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  2. ImaTart

    Home Shopping Network

    Her look makes me think of a Gypsy fortune teller of the 1940s - it's the blouse she's wearing. All she needs is a crystal ball in front of her. 😏
  3. DivaLasVegas82

    S09.E11: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

    Kyle didn't say Boy George should be afraid. She questioned why wasn't he afraid. I didn't think there was anything wrong with Kyle's question. If I was a performer, I'd have some anxiety too about the possibility about a deranged fan harming me. It's not out of the realm that something like that could happen.
  4. The show is now petty and immature bickering with no substance. How can this go on? Every single one of them have an ego the size of a house and that's the problem.
  5. shapeshifter

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    Can Max Evans please be transformed when he's resurrected so he can be played by a better actor?
  6. peeayebee

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    All I got tonight was FJ. I'm a bit perturbed that I didn't get 21 Pilots. The songs of theirs I've heard, I've loved. I should have recognized at least one of the titles.
  7. springbarb

    Les Misérables (2018)

    I think someone else has recommended it in this thread, but if you're interested in Les Mis and early 19th century France, I highly highly recommend The Novel of the Century: The Extraordinary Adventure of Les Miserables. It provides a lot of information about Hugo life in that period.
  8. Oh thank God for that- Lu is an unbearable combination of imperious and dumb, and RHOBH already has Dorit to fill that role.
  9. DivaLasVegas82

    S09.E11: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

    I love both Billy Idol and Boy George. I'm such an 80s baby. I don't mind little girls wearing makeup on special occasions, but they shouldn't be wearing it everyday IMO. I also think Portia is a little too young to be a YouTube star. I would at least wait until she's a teenager, but I'm not her mother, so that is for Kyle to decide. I thought the photoshoot of Portia and Slate was adorable.
  10. tennisgurl

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    Really, the most shocking twist of the season is how likable I find Ralph these days. Go figure! The Ralph and Iris team up was actually quite fun, he used his powers well, had some good one liners, and was supportive of Iris. They are actually using the character really well, which is nice considering this show frequently struggles with its ensemble.
  11. Dang girl! Remember when Kelli said "Vicoria has the best legs in the room" ... NOPE!
  12. I'm okay if LVP leaves, but if Dorit is still there next year I'll continue to miss the show and just stroll the boards here.
  13. Andromeda

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    That's how I see it. He wipes the board clean for a restart. (I also like the climate change analogy, but prefer the mythical one.) I also think about Essos. Would the NK head East, or is he only a Westeros functionary? So humankind would survive on the other continent. Could the Westerosi become refugees in Essos? Dany can rule there. All aboard the ships!
  14. WendyCR72

    Hunter (1984)

    Had no clue the show is now on Amazon Prime. Cool!
  15. iwasish

    Braxton Family Values

    Tamar sticking her nose in the sisters lives is ok, but them asking about hers is forbidden. Nothing has changed with her, she’s worse than ever. Her salivating over her new man was gross. If I recall she used to make a big point of saying how she liked her men on the “heavy” side. Or was that just talk because Vince was so overweight? The more I see of her and listen to her, the more I think it was Vince’s heavy wallet and success that she was attracted to. Abd why bother shaving your head only to cover it with ugly ass wigs? Not caring much anymore for Toni either.
  16. I was happy to see Reid do well tonight as he's been one of my favorites since the beginning. I like most of the boys who are left and Jaala. I don't like smug Sadie and most of the rest of the girls are ciphers whose names I can barely remember. I agree that Ivy seems to be getting some kind of special treatment that is hidden from viewers. I've noticed that they never show her going up or downstairs with the rest of the kids. They show the group and then cut away as she reaches the stairs. Tonight they didn't show her dish at all although they didn't show Rhashad's and at least one other kid's either. I'd like to see her and the 8 y/o boy go home next week.
  17. catrice2

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    He pretty much knows where he is weak and will not ring in.
  18. I think that was an April Fool's Day joke from Luann on her Instagram.
  19. tennisgurl

