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  2. dleighg


    Thanks for giving her name and a chance to look it up. I knew we'd seen her before but couldn't remember how. it sure does! I'm glad for rewind because I have to play a lot of stuff twice. And I have to look up acronyms in police-speak!
  3. ElectricBoogaloo

    S02.E07: Treasure of the Sun

    Ha, I enjoyed Mads and Shadow sniping at each other while grudgingly getting along.
  4. Anduin

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Oh god, I read that in Dame Edna's voice. Furthermore, considering we can't even decide on a head of government for four successive years*, maybe it's a good thing we have the next three HOSs lined up. Surely there should be some stability in the system. *Don't bring the GG into this. You know what I mean.
  5. I said in an earlier post. They are fast tracking these new hosts for a reason. Ali was on with David prime time. When have you seen a move that fast? Jill will not be the only host saying bye bye.
  6. ElectricBoogaloo

    Divine Quotes

    Shadow: You know, if you keep hanging out under bridges, people are going to start thinking you're a troll. Shadow: You literally pull gold out of the air and you're asking me for money? Wednesday: Oh, I know that smell. That smells like a hot bottle of whiskey and sex in an alleyway with a topnote of failure.
  7. Watcher25

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    I respect them for showing up and giving their good byes to Cathy. I really wish I knew 100% , what happened with Cathy being let go.
  8. Chas411

    Chicago PD in the Media

    This doesn’t shock me. I don’t think they’ve known what to do with Antonio for a long time.
  9. I've never thought Jason was a bad guy. In over his head, yes. I'm glad there are posters who are mentioning the other side. I'm tired of poor abused B.
  10. chessiegal

    The Pioneer Woman

    So wrong! TWoP went out of business - had nothing to do with Pioneer Woman.
  11. Hello possums, today is one's 93rd birthday, and one is still going strong, which is pretty good going if one says so oneself. One even still has one's husband! One is, incidentally, older than a majority of the world's republics - one thinks there's a lesson there somewhere. Anyway, possums, you'll be stuck with one for a while yet. But when one does finally drop off the twig, you needn't worry down there in Orstralia. One has thoughtfully provided you with your next three heads of state - Charles, William and George. Charles is a bit dim, but that's never been a disqualification for head-of-stateship. So you needn't worry yourselves about choosing your own head of state for many years. If George lives to be as old as one is now, he will still be your king in the year 2106. Privately, one wishes you would sod off and make your own arrangements, but when you had the chance in 1999, you muffed it, and so 20 years later you're still stuck with one and one's parasitical horde of freeloading relatives. So wish one a happy birthday, possums - one is Long to Reign over You!
  12. ChiCricket

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @Nysha, I'm so sorry for the loss of your sister, and that your family is going through this.
  13. methodwriter85

    Dynasty (2017)

    Wait, what? So I guess this definitely means the show really doesn't care about setting up Alexis with Blake. Because eww if the show tries to go there. Just eww. This did kind of remind me of something that would have happened on the Royals. (R.I.P. you trashy show.) I wonder if this is a permanent thing, or just until they cast someone else? I can see Fallon going absolutely nuts and Alexis eventually deciding to go with another face. I also have another idea now- Elaine Hendrix? She actually kind of resembles Liz and she does give good bitchface. Hell, I think Liz is going to have absolute fun with this. I really does feel like this show is mostly just about Liz Gillies sashaying around in crazy outfits and saying crazy things. I also kind of like how the show brought in the OG plot about Adam poisoning Jeff with toxic paint.
  14. SVNBob

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    Found out more about this. There was apparently a second task at the beach before they all left for the airport, and the scramble to get the first clue was more for this second task than an airport scramble. The whole thing was cut, not for time, but for eventual irrelevancy. More details in the No Elimination Info Spoiler thread for those that are curious.
  15. BadAssRobinArryn

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    And they don't necessarily need all to escape through the crypts. Just the ones, who are inside the castle, when it's burning. The ones outside could for example escape, if the AotD are hold up for a while, either by Dragonfire or by Melisandre.
  16. SVNBob

    TAR31: Spoilers (No Elimination Info)

