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  2. phoenics

    S05.E18: Godspeed

    This simply isn't true - and without receipts this isn't even about agreeing to disagree. You simply haven't given me actual stuff from the show to agree or disagree with. And I've been clear that the pattern is more about Barry yelling at (not speaking harshly - the subject of this discussion was YELLING and overreacting in anger towards characters) PoC characters vs the white ones. I see clear examples in the thread of Barry yelling at and overreacting towards the PoC characters - but no examples of that unless it's with a white villain. For some reason - with Caitlin, Harry or anyone else, Barry manages to give them the benefit of the doubt. The ONLY one he might have yelled at in anger - was Ralph - but that was back when he thought Ralph was a bad guy. He never yelled at him after that. And the one time Iris went off on Ralph? LOL - that got cut. I thought - according to you - it was a fight? But now he's yelling at Iris (which is what I said all along)? So now he's not really yelling at her - just in her general direction? He wasn't yelling at her in the back and forth exchange you said was a fight? Here's what you said: Further - the argument being presented is NOT that Barry never is kind to Iris - the whole thing that started this was that Barry has never raised his voice to Iris in anger. Ever. I just want to be clear - because I feel like the goal posts are being moved a bit. What we are talking about here is how Barry behaves with PoC characters vs non. I already stated my case about why it's a mess for Barry to have yelled at Iris in this case at all without some acknowledgement of WTF that was wrong, lol. By someone. Anyone. And it's problematic because Iris is often in a pattern of not being able to defend herself when people attack or treat her poorly - the writers just make her stand there and take it. But that point was already addressed earlier. That's not what we're talking about right now. And finally to your last point - that's not even close to the same thing. You cannot compare Caitlin doing stuff that would result in another person's death to Iris writing a damn blog - because that's the only time she's been reckless - or after she went after a gun runner - but again - those things endangered HER life - not others. Why would Barry ever yell at Iris about that? Everything on that list about Caitlin was about her harming other people or being nasty directly to Barry to hurt him. I don't see how you can compare the two. It's definitely not what I've been saying. But even in that case - Barry literally CUT IRIS off when she wouldn't give up her blog. The only thing that made him wake TF up was Iris being taken by Girder. So even here - that was a huge overreaction and kinda supports what we're saying. Again - the argument isn't that Barry ALWAYS yells at the PoC characters - it's that in comparable situations, or even situations which would be seen as far worse by reasonable measures, Barry tends to give the benefit of the doubt for the white characters and he overreacts (often with rage) to the PoC characters for far far less.
  3. On Kelli's InstaStory, she explains a little about the health issue she's been going through... it's called vestibular ocular disorder.
  4. Oosala

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Never have liked Michelle Williams. She's made a career out of Heath Ledger's death. To me, that's all she's known for and she seems OK with that. The whole struggling mother bit seems overdone. Or it's possible I'm a cold-hearted b*tch.
  5. Wow. So many things that are not right. Jack and Ashley using Abby's opening to play their stupid game? Coasters, Ash, seriously? I really loved Devon taking a strip off of Jack and how he changed Jet's comeback. But now that I have said that, I would have removed those stupid coasters and how the hell could anyone play a video without Abby or Devon's okay. Just stupid. But, I did like that they had more extras than we have seen in a long time. Dummer is dumb, but by now she is going into martyr territory.
  6. Mittengirl

    House Hunters International

    I was confused about the guy who talked about living in Minnesota and having a house with a view of Lake Michigan. He is gong to need one big-ass telescope to accomplish that, since he will have to look across the entire state of Wisconsin. I can’t imagine shuttling between 3 homes. I would guess Lake Michigan house in summer (or some time between April and October) and winter in one of their southern homes. It also seems mean to make those poor dogs travel that much. I have a hard time believing that animals enjoy plane travel - especially the poor critter who gets stuck in the cargo hold. I guess I was the only one who didn’t like the DaNang couple. She seemed flaky and not too bright and I thought he was creepy. I hated the way he kept telling her she was “going to have to trust” him. I immediately question the motives of people who say that. And again with traveling with a dog. As much as I love/have loved my pets, if I wanted to travel extensively/frequently I think I would forgo having one.
  7. Vermicious Knid

