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  2. GaT

    Masterchef (US)

    What was the point of Alessandra Ambrosio? Gordon: "What would you cook, Alessandro?" Alessandro: "I would put salt on the skirt steak & grille it!" Wow, girl, did you think that recipe up all by yourself? Salt AND grilling????? Truly inspired. And then she couldn't even hang around long enough to taste anything. Evan, you're a moron. You keep talking about impressing the judges, why do you keep arguing with them? Noah gets on my nerves, he's such a brownnose.
  3. ProTourist

    Small Talk: Only 2 Ounces Of Commenting Allowed

    Yes, I remember the print ads for "Ayds" -- even as a kid, the product never made much sense to me. Speaking of nostalgia, a few days ago (June 22) was the fiftieth anniversary of Judy Garland's death in London. Although I was all of eight years old, I can still remember reading about it in the New York Post. Must admit that all I felt was relief that her tabloid exploits had come to an end. Not very charitable in such a little kid. . . .
  4. hoosiermom

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Flat guns?
  5. Callaphera

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    So I took a break to ice my cupcakes (that's not a euphemism for anything, Big Brother makes me weirdly domestic and I've already made a double batch of cupcakes and hand-balled a skein of sock yarn) and I see that Ovi is apparently getting shit on by the people in the house because he's too touchy feely (and, y'know, the pee hands). Even though Christie was saying something about how all the HGs are "consenting" to all this mutual touching. Except from Ovi because they're casting him as the creepy creeper who creeps for an easy blood-free week two boot (is my theory). Welcome to a new season of Big Brother, y'all: plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
  6. Dowel Jones


    Why Walker didn't keep going off the ranch mystifies me (other than plot requirements, of course). He's already alienated the entire crew, not just Rip, and will never improve his lot there. Rip thinks he has pull with all the other ranchers. I think not, based on the behavior of the Yellowstone crew. Besides which, Walker could look for work elsewhere, such as logging or construction, until his parole is up. The rancher should have told Beth "I'll leave when the check clears." Remind me, what is Dutton Sr.'s physical therapy for? It's not the blown ulcer. And if I were him, I'd be having a serious talk with the doctor who so seriously misread the MRI and called it cancer. If I had been a Dutton at the dinner table, I think I would have replied "It's not that we don't want to talk, we just don't want to talk with you." Beth drains the life out of everyone she contacts, save Rip, and I think that's because they're two sides of the same coin.
  7. I don't know that the stains were all from Barbara spray tanning in the room. I think some of them were from her coming into contact with the furniture. She likely leaves a trail of tanner behind the way you would lipstick on a glass and if you don't have an all white environment, it isn't as obvious. I'd also venture a guess that she's going heavier on the tan due to being in bathing suits and on camera, that she might not go that heavy on it normally.
  8. andromeda331

    "Oh HELL No!" Movie Moments That Anger Up the Blood

    That's exactly it! There was so much drama we could have had leading up to the attack, so much story and emotion and they decide to waste it all on a love triangle. Yeah, that's exactly what we want watch when watching a movie about Pearl Harbor, a love triangle. It was bad, it was boring and made all three so unlikable and so unnecessary. They could have focus on two buddies arriving at Pearl Harbor together and friendships they form with other sailors, one meets a girl, both meet their own girl, life is great and the attack hits working together various people don't know who's alive or dead, maybe the two buddies don't know if the other is alive or dead. The movie only really got good when the attack happened. It was finally happening, the surprise, the shock, scramble to get planes in the air, men dying, the hospital filling up with injured, the nurses trying to treat everyone while not able to save everyone, etc.
  9. Female83

    ABC Movie and Show game

  10. ElectricBoogaloo


    Chip is not the most fiscally responsible person so I would not hand over a down payment to him until he demonstrated that he could handle being responsible for at least a few months. He doesn't NEED to buy a condo. He could rent an apartment which would not require a multiyear financial commitment. Since he doesn't make very much money, Christine will probably end up having to cosign on his condo and I don't want her to lose her house, the rodeo, or her retirement/savings when Chip inevitably can't scrape together enough money for his monthly payments.
  11. I think that Antonio Cupo's sole job with Hallmark is to go around and visit all of their movie sets. Whether they are in Florida, or Vancouver, or wherever, Antonio is on the scene. I mean, this guy is all over the place! He left the Autumn Reeser/Brennan Elliot movie set and moseyed on over to the Christmas Duet set to say hello to Chaley Rose --
  12. Personally, I feel like that the producers are making this virgin state a huge deal and it’s just not. We were all virgins who really cares about that and it’s not anyones business to know that anyway.......enough already.
  13. Callaphera

