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  2. Or he just thought she was hot? She’s looking much better since Botoxing her jaw or whatever it is she is doing.
  3. Joana

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    Why is this show becoming This Is Us? Pittsburgh. Dead Daddy Issues. Vodka in a water bottle. The list of scenes I fast-forwarded through: 1) DeLuca talking about how amazing he is with his 7243 cousins 2) Meredith and Bailey talking about how to introduce your new BF to your kids 3) That non-binary person's speech about hands and legs and whatever 4) The ending of Owen's magical therapy with him clutching his forehead or whatever he was supposed to be doing 5) DeLuca holding that baby while Meredith (presumably) looks on So, basically, the entire Meredith/DeLuca stuff. Life is SO MUCH easier that way. HAOG is really bad actor. And apparently, he's not an Ortho God after all, so let's just call him HA? Also, he's a total jerk and I hope he gets shipped off to San Francisco before the next episode. Is Amelia strangely and ridiculously obsessed with Owen's supposed love for Teddy because actually SHE is in love with her and doesn't know how to channel it? I mean, of course not, but it wouldn't be worse than what's really happening in this dumpster fire of a storyline, so why not. I would sign up for that! Wow, Jo looks like total crap. I'm actually mildly interest in how this trainwreck plays out.
  4. I have way more respect for Kelli and judy if they knew and supported Janelle and Katy. Coming out, even in 2019, is a big deal when you’re in the public eye. This is refreshing to see in the tight DCC world.
  5. hendersonrocks

    S06.E13: The Bimbo

    I've never seen the actor outside of the 99 but I remembered him right away from last year - he was the mini Amy who she was soooooo annoyed with when she first became sergeant because all he wanted was to share ideas for how to make improvements to the squad. And he loved paper products too, maybe? I was really excited to see him again, and would enjoy seeing more of him if his new series doesn't work out. Holt, Kevin, and Jake were fantastic together, as always.
  6. Lemuria

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    That's not what happened. He stopped by Rickon and saw him die, looked up at Ramsey, and saw all of Ramsey's archers draw and prepare to fire. Jon's troops were all standing still (as was Jon himself) and would be cut down by the hail of arrows. He shouts out for them to go and goes himself, forward because he could see the arrows were being aimed at where he had been standing and also behind him into his front line, but for the moment, not in front of him.
  7. I think it was their one year anniversary because the funeral arrangement red heart had 365 written on it with white roses.
  8. mightysparrow

    S17.E06: Power Play

    Listening to the judges gush over Hester's look made me question their taste.
  9. Kostgard

    S05.E11: They Did What?

    Was Jim drinking “Jankey Piss” whiskey? Seriously - is there a screen shot out there? I swear the bottle said “Jankey Piss.” No wonder Oswald turned down the drink.
  10. SueB

    S14 E19: Jack in the Box

    FIrst thoughts: THAT WAS SO UNCOMFORTABLE! Talk about a divisive episode! Since I love them all, I'm having a hard time condemning anyone for their actions. But it's just so hard to see them all be right (to some extent) and yet all be so unhappy with what is happening! I take some comfort in the knowledge that we are SUPPOSED to be unhappy/uncomfortable/unsettled. There is not a simple, good solution if you like all the characters. Now if you hate X or Y, then it's easier to say a particular outcome should happen. But I think they did a good job of making me feel conflicted. Having said all this... I can totally see WHY they put him in the box. I can totally see WHY it was damaging to their own mental well-being to do so. Dean - his speech at the wake was perfect -- until you realized that he's just going through the motions. How is he even breathing at this point????? And the scene in the woods was good but insufficiently cathartic. He's still so ANGRY. And rightly so. I'm not remotely judging him for his anger. That anger is earned! But I feel like he's hanging on by a thread. It feels like at each step he's trying to do the right thing but in the meantime there's this defeaning howl going on inside him. It feels like everything he's saying is carefully controlled because if he opened his mouth uninhibited, he'd never stop screaming. I'm just in agony for this guy. And then there was the confrontation w/ Jack. "Accident". I nearly stopped breathing when Dean repeated the word. And the look on his face as he 'smiled' while Jack was going into the box? While Dean was clearly terrified of Jack letting loose, the look on his face was f*cking SCARY. Jensen Ackles is so very gifted. Dean is NOT okay. Not remotely. I don't know how to GET him okay. And I think Sam knows it. I think Sam wasn't sure at the beginning but he sees it now. Sam- it hurt just to watch him. He was so openly grieving and 'not okay.' Where Jensen brought the pain via anger, Jared brought the pain via sorrow. I do think Sam is coping better about Mary but I felt like Sam was damaging his own soul as he talked Jack into the box. This is like torture porn but it's with feels instead of saws. I was glad he voiced he didn't know if he could live with Jack in the box. So on the one hand, I think he too is at a loss on what to do and could rationalize what they did, on the other hand, I think his instinct that this was fundamentally not a long-term viable solution is spot on. Cas - Bless him for protecting Mary & John's heaven. It seems like every freakin' time an angel gets put in charge, their petty power trip goes to their head. In this case it's Duma who started to settle grievances. But Cas is just so determined to save Jack. And when everyone else is looking at him like he (Cas) has lost his mind, Cas just won't give up. I admire that. I admire that as much as he loves the brothers, he called them out on manipulatiing Jack. Because that's the part that blows -- that Jack went into the box trusting Sam and Dean were telling him the truth. Again, I don't blame them for lyiing. Mary didn't lie. Mary was atomized. But I can simultaneously accept why the boys had to lie and yet whole heartily agree that manipulating Jack was inherently a bad thing. Jack - Jack is a f*cking mess. Alex does a great job of showing him 'fake' sincerity and yet also be sincere. Duma knew JUST how to manipulate him. And Jack was so eager to please the Winchesters. That wasn't false. He wanted them to make it all better and go back to when he felt like family. And yet as Jack talked to them about "the accident", it range so HOLLOW. I honestly didn't know who scared me more tonight - Jack or Dean. Obviously Jack has all the power, but that's not the part that scared me. What scared me was the carefully controlled mask that they were wearing and how well the actors showed us the 'mask' versus a ton of other thoughts/feelings under the mask. Jack is also not okay. And yet it's a completely different 'not okay' than Dean's 'not okay'. Yes, I find myself highly conflicted. Simpler thoughts: - Did Jack really make angels out of people? Is that going to last? - Is Naomi really in a cell? - With Duma dead, who is #292304980987413 on the list to be "in charge of Heaven" now??? I watched this episode twice already. I want next week to come right away so I don't have to sit with this 'not okay' place that TFW is in right now.
  11. olicityfan25

