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  2. Agree w/. others that at this point Jon is just looking for attention and for offers for their "love story". Maybe everyone got it wrong about him? Much like when everyone felt bad for David in Atlanta and then when he was on MAFS 2C everyone figured out that he was a big d-bag.
  3. Superclam

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    Thanks. I'll have that song in my head all day. 😆
  4. ElectricBoogaloo


    S2.E4 Inside the episode: Clips: Big love Got goo?
  5. jay741982

    S38 Preview & Speculation Thread

    Wardick can fuck off. One to talk about Betrayal! What the fuck did he just do? If I was Gavin I'd tell him to fuck off with his hypocrisy and his Douchebag Take out Goats Crap. Dude you're one of the biggest backstabbers out there who the fuck are U to deem who's a Goat and Great player. Mr Sucks at Challenges. Hope hes blindsided HARD. Douchebro said he was a heel on SM and put up a Pic of WWE Star Seth Rollins who's one of the "Good guys". Hes an idiot. People kissing his ass were sickening calling him a God and a Hero Hardly!
  6. GodsBeloved

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Didn’t see it from this POV but I can change my mind and agree that Jon didn’t lie if he meant he was saving his people from the living not the dead.
  7. In that post she gets all annoyed WITH HER FANS saying "y'all want fat people to exercise and want to dictate how we do it." Newsflash, Whit, your fans ARE fat, and even people who don't exercise can rub two brain cells together and figure out that your workout routine is totally idiotic for your body type.
  8. Eyes High

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Friki says a lot of things that are just speculation, though, and often fails to clarify which of his tidbits are speculation, and that’s probably one of them. Friki hasn’t responded to this particular leak/fleak. He did say that Joe Dempsie didn’t film that 8x06 scene in Seville. If Gendry indeed dies at Winterfell, then that might explain why. I can easily believe Gendry dies at Winterfell. They’re laying on it thick with Gendrya even though she’s not likely to end up with him in the books. He’s a composite character who’s so far off his book character’s arc that he’s not going to be able to get to his book character endgame. And cool, badass Arya was crying and shaking like a leaf at Winterfell for a reason. Not to mention Arya telling Gendry that she looks forward to seeing “this” face of death takes on a particularly grim cast if she ends up looking into Gendry’s wightified dead face.
  9. Gina always sounds like a wannabe Paris Hilton.
  10. ElectricBoogaloo

    S04.E13: The Seam

    Two videos of Take on Me! This one has all the Quentin/Penny40 dialogue but does not include the end of the song (this is the official clip on the Syfy youtube channel): This one has all of the singing but the dialogue has been removed:
  11. ClareWalks

    S04.E16: Easter

    Seriously, if they think Amy's such a hilariously dumb boss because she says "check," they have lived very privileged lives. Also what happened to Mateo wanting the floor manager job?
  12. Does anyone know if Sarah (Alanna’s friend) is reauditioning?
  13. debraran

    S08.E03: Episode 3

    It seem like the show is pushing Nurse Crane with the cop although I don't feel anything in their acting of "chemistry" yet. I wonder what happened with the gentleman from the language class who had a wife with severe dementia. (same plot on Grace and Frankie) Did they stay friends, will his wife pass away in the future? They seemed like a cute couple with a lot in common. On Grace and Frankie, the character felt like she was cheating, the wife was still alive, and she wouldn't like that done to her, so they parted. Two years later she learns he has passed away, and I hope that doesn't happen here! I hope they show that even if you are older, you can still find love like Fred did.
  14. SimoneS

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Okay, I listened again. Now I am hearing "he." I give up on this one. Reddit removed the fleak. Which characters were predicted to die in episode 3?
  15. JasmineFlower

    S04.E16: Easter

    Aww! Garrett called Jonah his best friend. To strangers who he could've easily lied to like he always does. I'm on board with Amy disciplining or firing Cheyenne and Mateo whenever she's ready. I'm beyond over their attitudes. They couldn't refrain from mocking her while in her presence for 30 seconds. Sending, receiving, and smirking via text laughing about her mannerisms. Since they don't act like people who give a shit about keeping their jobs, they should find out what it's like not to have them anymore.
  16. HunterHunted

    Disability On TV

    The episodes are fairly short. In the end, the whole season is about 2 and 1/2 hours long. However, it doesn't feel like the show is particularly shallow either. They managed to get some really solid character exploration in that time for multiple characters, not just Ryan. It's worth a watch.
  17. Rebky

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Come to the dark side of reality tv addiction, my friend (see my last post on this show). I mean, I feel the pain (and self loathing) of realizing that it is Friday night, and what am I doing? Watching this piece-o-crap show. While I am ashamed of myself, you better believe I WILL be watching next Friday night!
  18. wknt3

    S12.E19: The Inspiration Deprivation

    I've always thought of a dean as an academic administrator. And different institutions use the title differently. In some it's only for faculty academic leadership. Some hand it out pretty freely, using it in place of director for any management/admin position that involves faculty/students. I agree that for a sitcom it's fine especially if it just means she's now in charge of faculty/research HR. There must be a large academic HR staff to manage given that this is a sitcom fictional university that hires huge numbers of scientists to just do research or theorize with no teaching responsibilities!
  19. lembergwatcher