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    It was tuna. I couldn't eat it for, like, a month after the Tuna Beard. I miss the days of Rachel and BRENNAAAAAN! making those dinner house dinners with pans of lasagna and giant bowls of salad and trays of garlic bread.
  14. Nicole and Victor should have stuck with rowing. They were getting the flow of it and were the only team close to doing double sculling correct (Colin was single sculling and Christie was trying not to dip her oars in the water). Victor kind of cheated on the decipher the secret task. Sure, the other teams were collaborating, but that is allowed. He straight up walked over and looked at their papers. Since he got it before them, he probably didn't need to do that. The teams were almost having too much fun shopping in Camden Market. That is one of those tasks that get harder the later you arrive (easier to spot a pile of four marked rugs than one marked rug on its own). Korey was a machine on doing that taxi challenge. They were right to switch. They were a mess at the rowing and would probably have spent half the time in the water. It's all about the synchronicity. Colin and Christie made some very nice records. Those lines were crisp. How on earth did they find three massive vaults right beside each other? I thought they would have to take turns. That was great because they couldn't learn and copy from each other. Combination locks can be a pain. I felt Leo's pain. Christie lost a lot of her zen when dealing with the taxi dude. Korey lost his voice possibly from shouting over the 7 Nation Army. Glad we didn't have to hear Nicole whine through the last leg. I think she would have had to do the last roadblock and she doesn't like heights or deal with details, so we would have had nothing but complaints all the way down and at the vault. No thanks. Colin was adorable with his way of remembering the vault numbers. Perfect partner this race. Encouraging, mostly calm and amazingly athletic. Korey is also super impressive.
  15. scrb

    S06.E07: Dick Moves and Dick Pics

    Patricia explained that they might as well have a dinner party for the girls because of #MeToo. 🙄 Otherwise I don't recall much of their get together other than looking at dic pics. They rode 8 hours on the RV, spent one night, then drove 4 hours to Nashville and then flew back? Only on reality TV. The wine thing was BS. Producers paid or that restaurant comped them as well as allow them to film. When Craig and Austen left to go out to that balcony and commiserate with each other about the bullying, there were no other patrons out there and look, the cameras were already set up to catch their little convo. But it was suppose to be impromptu session with them bitching about Shep and Whitney. They all had steaks because ... #chickenisforpoorpeople. Craig is pissed that Austen hung out with Madison after they got back. How well do these people know each other, how often do they socialize that they care that much about each other's business? My sense is they don't even see each other every week when they're not filming the show. So why the fuck does Shep and Craig care if Austen supposedly likes what's her name? Now that they've stopped showing that damn video, they are going to have fake drama over Austen's supposedly personal life?
  16. MsTree

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    They're all a bunch of phonies. After all the air kisses and "hi gorgeous/beautiful/sexy" greetings...then comes the obligatory "you look great/wonderful/beautiful". Spare me.🙄
  17. ElectricBoogaloo

    S05.E14: Chapter Ninety-Five

    As the audience, we know that Rafael loves Jane and really wants to marry her, but all the minister knows about Rafael is that they rescheduled their first appointment at the last minute and when the second appointment came around, Rafael didn't show up AND he hadn't filled out his questionnaire. Ministers take their jobs seriously and that means making sure that the couple they marry are committed and compatible, so I understand why Raf's lack of availability seemed to be an issue based on the very small amount of information he had. I can't believe that everyone put up with Rogelio's constant livestreaming for so long. If he wants to be live, that's one thing but it's really inconsiderate to expect everyone in your family to be okay with being broadcast every second that they're at home. I thought that his livestreaming was going to cause friction when personal/private conversations were made public (like Lina finding out that Rafael, Xo, and Alba were all against Jane donating her eggs or someone else in the hotel business finding out about Petra's meeting with Ludo and then convincing him to do the same thing elsewhere). Instead it somehow ended up being a boon so that everyone saw his medical issue. I know tv shows compress timelines and this is the last season so they're cramming stuff in to give everyone an end to their story, but Xo was just thinking about nursing school in the last episode and she already got accepted in this episode? So in the timespan of a week, she took the GRE/TEAS/HOBET/HESI, gathered letters of recommendation, submitted her application, had her application reviewed, and was accepted? Okay then. Lina asking for Jane's eggs was a pretty big deal so I understand that anyone would have questions but that Jane would have even more questions. I don't think any of the Jane's questions were out of left field either. She should get to know what will happen to the extra eggs, if/when they will tell the baby that Jane is her biological mother, etc. Oh, Magda. My only hope is that Magda somehow was killed in the car crash and Petra is fine (see also: Jim Halpert demonstrating Dwight K. Schrute's theory that driver always protects their side of the car in the event of an accident).
  18. WendyCR72

