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  2. SweetieDarling

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    I can only speak for myself; I don't see it as Camille wreaking vengence, but rather as Camille standing up to and defending herself against the peer pressure of harpies on the warpath trying to make everyone in the group conform to their mindset. Camille is a confessed flip-flopper, and as such reserves the right to randomly change her opinion based on what best suits her needs at the moment, at least that's the way she's operated so far.
  3. Yours is the point they want you to take away, even as they encourage over-spending.
  4. Whitney has a treat for all of her followers! An instagram story composed of trivia questions about her and her life! Do YOU know Whitney's favorite movie? You can also ask her a question about her. (Steve Purrwin the Cat is fat and happy and living in the country.) Going to shower the narcissism off me, now. 🙂
  5. teddysmom

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I know why they don't like him, political differences, I saw the footage of Kasie talking to Sanders yesterday. I understand why she's not really feeling the Bern this morning. Don't want to go into it re the no politics procedure.
  6. Look: Elizabeth's relationship with her dad is fucking creepy. Why is she asking if her dad touched her husband's ass? Where they do that at? Jamie looked like he wanted to run and I don't blame him. There's close, and then there's that. I liked how Jamie said firmly "No I'm not" when he was asked if he was prepared to change his last name. I don't care who does what with their names, but at the very least he's setting SOME kind of boundaries. No he wasn't. It bothers me when adults can't or won't do basic adult things. Elizabeth's dad has crippled her by taking care of all her shit, and I suspect Elizabeth thinks it's cute. It's not. Deonna does seem uptight - "businesslike," to use Greg's word. "Smitten is not in the book of Deonna," like, dude, chill. I haven't seen many smiles from her. She's the sort of person - she's said as much - who wanted to be married because it was next on her list. She's not unique in that way, but she doesn't seem to have given any thought to WHY she wants to be married or what she wants her ideal marriage to look like. Two of Matt's friends - the ones with hair* - are very cute. It's hard to get a read on Matt because I think he's just got a mellow temperament. It comes off as though Amber is more into him than he into her, but she also seems to have a more outgoing personality than he does, so it's hard to tell. *Not that bald men can't be hot!
  7. kieyra

    S03.E06: Household

    Same actors, same names, same story beats over and over; but the world-building and characterization is completely random. (From season to season, and even episode to episode.) It's like someone sat down and tried to figure out the worst possible implementation of an 'anthology' show.
  8. displayname

    S31:E11/12 This One is For One Million Dollars

    I thought they were helping each other through that task? It is possible neither would have got it and would have had to fight for third.
  9. Tatum

    The Hills

    Except for Stephanie and Audrina, all these peoples' faces look so...bloated or distorted in some way. Obviously Pamela and Heidi have undergone tons of plastic surgery, but Spencer and Brandon Lee are not overweight and their faces were both oddly bloated. Same with Mischa Barton. I get that she's not 19 anymore, but there was something really off about her face. Whitney also looked kind of strange to me. Not in a botched surgery kind of way...just, really different. Agree that as beautiful as Pam was in her Canada days, I would have expected her son to be a little more foxy. I don't think the other one is that good looking either. Then again, it's difficult to really tell what Tommy Lee truly looked like, even in the 80s. I started to feel sorry for Stephanie, who said she had no relationship with Spencer and found out about the existence of her nephew from the Daily Mail, but I thought Spencer had a point about how every time he sees Stephanie, he then has to read about how awful he is from various gossip rags. Not saying he's not awful, but Stephanie can hardly be surprised he doesn't want her in his life anymore. Dear Brody's wife, please do not have kids with him. Kids will not make him turn into a family man. You'll be a single mom dependent on child support from whatever he makes from his DJing gig. On the off chance he's set to inherit anything- Bruce/Catelyn will probably outlive your marriage, so that's moot.
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  11. BluBrd47

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    I think Camille was just as hated as Gretchen, Vicki and Aviva, more hated than Kim Richards and Alexis. Don't really watch Atlanta and Jersey. It's not something you can quantify but I started posting and reading on TWOP prior to the first season of BH so I've observed what people have said. I remember Camille comparing herself to Jesus, the Dinner Party from Hell, etc. and what people said and she received her fair share of hate, rightfully.
  12. Public Service Announcement: The one & only time an obi-sash looks wonderful...
  13. TheView