    Found all this mainly through Reddit. One question from the first episode is why were all the teams scrambling to get their information in the sand octopus if they were all going to be on the same flight to Toyko anyway? Answer: they weren't. That clue also led to an additional task there on the beach that was totally cut out. The teams were given a clue to "find a jellyfish with a reward in its' tail." In addition to the sand sculpture, there were a lot of jellyfish-shaped kites being flown on the beach. So the teams needed to pull them down to find the reward. What was the reward? Something called the "Extreme Roadblock." Apparently, the team that won it could then use it to make another team have to do a Roadblock twice before continuing on (There is some confusion as to whether it would be the same person repeating the Roadblock, or if both team members would each do the Roadblock in turn. The former seems to be the case though.) Why was this cut? Because apparently, whomever found it didn't use it. Ever. Whether this was because they chose not to for one reason ("playing fair") or another (fearing karmic reprisal in the form of a U-Turn (even more possible with a U-Turn Vote)), or were just Philliminated before they could is unknown. Who won it? 🤷‍♂️ Again, with it never being used and the footage of the search cut, we have no way of knowing unless someone mentions it in an exit interview.
  17. They did mention secret passages in the past seasons.
  18. Today
  19. Robert Lynch

    Leaving Neverland

    This is when Wade made his allegation claim against MJ. I think even in death, Joe is still influential to the Jacksons' legacy.
  20. possibilities

    You, Me, Her

    I think they are trying to start exploring a little of that, with Emma starting to research other polyamorous people, mentioning how voting is bad for the relationship, or how it's "a poly foul" that they always have sex all three together (though when they did it two at a time in the past, it seemed to disrupt the situation, not strengthen it) . I agree they could do it more. I hope they will. I don't think the women want another guy. They want each other as much as they want the male of the group. I definitely felt frustrated by how the show used to be focused almost entirely on them feeling like freaks and being treated like freaks. They live in a time and place where there are definitely other poly people around, and they never even thought to look for any before, for support?? But I do kind of like that now that they've over that, they are being treated as any other marriage, where there are joys and there are conflicts and there are crises and there are all the other mundane things in any marriage, including dealing with the pregnancy issues and impending parenting, mortgages, jobs, etc. In a way, it makes them LESS in the "zoo animal" syndrome.
  21. voiceover


    I see I'm going to have to throw in for Sam Rockwell here. Tough crowd! Michelle certainly has the showier part (& I love her in it), but Sam's all slouchy, slow-burning fuse. He doesn't sugarcoat Fosse's narcissistic personality, but he's drawing me in instead of putting me off. My favorite singular moment? During the brainstorm for "Who's Got the Pain?" He's seducing Gwen with his thinking-out-loud description of the Artist's Life: flay yourself, turn it all inside-out, and be stunned when the audience laughs & applauds your agony on display. Something pinged in that moment, but it took me a while to make the connection. During a recent doc on Richard Pryor, there's a sequence when Live at the Sunset Strip gets put together. The last, brilliant part of that concert film was Pryor describing how his drug habit & crack pipe led to the explosion that set him on fire. And the audience laughs through most of it. Because it's hilarious. A young comic has a TH moment here, where he describes Richard's private shocked hurt that people *found his pain funny. And this is exactly the sort of thing that Sam-as-Bob describes to Michelle-as-Gwen in that scene. He's pitch perfect.
  22. femmefan1946

    S01.E20: Free Fall

    Looked like a dollar store plant mister to me.
  23. bijoux

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I'm waiting to binge the show after the season ends so I had no idea about this.
  24. Morrissey

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    Colin could teach a TAR class on how to book the best flight. I would have to rewatch the episode in question, but I'm fairly certain that the other teams were still stuck at various airports in and around Russia when C & C stepped onto the mat in Egypt - which ultimately resulted in the one day advantage. They were the perfect racers in a perfect season. It's bittersweet to see them back, because they're both a reminder of the early glory days and a reminder that TAR has jumped the shark several years ago. I'm hoping for a revival.
  25. possibilities

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    Every time Stephen does "silence with the guest" it makes me miss Craig Ferguson and his "awkward pause" option to end his interviews.
  26. xfuse

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I don't know about Britney's parents pushing her but I disagree about Miley's. Billy Ray had a successful singing and acting career when he was approached for Miley to do Hannah Montana. He talked in some interview about the family discussion about what would happen and what the family would do if she took the part. I'm not sure how long ago the interview was but it stuck with me because he mentioned the negatives.
  27. possibilities

    S04.E16: Easter

    Cheyenne used to be sweet. The show has veered into bullying in several areas, as though it's just funny.
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