    S17.E06: Power Play

    Yes, because it's Hester. Liked Mimi's dress, don't remember the designer. She was some kind of fairy princess? Venny's outfit reminded me of Chrono Crusade, which features demon-hunting nuns.
  8. I need this show to pick a POV and keep it. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to both see the Dark Lord as this fount of truly evil, evilness AND see the Witchhunters as horrible evil for treating the Satanic witches as the... well, in fact actually evil Satanic witches and warlocks that they are. Also, if these Witchhunters are angels, why were they taken down so easily by Dorian/Nick and Hilda/incubus? I didn't buy for a second that they would have recited the devil's prayer because they're true believers/literal angels, and obviously they were just going to be killed anyway! I'm assuming future episodes will explain why Sabrina came back to life and resurrected other people, but I don't love that she has god-like abilities out of the blue. Still uninterested in Sabrina's mortal friends. I also think Theo has very questionable morality. I love how he thinks Sabrina non-consensually using magic is a sign of her being good just because he likes the results. And the whole basketball thing remains ridiculous given how petite Lachlan is. I also found it kind of weird how it didn't seem to occur to any of them--even Theo--that they could reach out to Sabrina instead of just waiting for her to show up at Baxter. (and why wouldn't Roz think to ask Sabrina about removing the Walker woman curse? Why wouldn't Sabrina have thought to look into that?)
  9. bros402

    S01.E18: Five Miles West

    I believe she put down a little bar - the camera showed a little part of the bracelets where two circles lined up on the siide - maybe it was secured with the little bar?
  10. Ana is definitely the prettiest on the show by a bug margin. Its so odd to me that she doesn't have a love interest.
  11. Camera One

    S05.E06: The Bear And The Bow

    From EW interview before 5A: In the article, A&E had to debunk theories that Merida was Rumple's mother or Merida was the daughter of Robin and Zelena. LOL. Right. So by family dynamic or "the Charming family", they are actually referring to Regina. Because they're sure as hell not talking about Emma and her parents, so in this case, he really shouldn't be saying they are focusing it "back on that family dynamic again". It might not be in the first five, but it might be! This is the sixth episode so I guess not. But they're "definitely" going to do it this season so I can't wait.
  12. OoohMaggie

    Preach it!: Preacher in the Media

  13. bros402

    S01.E17 Sanctuary

    As far as I know, there is no such federal law. I think some states have laws about that, though
  14. Alex's ridiculous storyline on AMC involved years of brainwashing to become a trained assassin and impersonate Anna while working for their mother's evil intelligence agency. IIRC she'd spent some time in a sanitarium before coming onto the show due to those mental issues. It is not a stretch to me that Alex would turn out to be crazy years later due to that upbringing and very dark past, and go full villain. But the even more stupid thing is that to my knowledge (and I'm not watching atm) they have never bothered to explain this change in her character with even two lines of dialogue. It is very easy and very plausible, but they won't do it, we have to fill in the gaps. Dimitri Marick mentioned Alex briefly on AMC 2.0 in 2013, and said he'd divorced her.
  15. Zuleikha

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

    Her ability to mimic and outdo Kylo Ren at everything IMHO is genuinely Mary Sue like if it's just her innate ability. Kylo Ren was portrayed as already atypically strong. Canon has it that Force-sensitive people can use the Force intuitively for small things, but it is supposed to take multiple years for control and power. All of Luke's power-ups were after an extended period of formal training. Rey's closest thing to that was her incredibly brief time with Luke in TLJ, and that's portrayed as barely real training. Presumably, this will be a non-issue in Rise of Skywalker because she has the books and some amount of time.
  16. Kenzie

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    And outdoors from ten feet away, no less.
  17. ursula

