just googled that and I must touch one!
  13. I am so going to use this as a go-to expression.
  14. Ms Blue Jay

    S15.E07: Week 7

    I assume you're responding to me. Either way, it is my opinion that gaslighting is damaging to somebody whether the action is "intentional" or not, and that's why I don't think it's a good thing to do to someone whether you intend to or not. Point is I don't really care about Luke's intentions and they don't matter. Hannah should have dumped him Ep 1. Regardless of his intentions he: gaslights, lies outright again and again and again, is manipulative, is possessive, is controlling, is jealous. And they're not even a couple. I also think he has weird issues surrounding a woman's autonomy and women's choices with respect to their own bodies.
  15. SallySarue

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    Yep! I kinda felt bad when he was looking out the car window. I wonder if he was thinking "This doesn't look like the Willy Wonka fairytale I've been sold."
  16. SunnyBeBe

    S04.E04: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

    When a normal person has zero concept of grooming, it makes me question their veracity. When you don't give two f's about your grooming, it causes me to wonder what you do care about.
  17. stormy

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I loved Steve Rather and his charts this morning. People running for office should pay attention.
  18. Blakeston

    S04.E13: Christmas

    I enjoyed this - particularly the "releasing the tree," which was hilarious. But I really, really wanted someone (anyone) to point to out to David that bringing some decorations over from the store didn't mean he couldn't sell them at a later date. He could just bring them back to the freaking store after Christmas was over.
  19. Yep, it seems the parents and offspring of these dimwits are the collateral damage in these shows.
  20. TrininisaScorp

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    Bruh. I'm Trinidadian (hence the username) of Indian descent, and even though I'm a grown ass woman in my 30s who is married, has a career, and owns a home, I still flinch at the thought that I've made mom mad. She's tiny and cute, but just a look, and I'm 7 yrs old again. I knew better than to embarrass her in public and act a fool. No. Nope. Eh eh. Drucilla wouldn't make it a second without straightening up in Madre de Trininisa's casa. I can't wait for next week: Paul running (which, as many poster pointed out, is ALWAYS hilarious), and Nicole blowing up Pedro's spot.
  21. MajorNelson

    S04.E09: The Truth Comes Out

    Another huge and fantastic post. Way to go PT'ers
  22. Coffeewinewater

    "The View": Week of 6/24/2019

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 All the details Meghan didn't want discussed.
  23. I want to live in the Stephens house (Bewitched), Mary Richards' first apartment in the Victorian house (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) AND Hayden Fox's cabin in the woods of Minnesota (Coach). Right now!! 😂
  24. chenoa333

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Well maybe they should hire a larger actor who allegedly is the "before" version of the skinny/toned Peletron user. I'm sure there are hundreds of Peletron purchasers who are now using that expensive exercise bike to throw their clothes on. It's NOT just an exercise bike! NO. It's a clothes hanger AND an exercise bike 😁
  25. From bedroom to boardroom . . . NOT. Hope they're not trying that one on us!
  26. politichick

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    I don't get that Tiffany chick. If she needs the three months to decide whether to move permanently to South Africa, why the bloody hell is she getting married in a week? I don't get it. I also hate, hate, hate that she has Daniel calling that man Daddy. That is wrong on so many levels. She has raised such an endearing child. Why would she set him up like that with someone on whom she's not entirely sure she can rely. I think Daniel's fascination with the candy is funny. He probably has had some sweets from whatever country of origin his family is from, so naturally wonders what's in the stores there. And even if he hasn't, what kid wouldn't look forward to that? There are no words to describe the idiot Corey. He deserves whatever he gets. Jenny is ridiculous and needs to take a good look in the mirror. You are an auntie, you silly cow. She should have traveled with some dry shampoo in her carry-on so that she could have done something with that frightful hair before greeting Summit at the airport. I'm really wondering what's up with that dude and why he wants her. She isn't in the least bit interesting. How does she plan to spend her time when he's at work? She spent several weeks there before. Did she make any friends? Paul is up a creek without a paddle or pole. I feel sorry for Karine and their baby.
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