    S02.E17: Passion

    Joyce is hardly a "Parent of the Year" contest winner, but she isn't a "terrible parent" either. She's a single mother who has to work for a living in order to provide for her family and pay the bills. We don't know much about Joyce, her upbringing and her life in Sunnydale, i.e. job and other activities, to use such kind of labels IMO. Parenting is not something you can learn from the books, after all. Therefore I think Ms. Trout is a little bit too harsh here. OTOH Joyce is shown to be too oblivious about Sunnydale (one might think she should have started asking questions after School Hard), but there's quite simple explanation for that I guess: The difference between love and lust is very clear, I must say. One doesn't have to be in love or have any feelings for the other participants of those orgies. Besides, there is no clear cut statement about Dierdre being the only girl in Giles life back then and the only girl present at the Oxford Demon-Summoning Orgy Society's meetings. She was the sole woman in the small occult inner circle, but Rupert and Ethan could have brought more girls for post-spell casting parties. And don't forget about the brothels. What I find really amusing is Willow's strange belief librarians should be celibate from the cradle to the grave. That just reminds me of Xander's line from Some Assembly Required (ironically, both SAR and Passion were written by the same person): So I guess Buffy never told Willow about the Ripper and his younger days of black magic and sex orgies. Good for her.
  20. Today
  21. mertensia

    Spoilers With Speculation

    Well just great. The USFL is coming back, then.
  22. Just what the world needs; another D-list celebrity telling us how to live. "...inspiring stories to help you Upgrade Your Life to the BEST level of success, health and wealth!" <gag/sputter/choke> rhoc-alum-lizzie-rovsek-talk-show
  23. Dejana

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Michelle Williams has talked about how she struggled at the time with her character not really being a fan favorite. https://ew.com/tv/2018/04/02/dawsons-creek-reunion-michelle-williams-jen-reaction/ In the early years, there was way more hype about Katie Holmes as the next big thing and as the pretty one, compared to Michelle. By 2004, much of that may have subsided in the media but that doesn't necessarily change how Michelle felt about herself. I don't remember her making any best dressed lists before the awards season for Brokeback Mountain. I understand how she wouldn't have viewed herself as the glamorous type circa 2004, compared to her peers. I watch Dancing with the Stars and often some of the claims to fame are dubious but often IMO the viewers with the, "I've never heard of them," complaints have clearly checked out of noticing pop culture sometime in the 1980s, and I guess expect the broader world to cater to their limited tastes and essentially stop turning with them. I always want to say, "Just because you stopped paying attention, doesn't mean that things stopped happening." Michelle Williams has mostly stuck to independent movies in the last decade and has been nominated for three Oscars, a Tony and won a Golden Globe since 2008. She got unwittingly embroiled in an equal pay controversy when she made All the Money in the World and has appeared in more mainstream studio films in the last two years, The Greatest Showman, I Feel Pretty and Venom. She's starring as Gwen Verdon in the limited series Fosse/Verdon that began airing earlier this month. I could have done this post with links to Michelle Williams' pages on IMDb and Wikipedia, but it's so easy these days to look things up for yourself if you really want to learn more. I suppose it's even easier for people to throw out some variation of, "I don't know her," and actually think that's a relevant, worthwhile or clever line of attack on a celebrity. When, really, they are saying so much about themselves, none of it being particularly flattering.
  24. ElectricBoogaloo

    S04.E13: The Seam

    Inside the episode:
  25. SuprSuprElevated

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I think this is where we discussed this... kim-kardashian-becoming-lawyer
  26. ByTor

    The Spoiler Collection

    Spoilers... Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of April 22: In the latest Deconstructing B&B, it’s become the Flo and Shauna show, while Thomas’ focus on Hope is ridiculous. B&B spoilers for Monday April 22: Liam plans a romantic dinner for Hope. Thomas moves forward with his plan to win over Hope. B&B spoilers for Tuesday April 23: After spying Sally with Thomas, Quinn questions her loyalty to Wyatt. Liam and Hope make love for the first time since losing Beth. B&B spoilers for Wednesday April 24: Thomas gets help as he plots to separate Liam and Hope as Nicola Posener returns to Bold and Beautiful as Amelia. Quinn takes Sally off guard and the two argue over Wyatt and Sally's living arrangements. B&B spoilers for Thursday April 25: Zoe is unable to hide her reaction when Brooke mentions the identity of Flo's father. After taking an emotional hit from Katie, Bill encounters Shauna at Il Giardino. B&B spoilers for Friday April 26: Brooke and Donna learn that Katie told Bill 'no' and urge her to give him another chance. Flo and Zoe clash as Flo prepares to tell Hope the truth about her baby. More Bold and Beautiful spoilers... Wyatt initially shrugs it off when Quinn tells him she saw Sally hug Thomas, but is taken aback when he later learns they've been texting one another as well. Thomas thinks he, Hope and Douglas would make a perfect family and uses a drawing to manipulate Hope's emotions. He claims that Douglas made the heartfelt drawing but he made it himself. Later, he has Steffy's nanny set up a video chat so Hope can see the girls and play on her guilty feelings about keeping Liam from them. Thomas believes Liam should be with his sister. Thomas wants to help revitalize Hope for the Future. Shauna intervenes, with a gun, as Zoe's argument with Flo turns physical. Katie spots Bill with Shauna at Il Giardino. Coming up on Bold and Beautiful... Flo receives an offer from Hope. Xander makes his girlfriend a promise. Sally lends Thomas an ear. Bold and Beautiful spring casting... Donna might be offscreen for a while as Jennifer Gareis is on Spring Break from Bold and Beautiful. - Candace Young Are you kidding me?
  27. SuprSuprElevated

    Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl

    Brynn "knows him, loves him". This actually makes my gut hurt for this kid. A delusional mother who is a serial girlfriend. She doesn't stand a chance. bethenny-frankel-boyfriend-love-life-update
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