    S02.E04: Rabbit Hold

    Is Mayhem dead?
  18. Isn’t this supposed to be the HouseWIVES show? None of these bitches is a wife anymore, they’re all hideous hose beasts. Mario may have cheated but can you even begin to imagine what it’s like being married to Moaner? Sonja is bat shit crazy, no wonder he ex 86d her ass. No wonder the Count cheated on/left Luann, she is an insufferable c*nt. And I don’t care how awful Jason might be, it’s childs play compared to Satan Bethany, she’s a human nightmare, I cannot even fathom the hell it must be to be married to that. I could go on but you get the point. None of these people are wives because they’re awful human beings, and that’s not what we signed up for when we all first tuned in. We enjoyed the House/City/Jewelry/Fashion porn, NOT this manufactured shit show of 4th grade drama. Fuck you BravHo.
  19. MakeMeLaugh


    As I said to Mr MML, Cheers was set in a bar but it wasn’t really about the bar or drinking. This show is only about the bar and drinking, in a time when sobriety is a real thing.
  20. Well, they are one of the most consistent and dominating teams in TAR history. Looking at their placements on the wiki, after placing high in the back of the pack on the first two legs (7th and 6th respectively), they were either first or second for 8 legs in a row (even with nearly getting arrested in Tanzania). It was the combination of the Yield and the Broken Ox that finally ended that streak.
  21. Tabbygirl521

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    So I just back from an amazing concert - the legendary BUDDY GUY. (If you are not familiar, do yourself a favor and check him out.) And my Pounders, I instantly thought of you (and LaShanta) when he sang the following: ”The woman I love, she’s kinda big and fat Now you may think that’s funny but it’s kinda good like that” (a couple of other verses, and then I definitely thought of you, @DC Gal in VA) ”One leg is to the east One leg is to the west I’m right here in the middle just tryin’ to do my best...” (Crowd loses their minds)
  22. himela

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    The good thing is, Kelly and her stupid smile is gone. The bad thing is, the only person who deserves the win from the people remaining is Wardog. I would say also Rick but he was voted out once and he would have been voted out again if it wasn't for the advantage David gave him. Victoria has played a good game but she has not made it aware to the rest of the players so if she gets to the final tribal council she will have the same result as Aubry had in her first season. I was thinking about it and I think that the only two people who were in every episode were Wardog and Rick. From the way the edit is going, nobody from Ron, Julie, Gavin, Victoria or Lauren can win. I predict the winner will be between Rick and Wardog. Both are bad results for me cause Wardog is not likeable and Rick has been voted out so I don't count him as a winner. Plus the game has become too complicated for my liking. We don't even know the rules, how the jury will work, what will happen if say 5 people quit from the jury etc. Bad season. Looking forward for Survivor SA in May.
  23. Today
  24. geauxaway

    S01.E19 Mass For Shut-ins

    I love that little Pat! Hey ya, kiddo, I’ve been there too with trying to put my pants on over my shoes. It sucks!!! And now as a mom, I see my kiddo try at it and it’s like, just TAKE THE SHOES OFF! His skinny little legs kill me!!! I also love the family getting ready for Sunday Mass. I remember the days of that when I was a kid, everyone ready???
  25. femmefan1946

    S01.E20: Free Fall

    I enjoyed seeing Felicia Day as the doctor, another of NF's accomplished friends. And Sara Rue is still doing a voice character-- hope she gets more to do next season. Given the effects of the biological threat, I was disappointed that none of the "nationalists" (ummm.... I wonder what word they left out there.... and why?) were wearing nice suits and blue gloves.
  26. Anna Yolei

    The Spoiler Collection

    I joke, but I gotta say Brad Bell is incredibly tone deaf to go there yet again with Thomas. He was a pushy creep in every single iteration of the role. The relationship he had with Sally was the only one in the entire history of the character that was actually healthy and now that's apparently been erased.
  27. MarkHB

    Shazam! (2019)

    Yes, thanks, in fact we went to the theater that has the IMAX since that has recliners. The kids had a great time, as did I... I just regretted not getting the giant screen experience. I saw that (the original quote is in an interview she did for Parade). My personal hope is that Mary does indeed go to CalTech, because one of the films WB has in the pipeline is Supergirl... and maybe CalTech is near National City....
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