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  2. LucyEth

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    Well that would mean Pedro's sister was not brutal at all because there cannot be anyone less attractive than her.
  3. Mabinogia

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    I could actually see Tyler being savvy enough to pull that off. He also seems like the type who might enjoy throwing us off the scent as it where. Or I'm just really, really wishful thinking here. I like Hannah way too much to want her with either Luke (who we've seen is an ass) and Jed (who sure sounds like an ass). I also think she and Tyler have amazing chemistry, it's hot and sexy but also easy and relaxed. I'm really rooting for these crazy kids. Oh crap, I'm emotionally invested in a couple on The Bachelorette. I'm going to the Bad Place!
  4. Gam2

    B&B : In the Media!

    CG is my favorite character/actress on this show. However, I don’t like that dress on her. She has a great figure but that dress is too tight and a bad length for her. In fact, I think that particular length isn’t flattering on any woman. It makes all of them look “stubby” legged. Sharon looks fantastic in that color but needs to yank her dress up over her chest, Denise looks okay, Annika’s dress doesn’t flatter her; it looks too wintery compared to what the others are wearing and I agree about those eyebrows. Liam looks just great! I guess I just expect all of these people to look the best they can possibly look with all of the help they get (clothes, makeup, hair, stylists, photographers, locations, etc).
  5. Kentucky's minimum wage remains $7.25 per hour since July 1, 2009. That is just over $15,000 annually. He cannot imagine making $12-13 an hour probably.
  6. Mkay

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    She doesn’t need to worry about them reading it. They already lived it. Far worse.
  7. As annouced at the upfronts (they tell you day of the week at the upfronts because it's important to advertisers ... which is who the upfronts are for): https://tvline.com/2019/05/13/fall-tv-schedule-2019-nbc-network-abc-primetime-cbs-shows/ Batwoman and Supergirl are on Sunday.
  8. It is 6/25 11:00 Eastern - 30 minutes sandwiched between a new episode of Sweet Home Sextuplets and Say Yes to the Dress.
  9. biakbiak

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    And yet she isn’t the one filmed having a threesome.
  10. TVbitch

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Yeah and how on earth was that child returned to his father?! The kid said dad tried to KILL him. And then next thing was the uncle came down to help care for him on the farm, which implies he went right back there! WTF? Also, did Dateline run this episode for Father's Day? If so, that is fucked up.
  11. Loandbehold

    S05.E16: The Body

    Remember that this takes place right at the end of IWMTLY. The question is what time was it when April went to the big scrap heap in the sky? After the fight and moment of sharing, I can see Buffy heading home. She did live there and not in the dorm any longer. And, she probably didn't feel like doing a spot of training at the time.
  12. Wasn’t there also a video from Technique Tuesday? Gaby looked pretty heavy I need to learn to read to the end before commenting. Sorry
  13. scrb

    The Eyes: News and Media

    I didn't get the sense that June objected too much to doing it with Nick. Serena may have gaslit her a bit, telling her that handmaids who don't give birth to babies would be discarded into the colonies. It may have started out as them just trying to produce a baby but seems like Nick and June got into it eventually.
  14. I can't really tell any of the lost girls apart but if it's not, I was gonna say wow, Mack really looks like a Duggar!
  15. lembergwatcher

    Buffy Calendar

    June 17 1944 - Michael Gershman (d. 2018), an American cinematographer and film director who was director of photography for 82 Buffy episodes (seasons 1-5) and directed 10 episodes (seasons 2-7). 1996 - Damani Roberts, an American actor who played young Robin Wood in S07E.17 Lies My Parents Told Me.
  16. irisheyes

