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  2. I count four Duggar spawn wearing baseball caps indoors. Tacky even in the South, unless you just came inside or are "fixing" to leave.
  3. KungFuBunny

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    When they first sat down at the table, Erika said something and then both Teddi and Kyle rolled their eyes. They also stared at each other and smirked. It was super cliquey and bitchy. While I agree Teddi had the right to blast Dorit about the 4:00PM vs 5:00-7:00 drinks and proper stemware, I'm totally team Erika in their separate dispute. Teddi put words in Erika's mouth. Erika did not say I totally agree with you Teddi at the Dorit magazine after drinks. All I remember Erika saying anything was when they walked up the stairs, Teddi said something and Erika's response was "yes". Erika called it at the reunion, Teddi is not some innocent lamb in the woods - she's sneaky and uses tears when she doesn't get her way so she can play victim. Teddi has become Kyle's echo this season. If you notice, Kyle gravitates towards the HW that is younger than her so she can be alpha. She did it with Taylor, and started to with Dorit until she and Dorit went into which one of us does LVP love more. She didn't click with Joyce because Joyce has better hair.
  4. starfishka

    Spoilers With Speculation

    There are so many better directors out there than Speight ... it leaves me wondering - does he direct for free or what?
  5. Scout Finch

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    I use the regular butter on the outside method but added another step to it some months back. When it's all done I sprinkle some shredded Parmesan on one side, try to flip it over really fast so most of it stays on the bread instead of all over the frying pan, and then just wait a few seconds--it melts really fast--before doing the other side. SO good!
  6. perkie1968

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I love Genie and Jon together. They make me believe that Laura and Kevin are a real couple that love each other. I also love Chase. It helps that he's super pretty, but everything today made me love him. Giving Willow the key to his place and letting her know that he's there for her. Pointing out to Lulu that she's not an undercover cop. I loved the Lulu/Joss scene where Lulu tore a strip off of her for walking into the house and then looking like she felt a little guilty since her column is what caused the break in and possible endangering of Joss, in the first place. I thought both Eden and Emme did a good job with Emme losing her shit and Eden being all teenagery, "why are you yelling at me" type thing. Maybe it was the mood I was in, but I didn't hate the Carly/Jason scene at the end where she's worried about Joss and saying she's more stressed waiting at home than had she gone down to the station.
  7. Tammee

    "The View": Week of 6/17/2019

    Yup. I vote both. He's been doing the circuit and that cant be easy
  8. Mrs. Hanson

    S04.E09: The Truth Comes Out

    Exactly - Annnnndrei could call Guest Services and tell them there is a flyer who needs assistance who does not speak English, tell his dad to stay at the gate or wherever and they will find him and help him. To fly there, for $600 is a waste of money. Annnnnndrei is only doing this to fly in the face of Libby's stifling family: "My family matters, TOO."
  9. possibilities

    Good Trouble

    I agree it probably won't happen, but if it was going to happen on any show, this would be the one. And I really like the idea! There really should be a rule that you can't date someone you supervise, which means she really shouldn't be able to put Raj on her app team. Also, someone really should talk to Evan about how social things. He seems to be genuinely decent, and also open to feedback. It makes me sad that he doesn't have any allies who are helping him deal with managing the social environment more effectively. Callie confronting the judge about bias was terrifying to watch, but he actually seemed to take what she said to heart. What is Malika doing??
  10. Assuming Meri's house closed, I think they are spending some of dough. Just a guess.
  11. Ohiopirate02

    Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    I agree especially if the family has not been together in awhile. Now a family like the Duggars who all live in the same state (minus Jinger), it does seem odd. I could maybe see one large group shot of all the Duggar kids and grandkids with JB and his sister in the middle. But, a shot of just JB, Michelle and Josie strikes me as out of place.
  12. mpeeps


    The tsv definitely falls into the slab o'rubber category.
  13. Pandora

    Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole

    I had to resist the urge to throw something at the TV when he started spouting that tripe. I suppose he accidentally dragged the daughter by the hair somehow. Sadly enough, if the DA and Otis' lawyers have worked out a deal, the judge in charge of the case will probably accept it. Or maybe, (I hope) given the "to be continued" means something else happens.
  14. stacyasp