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    You can tell it's for superficial reasons why she doesn't want the black around her eyes under the mask. I'm surprised they caved into her demands. But then I think wait she keeps coming back to this show so they seem to do anything for her.
  12. Thumper

    S17.E06: Power Play

    *Raises hand* -- with stacks of punchcards!!! 😄😄😜
  13. SnarkEnthusiast

    S05.E04: Chapter Eighty-Five

    I echo the apparent consensus that Petra's reunion with JR was the only uplifting part of the episode. Looks like I'll get my Jane/Petra endgame after all. 😉 To my own surprise, I was underwhelmed by Michael's reintegration into the plot, which felt somewhat bumpy and forced. I found it downright offputting that he immediately launched into wanting Jane back and pressuring her via text message. Reading her book specifically as a pretext to emotionally manipulate her into choosing him felt very self-serving. There was a bunch of reminders of pushy S1 Michael in this episode that I did not like at all. Also, it's not like he forgot all his Jason memories when he remembered Michael – did he never date anyone as Jason? He had four years to fuck around and settle down too. It's a little weird, even when it's your true love, to say "I know we've had four years of building totally separate lives but now that I remember you, please upend your entire life and get back together with me immediately." The whole Rafael thing is just painful because Justin cannot act his way out of a paper bag when it comes to the big emotional beats. He can cry on cue, but that's about it. I also profoundly disliked that they gave Rafael a similar montage with Jane in service of the dumbass love triangle. "I got my memories back too Jane!!!!" Fuck you, no you didn't! I get that the writers were trying to say that the Michael situation has triggered his inferiority complex from the love triangle days with respect being Jane's second choice, but the cringe worthy attempt to draw a parallel between that and actual amnesia with a repeat cutaway montage was beyond painful and totally cheapens the emotional impact of Michael's revelation last episode. Rafael kicking Jane out was overdramatic as hell, but it did kind of make me laugh that she's finally having some consequences for being stupid enough to constantly give both of her love interests the play-by-play of where her feelings are that day and how she can't guarantee that she won't leave them for the other one. Jane and Raf are also allowing their juvenile bullshit to negatively impact Matteo – when he woke up and overheard them they should have reassured him and de-escalated the situation, not continue to weep as Mommy walks into the cold dark night with no explanation. Talk about childhood trauma fuel. Just idiotic. tl;dr I'm really not looking forward to this season devolving into a pissing contest between Michael and Rafael because it's embarrassing and a major character regression for everyone involved, including Jane. I agree with @Nanrad - polyamory or bust! I'm really, desperately hoping that tonight's health scare wasn't the foreshadowing nail in the coffin for Xo, because killing her off just for the sake of book ending the series with an impactful death or whatever would be incredibly cheap, especially in a series that revolves around maternal love and bonds between women. I can't even think about it. And the Alba plot...meh? I'm glad that she's getting her own time to shine and that the writers clearly aren't afraid to showcase older women having feelings and romantic plots, but every episode feels like a reiteration of the same thing. How long has she been pining over Jorje? At this point, he is either oblivious or a douche. Or both!
  14. Friendly kitty