    Good Bones

    The problem they had is they needed another bathroom off of the master bedroom, or they wouldn’t get the price they wanted. In this day and age, buyers (especially young couples) insist on a master suite, and there was zero possibility of putting it upstairs unless you just went to a one bedroom. And, because they overpaid for the house (Karen sounded especially unconvinced as Mina was talking about how they were paying for location), they couldn’t really add on or dormer out the roof to gain space for a master bath. It was a poor buy, and they should have told their buddy Josh that he was on his own. (Of course, they probably made more from HGTV than they did selling the house that they can afford to lose some money here and there.) I’m usually pretty good at finding their houses, but I haven’t been able to figure this one out. Anyone know if they sold it? According to Indianapolis Property records, Two Chicks doesn’t own any houses, so I wonder if they have a new corporation buying houses so people can’t find them as easily. They’ve always been really open about streets and neighborhoods, so it’s been easier to discover property records. Now, not so much.
  17. And she's going to get old fast just like everyone, sometimes when you're an egotistical 20 yr old you don't realize how quickly the time goes. Relying on your beauty is short lived like being a pro athlete. I thought she was attractive at first but I quickly turned.....now I don't find her attractive at all.
  18. SallyAlbright

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    Agh, didn't know any of that about Jed. Still hope the spoiler is correct and it's Tyler. One thing to consider is that they could be posting at the same time in different places on purpose. He could be posting photos/videos of his time in NY after he's already left to throw people off. That's what I would do to be sneaky, but I don't know how smart any of these people are 🤔
  19. blubld43

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Yes Jenelle, he's such a great dad that he isn't allowed to see them at all right now except under controlled circumstances. Such a great dad when he beat that dog to death in front of Those kids. Such a great huzbin that you've called 911 on him repeatedly. Great father and huzbin, yeah. Your lies are ridiculous, you're making a complete and utter fool of yourself.
  20. biakbiak

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Menudo, the Mexican tripe soup, not the boy band.
  21. Peace 47

    S03.E21: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

    I’ve binged the entire show over a year after the fact (and really love it so much that this truly is my favorite show that I’ve seen in at least the past 2 years, maybe more). Reading through this thread, I understand the frustration at the time with the dinking around / stalling with the whole Pierce situation (and his story, motivations and reactions never gelled for me beginning to end of season), but the beauty of Netflix is being able to skip to (or rewatch) the best scenes of the episode. So that said, I thought that Lucifer’s romantic dinner for Chloe was a great scene, in that it was pretty emotionally devastating. I thought Lauren German did a pretty great job of conveying with her eyes (even before the confrontation) what Chloe obviously wanted to hear: that Lucifer wanted to be in a relationship with her. Chloe was so flattered by the atmosphere and seemed to be almost excited in anticipating what Lucifer was going to say after he mentioned that he wanted to discuss their future. And because Lucifer was still too reluctant (because of Dad’s plan, but also just because he is afraid of Chloe’s rejection), he hid behind the bravado of saying that he is just showing her that Pierce is sub-par. But Chloe still pushes, trying to get Lucifer to say that he wants her. And all he can muster is that she should be with “someone better.” It was pretty heartbreaking. And then when Linda comes over to support Lucifer, I thought that was a great line when she asked him what he truly desired, and he looked so broken and vulnerable and said that he just wanted Chloe to choose him. They put a lot of heavy lifting on Tom Ellis in this show, and he can really do it all. His watery eyes as he admits what he really wants were very touching. So I thought that those were two great scenes in this episode. I think that the disastrous dinner was meant to help explain why Chloe said yes to Pierce—that she felt pretty sure after that dinner that there was just no future with Lucifer, and here is a straight arrow guy who cares about her and will be reliable, gets along with her kid, shares her passion for her work. But Welling and German had zero chemistry, and Pierce’s character was too confused to sell this “side” of him.
  22. wilnil

    S04.E01: Everything's Okay

    He's just mortal in the sense of being vulnerable to injury or death when she's around; he's never gotten weaker or lost his wings from being near her. (His Season 3 inability to show his devil face was there regardless of whether or not she was around, and was probably all in his head, anyway.)
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