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  2. hoodooznoodooz

    S07.E20: Brittany and the Beast

    I can’t believe Jax hasn’t tried to bang Cara yet.
  3. CletusMusashi

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    If all you're walking around all day with a hammer, every challenge begins to look like a nail. Not a universally sound strategy. Especially if the girl is on top.
  4. Y’all do realize these pictures going up on ig are pictures I’m assuming that Courtney is getting and putting up they haven’t even been threw the editing part of it yet y’all quit being so rude and nasty !!
  5. Alexis2291

    Sunny Hostin: The Former Federal Prosecutor With the Facts!

    Anything I can do to provide comedic relief for this thread, I’ll do it 😂
  6. I’m so glad Kim shared these pictures of Bali. I especially love the pics depicting the culture and the Bali vibe, as well as all the shots showing us how amazingly beautiful it is. Wait, so by “pics from my trip” she meant even more pictures of herself? Gee that’s new...
  7. FairyDusted

    Leah Messer Simms Messer Calvert Messer...She's 23

    Omg That dude totally nodded out! I’m trying to find a better copy for Y’all to check out! Corey and Jeremy have got to be losing it!
  8. I apologize for the length. Please see the bolded areas for the Too Long: Didn't Read crowd for those who prefer. I disagree with this some. Sam previously couldn't save Dean from hell. Castiel did, but Sam didn't resent Castiel. He was thankful, even though he found out that Castiel was telling Dean that he (Sam) was "bad" and had to be stopped. Sam had a lot of reason to worry that Dean wouldn't love him or protect him any more, because of what he (Sam) was doing, and now the angels, and especially Castiel, were giving Dean even more ideas and seemed to be actively trying to turn Dean against him. Dean even told Sam that he believed Castiel over Sam. Sam, in my opinion, could have believably pulled the "you're going to believe/choose the angels over me?" card and been jealous if he was prone to that, but he didn't and wasn't. There wasn't even a hint of it that I remember. Similarly in season 5, Sam had every reason to think Dean wasn't going to be on his side, and again Castiel let it be known what he thought of Sam and what Sam did (and Dean never outwardly disagreed with the things Castiel said). But again Sam didn't resent Castiel or act jealous of Dean's friendship with Castiel even as their (Dean and Sam's) relationship was falling apart. Sam owned his mistakes, not blamed them on someone else*** and he didn't demand that Dean not see Castiel anymore. Again not hint of jealousy. Even in season 7 if you looked at it a certain way, Sam had a reason to potentially be jealous. Sam was right there with Dean, but Dean was in a depression over the loss of Castiel and Bobby. Sam had a reason to potentially feel insecure, because Dean was a bit distant with him, but Sam never said anything except that he wanted to be with Dean and that he appreciated him and wanted him to get better. I just think that if they were going to introduce jealousy as something Sam had when it came to Dean, that there were multiple opportunities for them to do so. I mean if nothing else they could've had Sam at some point admit that he had been jealous of John and how close John and Dean had been. Something. Anything, but I don't remember a hint. As I said, it was just portrayed as so strong, so fast - like it had been brewing or always been there with all this build up and that's why Sam was all of a sudden at "kill, kill!" stage. That's what, for me, didn't ring true and made it seem much less believable. *** And no I don't want to talk about "Fallen Idols." For me, not only was that episode subject to interpretation, it was an anomaly that didn't represent Sam's opinion in any of the episodes before or after it. Maybe "staying gray" was the wrong way to put it. And I did say also above that it wasn't Benny's fault but the writers' fault. I guess the best way to explain it is how a lot of people feel about Jack right now and how the writing seems to imply that maybe things aren't quite his fault. I guess what I meant by "gray" is that Benny stayed as he was written without having the other characters - both Sam and Dean - seemingly making it much, much worse for Benny... in essence hampering Benny's progress and making it look like partially their (Sam and Dean's) fault that Benny might fail. Thereby putting some of the blame on Sam and Dean. (I remember quite a few fans on TWoP during this time putting a lot of if not all of the blame on Sam for Benny not being able to adjust.) The writers did this in so many ways... the whole thing with Sam and Martin and taking away Benny's family support. Sam insisting Dean dump Benny. Dean actually dumping Benny. As you said, Dean was Benny's "sobriety chip," but instead of Dean being that for Benny and helping him - as would usually happen in the show with monsters who wanted to be good - Dean just said "sorry dude, I'm not gonna be there for you." (Aren't recovering addict's sponsors supposed to be there for them, not dump them?) My point being, the focus became less on Benny's story and more on how crappy Sam and Dean were being to Benny and making it impossible for Benny to adjust. In the end, they even had Dean ask a huge favor of Benny after having dumped him, as if we needed even more sympathy for Benny and more making Dean look badly. There could have been so many different ways to do the story without making Sam "the bad guy" and Dean not looking callous, even with Benny still being good. I mean, Sam being suspicious just because Benny was a vampire and maybe things were happening that looked like they could be Benny falling off the wagon was enough for Sam and Dean to be a bit at odds, but nope... the writers had to add on and then Sam wants to kill Benny behind Dean's back, makes it so that his familial support is taken away, demands Dean dump him, Dean cuts off his support... on and on and on. For me at that point it became less about Benny struggling and his journey and more about "poor Benny, Sam and Dean are making it impossible for him to do anything but fail." At that point rooting for Benny would be like going against Sam and Dean, because that's how the writers set it up. And I don't want to be thinking badly of Sam and Dean. I've been with them for 7 years, so a writer asking me to like another character instead, because Sam and Dean are treating him badly, didn't go over to well with me. I get that some people aren't going to agree, and for those who already disliked Sam, they would likely care less if he was made to look badly, and some can maybe overlook Dean being made to look badly, but for me, asking me to side with Benny rather than the two main characters I have watched and cared about for 7 seasons? That's just not going to work for me.
  9. kes0704