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    Yes, I am up in the dead of night finishing up some work. And Oxygen has "The War At Home" (along with "Weeping Willow" and "Albatross") coming up. It got me to wracking my brain, wondering if this is the only episode in the franchise to show an actual holiday/holiday interruptus with Goren, Eames, and Ross all called away from their respective Thanksgiving plans to help Commissioner Leland and his wife find their missing daughter? I noticed we got to see some of the Eames family rugrats Alex always references (nieces/nephews) when she takes her call, besides Bobby/his mom and Ross and his kids - and ex.
  19. smores

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Perhaps he was the donor? If her arms were highly polished wood, then she totally would be a double for my grandmother's couch in the 80s. I just want to know why it looks like someone is gnawing that child's toenails off. The nails on that foot look like the nails of someone who has a chronic nailbiting problem. I adore post it notes to an unhealthy level. I hoard them, collect them in different sizes, colors, etc. I get very excited when I come across a new kind (double strength glue? yes please! flags? More!), but despite that quirk of my personality, nothing about that game sounds remotely sexy to me. I'm pretty much the target market, I'd think and it's like the least sexy thing I can think of. It's ok, it's not like she even knows what she's making. You're right, of course, but she seems to be under the impression that she's making fries, yet she has a pan full of diced potatoes. They're not going to magically regroup themselves into stick form. So when she gets a big puddle of mush, it won't really matter.
  20. I almost cried when Christie was crying in the helicopter with Colin comforting her, I definitely hollered when they stuck with the rowing and completed it while making up so much time (and doing it the only sensible way), I panicked when they couldn't find their cab driver, I nearly barfed while they were assembling the drums, and, yes, I completely teared up when they ran out of that tunnel onto the mat AND WON!!! Clearly, I've been waiting fifteen years for them to win this damn race, and I maybe had a wee catharsis when they did. #sorrynotsorry Nicole and Victor sure like to play the victims, but I have no sympathy for them because a) they were already part of a BB alliance (a daunting group, that [/sarcasm]) and b) Nicole is soooooooo annoying. Actually, the four teams finished in exactly the order I wanted, so I'm thrilled. Tyler and Korey did amazingly, and Leo and Jamal broke Rachel's record, which is an absolute joy because Rachel is the worst. Aside from Corinne. And kind of Eliza, too. Shut the fuck up, Eliza's face. That was a completely heart-stopping, competitive final leg, and I could not be more thrilled with the result!
  21. PippiLongstockng

    Year Of The Rabbit

    He was desperately trying to tuck it in yet not a consideration to shaving off the mutton chops. I love Joseph. He’s so camp. Teaching Strauss to be cockney, walk and all. 😄 Their scenes were the highlight of the episode.
  22. missyb

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Please, someone break those guys up. Bring David back and get soem of them out of the house. Start with Jack.
  23. The show stated that this is the 1st time that they are doing/trying this.
  24. I still have Decades, but I lost H&I for Start TV. So far, I am not impressed. At all.
  25. NowVoyager

    Apollo, the Juvial Crook

    The street sign looks like it says "Salford St." Google maps shows a street by that name in west Philly. Of course Apollo is back in the clink now, reportedly at the Federal Detention Center in center city Philadelphia.
  26. Alice Mudgarden

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Are you sure you didn't mean a meal from the tuna trapped in Austin's beard? It *was* tuna, right? My brain is totally remembering this grossness as tuna.
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