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  2. JoanArc

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Utah is the MLM capitol of the US.
  3. ByTor

    Sex And The City

    Or Nina Katz. Yeah, Nina making that face was rude as hell, but could Carrie just chalk it up to that? Nope, that's all she talked about. And her friends listened every single time. IRL at least one of them would have told her to STFU already! Samantha getting that nun to see the doctor and when she took her wig off during the breast cancer speech are tied for my favorite Samantha scenes. I actually always gave Carrie a pass on that. Carrie did tell Miranda she had a "work thing" (although she should have been more specific that it was a meeting with her boss), and Miranda dropped the phone before Carrie could say she's sending Aiden. I'm sure this has something to do with the fact that I'm not wild about Miranda either, but I thought she was being awfully dismissive of Carrie's career, since she couldn't imagine that Carrie would have something else to do and not be able to drop everything to help her. The one Smith moment I hated was when he waited for Samantha to finish banging Richard so he could make sure she made it home safe. And then he had to comfort her because she felt bad. No way should he have been that much of a pushover.
  4. Starry

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    Iris was out of line when she said that she didn't care about Nora working with Thawne. Maybe things would have been different if she didn't spend months believing that she ruined Nora, that she was a terrible mother, that she was destined to become someone her daughter would hate. I believe that in part does explain why she's partial to Nora and has troubles letting her go. She's overcompensating. Too bad it's all for nothing since apparently Nora only cares about daddy 🙄 Barry was wrong in banishing Nora without consulting Iris and leaving her even more vulnerable to Thawne's manipulations. He himself worked with Thawne but I think the difference with Nora is that Barry had his team helping and agreeing to his plans. He didn't go behind people's backs. Nora kept lying to everyone even after gaining their trust and learning of one more evil thing Thawne did to ruin her dad's life. In part I understand why Nora has troubles cutting ties with him. He was her first mentor. At the time he was her only team mate. The writing is still spotty but this is a layered storyline. Everyone is wrong. Everyone has a point. Loved seeing Barry and Iris working things out like a mature couple. Finally some romance! Carla has turned into a frosty meta? Not looking forward to another Caitlin storyline involving another parent with ice powers. Been there done that. Although that is par for the course with most things involving Caitlin.
  5. While I really would have loved to see them, I think it speaks highly of The B-52’s that they were part of the concert, yet have no connection with PK and seemingly no desire to mingle with these women. Kate Pierson remains a goddess. I was so happy to see all of Kyle’s dogs, but Bambi should not drink from the pool (my parents’ dog got pneumonia from drinking water from their pool)! I love all of Kyle’s dogs, but River is my favorite. She seems like such a lover. I was so not happy to see Kyle’s hats. She needs to fix what’s happening with her hair or get a wig because the hats aren’t working. Also, shut up, Teddi! No! I really mean it! Shut up because your yelling is actually making me side with Dorit on something and, as much as I don’t like you, I really don’t like Dorit. So, yes, just shut up. It’s not about you. And stop with those damn “judgy eyes” (tm Det. Meghan King Edmonds). https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155362078126101&id=66787661100&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F&_rdr
  6. We've debated before concerning consequences, and the general consensus seemed to be that the degree of the consequences doesn't make a difference when it comes to the narrative message. If that applies to Dean then it also applies to Sam. And it doesn't change the fact that the narrative damaged Sam's character for no apparent good reason at all. As for Sam "winning" and Dean dumping Benny, I already expressed that I thought that that was a crappy thing to do to Dean's character. Sam wasn't the only one who got burned in the Benny narrative fiasco, in my opinion. Of course it was brushed under the rug... It never should've been written in the first place. And once the writers got their "poor Benny" plot point out of the way, what did it matter if Sam's character was damaged or Dean's character was damaged? ...They likely figured that they'd make up something or another so it didn't matter. As long as Benny is the put upon hero, who cares what it does to the other characters? That's what it seemed like the writers were saying to me. Season 8 was just all around awful... When the most likeable character in the show isn't one of your main characters, and your main characters - who are supposed to be the heroes of the show - aren't acting like heroes at all, I'm sorry, but you're doing something wrong. That certainly wasn't happening in the part of fandom that I was in. With a few minor exceptions, Dean was getting almost nothing but praise for his quick thinking in saving Benny, and in preventing both Sam and Benny from getting hurt. Over half of the comments were about how Sam should die, so that Dean could go hunting with Benny instead. And it was a huge fan board, so not just a niche posting place. And again, for me, when that's the general reaction, and you're garnering that kind of hate towards one of your main characters ...then you're doing something wrong. And when it was done so that your own character could instead be the "better brother"*** that's a crappy thing to do, in my opinion. *** (And that the writers had Dean say it, means that they knew damn well that that's how the writing was making it come across. Otherwise it wouldn't have even been a thing at all.)
  7. backhometome

    Roswell, New Mexico: In the Media

    I am a Malex fan but the way this show treats Maria is wrong. I mean basically setting her up to be the placeholder while Michael gets his shit together is just gross. Not to mention she still doesn't know anything about aliens. I really dont get why there had to be a triangle that involves a black character and a gay man. From the start Malex were portrayed as meant to be so why do this dumb triangle that no one likes. And already know the outcome.
  8. AnimeMania

    S05.E20: Good in the 'Hood

    Junior needed a "safe space" to let his mustache fill out.
  9. SlutAssBitchAssHor

    S09.E15: Bow Down

    Ok, but can't they prevent it in something bigger than a bread box?
  10. bmasters9