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    I kind of want every season to end with Max getting hurt, while a different cover of Here With Me plays mournfully in the background. Its like the opening credits of The Wire, but with a thousand times more melodrama! Like, wow Noah, way to go from zero to forty in about five seconds! Maybe wait and see if you win this fight between you and Max, God of Thunder, before you declare yourself God. I am a bit disappointed that he is already dead, he could have been a cool reoccurring villain. I really hope this is the end of Isobel being victimized over and over again, its just getting depressing at this point. I mean, I do hope that this gives her some context and empathy towards people she messes with mentally, and what an awful violation that is, but that certainly seems like overkill in the karma department. I like Michael a lot normally, but he is handling this love triangle all kinds of wrong. Yeah he and Alex have a complicated history, but he just bared his soul to him, maybe dont just run off to hook up with Alex's best friend? So he is keeping Alex at arms reach while sending some serious mixed signals, while also sending mixed signals to Maria, saying how he still loves Alex, but then going off to hook up with her. They both deserve better. Speaking of, Maria deserves better in general. She better find out about the aliens soon, so she can be integrated into the plot more often, instead of floating off in subplot land all on her lonesome. She has the stuff with her mom and the alien heirloom now so hopefully she can join everyone else soon, I like her a lot and want to see more of her. I really hope they dont cancel the show now, that would be an awful cliffhanger to end on! I mean, I dont think max would be for real dead, but without more episodes, thats all we end with. Its taken awhile, but I am kind of feeling Liz and Max more now. Rosa being around should be a decently interesting dynamic. She and Isobel were pals, and then she supposedly killed her, except it wasnt really her, Liz is an adult woman now not a teenager, her long lost bio dad is dead, her sister was dating her brother, and the world has moved on ten years since she supposedly died. She was already a messed up teen before, but now? Damn.
  20. izzybee

    Roswell, New Mexico: In the Media

    She had identical responses in both articles re: Maria. It's hard to take her sincerely when she clearly pre-wrote an explanation to deflect from the criticism. And then to blame it on Maria being in the dark about the aliens... please. Part of the fun of having a character in the dark is watching everyone else try to keep the secret from them. The characters never had to worry about Maria finding out because she was always at the bar. I'll never downplay the importance of lgbt relationships on television because even if they are more prominent now than ten years ago, many of them are poorly written if not entirely problematic. Roswell is just another show with underdeveloped m/m relationships who get screen time for the sake of appearing diverse and drawing in the rabid shipper fanbases. Not to gossip but I've heard rumors that Carina used to write Sam/Dean slash fanfiction back as a Supernatural fangirl and if that's true then the root of her messiness regarding m/m relationships is pretty apparent.
  21. phoenics

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    I have a feeling if this show gets renewed - I'm gonna hate Season 2.
  22. Take note, Denise. You may mention Charlie Sheen ("Did you know I was married to him? My ex-husband, Charlie? Charlie Sheen? I was married to him. S-H-E-E-N. My ex. Has the Tiger's Blood. Charlie. Charles. Mr. Sheen, if you're nasty.") and you've gotten his voice on the show once but Dorit can not only deliver Boy George for two backstage segments plus concert footage, she, P.K., and her CHA and NEL earrings can get him to pretend that he actually keeps up with and cares about the LVP drama. That is how you name-drop some fame-whores. Also: props to LVP for being the most talked about thing on the show and never having to lift a finger, darling.
  23. If she clashes with Rinna, Dorito, and Teddi, I would be in favor of it.
  24. ciarra

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Mikey throws a fit, but doesn't tell anything about Willow's "initiation" to DoD? Not directly mentioning her by name, of course, but can't he at least explain what the ritual is, that they drugged Lemonface to make her compliant? I'm hoping she makes it back to DoD house in time to mess up Sam's plans. But then I think Sam is suddenly going to be called away, given that she likely sent an SOS message on her phone. I didn't think Willow looked anything like Harmony, who looks like Shania Twain's elder sister.
  25. Leila6

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    For the fun of it, who do y’all think is gonna die next ep? I think the following are goners: Theon Podrick Beric Jorah Tormund Ghost (But gods I hope not! He hasn’t had quality time with Jon yet.) Melisandre (?) Alys Karstark (if they even bother showing her)
  26. Valny

    Season 16 Discussion

    Said no one! 🙂
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