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    If DR is trying to sell me on watching S8 then he failed. It really does sound like he’s implying that Felicity leaving means that the show is no longer being held back from telling big stories. OTA hasn’t been much of anything for several seasons now. Felicity being part of the show didn’t stop them from introducing Dinah, Rene & Curtis and spending time on stories for them. Felicity being present also wouldn’t stop them from exploring E90 John Diggle as Green Lantern. They only have 10 episodes in S8, one of those will be the crossover and one will have to wrap up the series as the finale. That leaves 8 episodes so how big can the big, big stories be in the episodes that are left? At this stage I don’t think I’m going to regret not watching whatever they do for S8.
  10. Yeah No

    Worst Cooks In America

    Well, in a moment of frivolity, I broke down and watched this and it didn't kill off as many brain cells as I thought it would, although I wasn't happy that Jimmy Walker went home first as I like him, and like @Rammchick am old enough to remember who he and Morgan Fairchild are. And Tonya Harding, ugh.
  11. VCRTracking

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

  12. hoodooznoodooz

    S07.E20: Brittany and the Beast

    Fun “best friend” montage.
  13. teapot

    S16.E03: Eat Pray Fight

    I I don’t know if it’s just in front of the cameras, but Kourt has this undertone of laughter whenever she talks. That would drive me fucking insane if I was trying to have a serious conversation with her
  14. VCRTracking

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

  15. Rose Haze

    S07.E4: South Carolina

    Well, I almost laughed once.
  16. LittleIggy

    The Zoo

    Those rats were so cute! Those zookeepers sending the giraffe away to the Bronx Zoo were more stoic than I would have been. I would have been bawling my eyes out.
  17. Rap541

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Conservative Christians, mostly. The reason you're not seeing negative reviews is that the only people who are buying this book are people who already agree with their views. Have you noticed how they're not bragging any more about the NY Times best seller list? Because they dropped off. They're also ranked at around #4889 in Kindle Sales on Amazon. Essentially they had a strong first few days where fans of their views bought the book. The book is awful, by the way. Please don't think I am not being fair just because I don't like either of them. It's really just a lot of back and forth between them over how awesome they are. Lots of run on sentences, lots and lots of multiple synonyms describing their feelings. The first fast read didn't reveal any hideous spelling errors except "sexy rapsy". It's just boring. There's literally no new information and no honest reveals. The couple things that they hinted at were glossed over. Example? Audrey's dramatic health issue? Is literally refered to as "stomach problems". There's no details at all, other than she was eating gluten free at one point and apparently it went undiagnosed. Also she collapsed/fainted in front of her school medical center but concedes she may have had an anxiety attack. She of course refused all medical intervention at that point, despite all the scary symptoms and problems, because she decided she needed a Jesus Intervention. (and because she wanted to go on a silent retreat) And she broke up with Jeremy basically because she was stressed out.!" Predictably, he didn't really get it, or that she was breaking up with him. Likewise the whole "we won the virginity battle but lost the purity battle, read it in our book!!!" - Yeah, don't bother - this is literally all they say beyond praising each other for not giving in. Based on Jeremy's general lack of honesty, I just don't believe he was a virgin and their "Omg we were so HOT but we didn't, but we kinda did but we were VIRGINS!" talk is really laughable. All the shameful confessions came from Jeremy - and they were nicely cleaned up and presented as Jeremy learning an important lesson. Their weird little rules are interspaced throughout. They both enjoy quoting better writers and overexplaining whatever point they were making. They also clearly adore Chip and Joanna Gaines, right down to stealing the concept of "his" and "her" chapters. It's dull.
  18. Yeah No