    The Act

    I've just now completed through the 7th episode, and Joey deserves every award she can get for how she's done to this point!
  11. She's not fooling anyone...she can't text with those sausage fingers.
  12. Tosia

    "The View": Week of 4/22/2019

    I love Sunny for her smarts and I think she is beautiful. I wish she wasn't so insecure about her marrisge to Manny. I'm positive that if they ever ever divorced, Sunny would find a man, or many men, who adore her and want to please her, vs. Sunny trying to please Manny. She doesnt realize her incredible beauty, personality, awesome intelligence, and accomplishments that she brings to this marriage. Some crazy ideas/experiences from her past is making her hold on tightly to this perception of keeping her marriage intact at all costs (to her ). Love shouldn't be that rigidly one-sided. I was that way. Oh, BTW, MM says, " Republican woman are not allowed to be feminists".???????? WTF? In your mind only MM or your hubbies influence. MM's two-faces rears it's over-madeup head. She's a shark , but is not allowed to be something/anything? Right. More like --feminism-- doesn't fit into your tribe's narrative. No one gives a fuck about anything you are or say. I believe MM's arguments are fighting with themselves in her head. She is not strong/smart enough to take a real stand. It's not on the blue card talking points (that hubbie dictstes).
  13. pasdetrois

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    That's a great question. When the reality TV scene first began, the media talked about how the participants were officially understood to not be actors, and thereby not eligible for SAG and AFTRA membership and not protected by union and acting industry rules. That arrangement was a cash cow for producers and networks. My understanding is those rules still apply today (former AFTRA member here). However NeNe acted in Glee, so I don't know if she became eligible for SAG membership. Seems like she would have shouted it from the rooftops when it happened.
  14. SimoneS

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Maybe he treats her like he did that son he never had.
  15. Poor Savannah! That thing is nasty.
  16. Ailianna

    Law & Order

    He murdered three people. It's not like he was a serial jay walker. And he would have murdered again to keep his secrets if he felt threatened, in my opinion. So I completely disagree that trying to put a three-time murderer in prison makes Jack an "asshole."
  17. SimoneS

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    IMO, with Cisco sidelined, Ralph has been the saving grace of this season. He has brought humor and charm to what have often been clunky poorly written episodes. It is amazing how I have grown to really like a character who was once so annoying that I wanted him to drop dead. So true. Just a terrible name. I am with you on the twins' names. I think those ridiculous names will be changed as a result of Thawne killing Barry's mother and changing the timeline. I can see them calling the twins, Nora and Henry.
  18. Cristofle

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    LOL. I don't know what they're going to do with him though? Jesse isn't suffering from some sort of sickness or delusion - he's just a bad person, and there isn't really a cure for that.
  19. free2think

    Good Witch

    I just looked it up and Hallmark page says Good Witch comes back on June 9. With another episode on June 10th then episodes on Sundays for the rest of the season. https://www.hallmarkchannel.com/good-witch
  20. JenE4

    S07.E20: Brittany and the Beast

    I don’t know, that sounds like the makings of an entertaining cast right there. That’s why I tune in every week! The show was a hit before James and could continue without him. I mean, Stassi was the star of the show and it went on just fine without her. All that being said, I agree that James is no worse than most of these people—and a more productive member of society than about two-thirds of the cast.
  21. andromeda331

    S06.E09: Mueller Report

    This! That's exactly it. I really don't understand it. If it was any other politician everyone would be jumping to impeach them. But for some reason he gets a pass. Why? What is so great about him? I really don't understand. In the report he tried to get many of his supporters to do illegal crap. The only reason it didn't happen was they refused to do it. Its insane. We shouldn't have a president who is only being stopped because his orders are being refused. The attempt to do so still counts. How many didn't refused? What happens when he finds someone who will carry out his illegal orders? If they hadn't already. What kind of mess are we going to be in then?
  22. ElleryAnne

    Doctor Who in the Media

    Gee, such persuasive arguments about the merits of the season. As a happily married woman, I guess I simply have to love the past season. Except I don't. Some of the online media articles have perfectly valid complaints, IMO. Most of the complaints that I've seen in the media have been about other aspects of the show - particularly the writing and the "PC" aura many of the episodes have. I don't see the point in dismissing it all as "they just hate a woman Doctor", as if none of the other reasons are valid, simply because one doesn't personally agree with them. YMMV, of course.
  23. And then there was Vivian's lyrical number 😱
  24. Maybe I'm misreading your comment, but I'm confused... I wasn't saying that she shouldn't be in therapy, or saying that it is or is not helpful... I'm just fascinated by the landscape of the woman's psyche! Especially since she's obviously intelligent and hyperaware of how she comes off on the screen, yet she just can't stop herself from acting in these seemingly dysfunctional (but again, I'm not a clinician) ways.
  25. JudyObscure

    S08.E04: Episode 4

    I would love that, too. I've always disliked the way the younger group sort of snicker at her behind her back. The latest example was Phyllis saying what was best was daily exercise like her Royal Air Force exercises, and they all laughed. She was right! I used to do those and it's a good complete work-out that even includes a little cardio before the word "aerobics" was coined. That once a week toe touching, hula hoop stuff that Trixie leads at her "Keep Fit," sessions looks like fun but would do absolutely nothing for, "slimming your flanks," as we know now that spot reducing doesn't work and once a week is worse than nothing at all because it just over stretches muscles that will be tightened up again next week. Trixie means well and she's helping to encourage a good attitude about exercise. I also know it helps her mentally with her alcohol problem and I get a kick out of seeing them "working-out," in their full make-up and elaborate hairdos. I just don't think it justifies sneering at Phyllis.
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