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Started to watch! The situation is intriguing. I would understand if exactly 5 years have passed, but no ... 5 years and 6 months, and nn days. And where were they? Unknown! I think in the future, given the voices in head that tell them what to do. And I immediately guessed about dogs! They do not need to release, and the missing girls. So it happened !!! Therefore, the police and said she heard her own voice in head. Apparently, they were all in the distant past and know what would have happened if everything were different ... And yes, the explosion was awesome! I think someone from the audience blew up the plane itself. Heard a voice in head, yes.
  15. phoenix780

    S11.E08: Snatch Game at Sea

    Yeah, um. I previously asked for no more non eliminations. I was wrong. When they're earned, they're fine. Plus, prospect of a double later is somewhat exciting. Runway clearly carries very little weight. I almost feel bad for Silky. She won a snatch game, and it was blown off the screen by Brooke on the runway and that lip sync. She's going to be so bitter next week. Oh, I also said I felt like I'd seen enough reveals. I was wrong about that too, that was...so smooth. I still don't get what Silky and Akariah have against Plastique. They take her jokes literally, it's the strangest thing.
  16. Stinger97

    S11.E08: Snatch Game at Sea

    Ahh, I thought the exact same thing! Although I could not for the life of me remember in the moment whose look specifically that Plastique's reminded of, you're absolutely right that it was Brooke Lynn's Pisces runway.
  17. ByaNose

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    I did think it was funny when Bret didn’t grab the clue but I had forgotten the partners aren’t allowed to tell them anything. That’s gotta be so hard to not blurt out while he was up there “Grab the f’ing clue, Moron!”. LOL!!!! I’m sure it’s happened before but off the top of my head I don’t recall who or what season.
  18. shapeshifter

    God Friended Me

    As a 30+ year reverend, he still has a certain gravitas/credibility. I'm wondering if they had Arthur take off his collar in order to appeal to a broader audience.
  19. If I read the article correctly, the incident was at the Michigan State/Texas Tech game during the NCAA Final Four, before the Championship Game (because Tech played Virginia for the National Title) & the asswipe who did the heckling was a Texas Tech fan. I don’t even know how he recognized the survivor, as a survivor (if he did—I mean, I doubt they go around wearing T-shirts IDing them as such) or if she &/or her sister (who she was with) were wearing/carrying something IDing them as Michigan State fans & he just thought it’d be cute to chant the name as a psych-out or something since he was a fan of “the opposition” & the crap Nassar pulled was connected with Michigan State. I don’t necessarily think you, specifically, have anything to apologize for. But the microbe who chose to use Larry Nassar’s name to heckle someone at a basketball game who happened to be a Michigan State fan & a survivor of his crap most certainly does. Too bad he can’t be tracked down now.
  20. Prevailing Wind

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I know nothing about any comic book action characters, so when I saw C. King and knew I'd never get the correct response, I just started humming some Carole King songs...
  21. DeeDee79

    S14 E19: Jack in the Box

    Another excellent summation for this season! Add seasons 12-13 to that list.
  22. LennieBriscoe

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    mighty sparrow, I speak only for myself when I say this: You misread me, if you include me in your implied criticisms. I wasn't mocking Dapper Dan; I was taking issue with specifically your "then you don't know fashion" declaration. And maybe I don't, but that's because, while I love to watch any kind of artistic design show, and while I have a modicum of knowledge about design eras and formerly famous fashion houses (and was very into the "Mod"/Mary Quant London "street fashion" back in the day), now I'm simply beyond such caring. And I've never cared for "logo fashion," whether it be Lacoste and Nike, or Bacardi and Cartier. As for learning from reading the autobiography of an African-American man, you're correct; it is beneficial. And this White old lady (nod to staphdude) was reading "Yes, I Can," "Soul on Ice," and "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" probably before many here were born. I don't read much anymore, though. At least, not books. No patience.
  23. hendersonrocks

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    I really hated this episode with the exception of Bortus dancing and the last 60 seconds. That was just a little more Kelly than I can take in one hour.
  24. kariyaki

    Favorite Commercials

    It reminds me of Too Many Cooks and, like Too Many Cooks, I can’t decide if I love it or want to run screaming.
  25. Being incredibly wealthy helps...
  26. shapeshifter

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    It made me dread Time Travel Soapy Drama, but reading this post makes me hopeful that it might just be like Stargate SG1, in which the only change (after they repaired the fractured timeline) was that there were fish in Jack's pond. So I'm hoping we can skip right to a token pet fish in a bowl on Kelly's desk. Wait. Isn't there already a fishbowl on Ed's desk?
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