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    What type of Barbie is Abby?
  14. Carolina Girl

    S07.E26 Milla

    I was so impressed with her attitude and diligence. Stuck to her diet like glue and worked so hard to get herself mobile. How exciting must that first plane ride have been for her! In the end, she now weighs 15 lbs. less than I. Time for me to get to work. I'll use you for inspiration, Milla!
  15. Raja

    S04.E05: Reap

    Wiki puts Dichan Lachman with a Nepalese mother and an Australian, by way of Germany father.
  16. funky-rat

    Favorite Commercials

    I never watch the Superbowl, so that would explain why I never saw one on tv.
  17. Kelcey is emerging as my rookie fave. She's a really great dancer and I also like that she comes from a college squad a little different from the usual Louisiana/Texas breeding ground (Univ. of Nebraska). She is also the spitting image of my son's former pre-school teacher who is just beyond gorgeous so there's that.
  18. SunnyBeBe

    S07.E26 Milla

    I was so happy for Milla. It was as if Dr. Now could barely believe it. I think that he was deeply touched by her journey and success. He almost got emotional. What a stark contrast to some of the more challenging patients. lol I almost laughed at the end when they were video chatting and she kept remembering new things that she had done. I almost expected her to chime in, with And, oh, I'm getting my love tanked filled now too! lol Was that Milla's house they showed at the end or was she living with relatives?
  19. blondiec0332

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Yep Damon Wayans played him. Wouldn't you love to know her SAT scores? Or her GPA. Meghan is nowhere as smart as she thinks she is. Back in the day there were posters here and elsewhere that referred to Elisabeth as TLB (Torture loving Barbie). Meghan is Pundit Barbie. I'm surprised she doesn't wear glasses to make herself look smarter.
  20. IndyMischa

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Fwiw (i.e., next to nothing, yet here we are), my creeper-meter has never failed me, and it pinged HARD for him, immediately. So he could be getting unfairly targeted and smack-talked, or he could actually be super skeevy in person...
  21. Angelsmom1009

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Thank you for the love on my last post everyone ❤️ I did end up sending it to ABC, and even though I don’t expect anything to come of it, it felt good to get off my chest. I haven’t watched in ages but I saw the clip on TYT, and it was shortly after I saw that awful photo of that man and his daughter who drowned in the river trying to cross the border and I just...I can’t believe this bitch has the nerve to sit up on that stool and badly argue semantics when kids are literally dying. She’s not the only one either...the amount of comments underneath the photo, things I don’t even want to repeat...it makes me sick. And it’s sick that these cold hearted bastards have a voice on major networks in the form of Megan and her ilk.
  22. Jordyn would have been fine because you know Jesus.
  23. Tardislass


    Yeah the door banging was hysterical! And no one took off their shoes upon entering-another German trait. It's probably like the way people must think all Americans talk on the cell phone without introducing themselves and hang up without saying goodbye. That drives me nuts that characters just say their piece and hang up. Like what? There is a video out on Youtube with the cast going over Tweets from German viewers. One of the complaints was how is there such great cell phone reception in a small German town and even in bunkers and caves! LOL.
  24. FozzyBear

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    God, fucking Teddi with her confusion. I will admit I don’t much care to police the behavior of others so can a self professed control freak explain the use of confusion when you mean annoyance? I have a work friend (self proclaimed control freak) who does that. She’s always confused when she disagrees with someone. 🙄 I’m a long time Kyle hater so I might not be the best judge, but is she worse this season? Meaner and even more self involved? I did not buy her apology to Erica at all. My impression was she actually thought she was in the right and a only apologizing because she was a little drunk when she said it so her delivery may have been off. Which, no. You were shitfaced, had no point, and acting like a disgusting bully. At least Teddi seemed truly ashamed of herself even if she thought it was still all Erica’s fault for “confusing” her. ”Just keep eating” is my new life motto.
  25. oakville

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Joe said that people came up to him last week and said they would never vote for Elizabeth Warren. This week they are coming up to Joe and saying they will never vote for Bernie Sanders. Who are these people? Joe & Kasie really hate Bernie Sanders. I bet that Bernie has refused to allow Joe's band to perform at his inauguration.
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