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    Totally a plant and if the food is so inedible what is the crew eating? Also crew hasn’t complained about food? Capt would have fired her immediately if the food was as bad as we are seeing...I mean this is the third charter !
  15. iwasish

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    Then she should have stayed in Atlanta like he told her. Pedro does not go to her parents house or see them. Chantel lives in Atlanta, Pedro’s family in the DR. Chantel shows up in the DR ostensibly to work on her marriage. Pedro says fine, the first step to working on the marriage is to fix things with the family. The only family in the DR is his so that’s where they start. If Chantel didn’t want to meet with his family, she should have said no. She has no problem saying no all the rest of the time. And then she could have gone home. I’m not saying Pedro’s family isn’t a part of the problem. And yes they have behaved badly. But they don’t accuse Chantel of far fetched and unfounded theories or shady behaviors. They say that his family thinks they are “better” than they are. And that Chantel doesn’t “deserve”Pedro. To me it all boils down to do they want to stay married, be happy and have at least a cordial if not pleasant relationship with each other’s family. If so then SOMEONE has to take the high road and do something. Pedro is trying. He had a big argument with his mom and sister when he told them that Chantel was coming. He told them that he wants his family to be different than hers, to forgive and move forward. He’s not giving them a pass. No one in this is perfect or totally innocent. But if no one is willing to bend they are done. I see Pedro bending, I don’t see Chantel making much effort.
  16. Kim as one of her alters was very mean to Caroline and she represented the part of Kim that resented her mom for not protecting her. Patsy was playing Kim in the beginning of the story and there was a recast to finish out the story.. Patsy almost had a nervous breakdown playing the DID story and the fallout because it brought up memories of her own abuse in real life. Kim never expressed anger or blamed her parents for her abuse in the initial story when she confronted Uncle Eric who never expressed remorse for what he did.
  17. M. Darcy

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I knew Lincoln was one of them but the others...no idea. I do need to memorize the Presidents. I know the first group up to Jackson....and then McKinley to the rest, but not the middle group. Royalty is easy to memorize because there's a pattern but Presidents...
  18. I'm sure there would be somebody at an airport the size of JFK who could help Anddrrei's father get on his Tampa flight, especially if he had 9 hours to make the connection. Plus, what difference did it make how long he had to lay over, his original plan was to change planes in NY anyway.
  19. Yeah we just passed that this year in CO to sell full strength on Sundays. I wouldnt be able to do a dry place. You can even bring a bottle packed in your suitcase? Nope cant do it. ESPECIALLY if she was anywhere in the vicinity. But i still am of the hope that she is a totally different person, dare i say fun out in the wild. Her pics she seems happy. I am SO glad Joy is FINALLY giving the shit back to her! That was on screen anyway. Then we get the looooooooooong explanation blah blah blah. I was cheering Joy on hah
  20. BecomingLimited

    Shawn Killinger: The Good, The Bad, The Skunky

    She is a mess. Who would buy a tanning product from someone who obviously knows nothing about applying it? Showing her nasty feet, calling out her dad's illness...SK is bottom of the barrel. The fact that the Q allows her to post this under their social media umbrella is insane.
  21. I am the sped teacher here and Laura's son seems......special. He cant seem to know the difference between 29 and 51 (thinks it is 30) and came right out and said "Aladin is getting the short end of the stick." Way to support there, sonny!!! Not autistic, just......lower IQ than the norm.
  22. PradaKitty

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    For God’s sake, Jill! Stop squinting into the sun!!! ...and those outfits are just ...meh.
  23. iMonrey

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I could go either way on whether it was the ex-husband or the last client she saw. It's odd that the killer cut all the phones and took the appointment book. On the one hand it could indicate a client who wanted to erase their tie to the victim, but the phones?? It could also be someone who wanted to make it look like that. One thing I'm confident in saying is that the children could in no way be objective about this. The fact that more than one person said Bonnie told them she feared her ex-husband, and that if anything happened to her it was him, is really the most compelling evidence to me. I wonder if the verdict would have been different if the jury were allowed to hear that.
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