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    I don't know what you mean about a difference between men and women in terms of working relationships as I don't think I agree with that. I also don't think it's necessarily creepy or desperate to remain in love with your former spouse, especially if you a) want to make what you did wrong in the relationship right and b) your former spouse keeps you hanging on by giving you hope of a possible reconciliation under different circumstances. She didn't have to come to work with him on the ship, either. That would be a difficult circumstance to deal with to get over anyone. She's dangling the grapes, so to speak. That said, I think the way Ed has approached Kelly under those circumstances has bordered on creepy, I just understand why he's in that boat and give him a little more slack.
  19. RHJunkie

    S07.E20: Brittany and the Beast

    Jax's problem has always been that he puts his needs first which is why he's constantly cheated in his relationships and is a pathological liar - he doesn't stop to think about others. The fact that he would say that to Brittany's father when her father has every right to question his intentions and fidelity is just audacious. Again, other cracks in the veneer that make me convinced that Jax hasn't changed...he's just faking it and hoping to eventually make it. He shows little humility when made to face his indiscretions. He's too damn old to be so delusional to think that simply saying he's changed is enough to demand the respect of others. So Jax's sister is the opposite of him? lol. Did they divide Jax's father's ashes up? I don't have much experience with cremations but I'm struggling to make sense of how the ashes of an person could fit into a box that tiny. These weekly sit downs between James and Lisa with him begging for his job back is overplayed at this point. STFU James. Constantly claiming that you're a changed person is probably a sign that you aren't there yet. I thought it was cute how excited Brittany was for the dress shopping. It seemed really genuine...but then it became increasingly excessive, lol. Sandoval explained that Lisa's comment was a back and forth that they often do but that interview crossed a line for him because he takes his job seriously and he felt embarrassed by what she said because it was a knock on his commitment. I totally get calling her to task on that comment, however, I did not like Ariana saying that she's upset because it reflects poorly on her because Sandoval is her boyfriend. WTF...be mad that your boyfriend was disrespected, but don't make it about yourself. Scheana, why the fuck are you so cringe? She knew that Adam didn't want a relationship but she also went on the date to make him jealous and now she's freaking out that she may lose her 'best friend'. Boo hoo. Either you value the friendship more and you stop sleeping with him or you value a potential relationship more and it's all or nothing. Scheana wants to play games and hopes that she can trick someone into falling in love with her.
  20. GatorDeb

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I feel like that every time I see real-world pictures of them, I always hated she got chummy with real-world Sansa, I don't think she's a good influence. I'm not even that old but I think she's trying to grow up too fast to feel grown-up like her buddy.
  21. LittleIggy

    Spring Baking Championship

    Ricardo’s use of the bubble wrap to make a honeycomb was clever!
  22. Temperance

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah and Jason

    I made a mistake and mixed up Tumblr and Instagram. Sorry 😊.
  23. Armchair Critic

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    How is Meri going to run the B&B in Utah when she lives in Flagstaff? If she has staff running it how does she afford to pay them?
  24. Cthulhudrew

    S07.E19: Spartan

    I don't see what reason she has to be evil anymore? Just because she has nowhere else to turn? This episode just felt like one giant attempt to turn Diggle into John Stewart officially. Which I'd be okay with, as long as he gets the ring.
  25. suebee12

    What is...In the Media?

    A friend of my son's sent me this link about James. The friend knows what a Jeopardy fan I am! This link is from the Wall Street Journal so if a "subscription" page comes up, just "x" it out and you will be able to read the article. Thanks Saber 5055 for the tiny link info! https://tinyurl.com/y4cnf47g
  26. LittleIggy

    S08.E04: Episode 4

    Oh, but what about those zealots who don’t want women to have the morning after pill?
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