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  2. Friendly kitty

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I'm afraid this can not be avoided. John must make the dragon his faithful companion, on which he will then fly to kill KN. And for this, the Ghost will have to die. Maybe this will happen when he will save John in the next battle ....😥
  3. NUguy514

    S05. E20. Better Angels

    Blake and Stevie? It was out of nowhere, and I hated it, so thank you, show, but no. Jason and Mike continue to be horrible, no surprise there. When they suddenly gave Harriman so much screen time, I sort of assumed he was toast. What a pat way to get rid of Trump Callister. If only real life were so convenient. I hope Elizabeth wins (obviously), and I may be left hoping given how likely it is that the show won't get picked up.😕
  4. Traveller519

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    After nearly two years since the last season aired, a season that was burning plot like, well.... the analogy here would be too on the nose, it's been rather enjoyable to sit and let the characters interact. Sure some of it's overly goofy, but it let's us fall back in love with the characters. Unfortunately that likely means we're going to lose some next week, in the most heart wrenching way. I would really have enjoyed hearing what Bran and Tyrion discussed. I feel like Bran could have really worked the Three-eyed Raven powers to a sound strategy, or at least got him off the sidelines. I LOVE that Brienne has gone from the reviled daughter of a Lord who was subject to outright bullying from her male peers and unintentional bullying from her own father, to a respected member of the seven Kingdoms. Holding the utmost respect not only the like of the Stark women, but three very different men for very different reasons, only one of which is truly sexual (though his respect is of her total offering). She has the acceptance she always craved but could never admit to.
  5. anamika

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    So Sansa now trusts Jaime because Brienne said so but still does not trust Dany despite Jon asking her to? Because I guess as per the show, men become stupid once they fall in love but women still make the right decisions when they love someone. It's funny how Arya and Tyrion were standing in the same room and there was absolutely no acknowledgement between these characters. Hello, I am Arya. Hello, I am Tyrion. Nothing. Considering GRRM's original outline and the connection between these characters and considering Arya's first line of dialogue on the show was - 'Where's the imp' - nothing at all there. I wonder if these two will ever interact at all. Same with Arya and Dany. Is Arya not at all interested in Jon's dragon queen? Arya has also run into Jaime with the Freys in Riverrun. But no interaction with him either. With the way, the show is writing Arya at this point, I think I have to give up and accept that she's going to be just doing a lot of fighting and at the end either sail off with Gendry or play bodyguard/second fiddle to her sister in WF. Two episodes in, they are giving her nothing to do other than flirt with Gendry. With no build up, I can't see her ending up in charge of anything at this point.
  6. Happy Camper

    RHoBH in the Media

    Very delusional. Who would want to be part of this group who are now being attacked and ridiculed on social media for their actions against LVP?
  7. Friendly kitty

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I'm afraid of that too! It seems to me that in the next episode half the heroes of those shown in 8.02 will be killed. It's scary to think about it ... but we are led to this. And I'm afraid the first victims will be children who are hidden in a septum.
  8. azshadowwalker

    S39 and S40 Spoilers & Speculation

    I always wanted "Skinny Ryan" back. But, honestly, other than him and Francesca, I can't remember most first boots, either.
  9. zillabreeze


    This was kind of a jacked up episode. I love me some Mark Cuban ( I live in Dallas, so I have to. It's the law😁) but I didn't get the ATM alternative either. It didn't make sense to me and I'm not clear on what Cuban saw. Cuban also liked the mouth breather thingy, but only after there was a mention of a sports application. It didn't really make sense either. I was breathing along and I couldn't figure it out. If you jack with my nose or my mouth when I'm trying to sleep, I will cut you.
  10. Yep. https://people.com/tv/amy-duggar-king-pregnant-first-child/amp/
  11. Andromeda

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    That song was all about ghosts and the dead, which made my thoughts go to Ghost and nooooooo! Please don't turn him into a dead dog. I loved this episode. It all feels so epic. So glad Jon told Dany instead of running the other way. But when they heard the horn and raced to the battlements, they exchanged a glance, showing they're on the same page and ready to dfo the important thing first.
  12. DangerousMinds

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    All of JeremE’s clothes look too tight and too short also. And same ugly shoes.
  13. I feel like I am missing tons of posts because the only ones I have seen that use Bethenny and whore together are people saying they are sick of seeing it from other people but no one calling her a whore.
  14. spaceghostess

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I could see Dany giving up her crown to Jon (after he resists the notion a bunch) and Jon then dying, so it bounces back to her. Basically, all my spec leads to Jon's death, one way or another. 😞
  15. bros402

    S05. E20. Better Angels

    I mean, sure, this universe is more appealing politically, but look at some of the other stuff in it - clearly, climate change is progressing much more rapidly in its universe - the island nation of Nauru was destroyed. Another horrible thing in this universe? In addition, the intelligence communities in this universe are *horrible* at their jobs - see: the sarin attack in this episode, the white house being attacked in an earlier episode, the nuclear attack in DC last season (was it last season?), the first secretary of state being assassinated, and those are just the ones that I recall at this moment. This was a good episode, but I am worried about what next season might be - I am guessing they will get through the election relatively quickly, since a whole season of election might be a rough one. They probably wanted to go with the easy ones first 😛 Since Noodle was just some minor stuff, Jason just needs to up his social media security settings and not yell his political leanings from the rooftops, and they just needed to get a list of all of Stevie's relationships. Also, Blake-Stevie is the relationship (platonic or otherwise) I never knew I wanted.
  16. CaliCheeseSucks

    S07.E4: South Carolina

    Agreed. We know Selina has been established through visual cues (the Electoral Map in 'Election Night') and her abortion position ('The Choice') as a Democrat. Having both Jonah and Selina going full throttle Trump - in different ways - is just lazy storytelling. Amy done up as Kellyanne was amusing, but it wasn't an earned character transition to the dark side - also my ongoing complaint with Jonah's absolutely vile behavior. While I have never found Peter MacNicol 's character funny, I found him beyond distasteful tonight. To keep beating the dead horse: Insults are not plot. (On a sidenote: Have they worked in an appearance from Sufe Bradshaw this season and I missed it? I know there were issues with her off-screen that kept her out of the past couple seasons but she was included in THR's oral history which gave me hope we'd at least get a final check-in with Sue.)
  17. Trini

    S05.E18: Godspeed

    Re-watch thoughts: There really must be some sort of stipulation to use as many cast members as possible - even if it's one line in a short scene - because this was really a West-Allen family plot (but mostly Nora) from start to end, and it was just odd that everyone else was just standing around as spectators. This episode seems to be showing that all West-Allens made questionable decisions that have affected their family. The questions is how will they be able rectify those mistakes, and become stronger going forward? (Future) Iris shouldn't have kept secret Nora's powers or Barry's alter-ego as The Flash from Nora. The overprotectiveness and lies drove Nora to trust someone dangerous. Nora and (present) Iris' relationship has repaired with Nora forgiving her mother and understanding her point of view. And I assume with all that has happened, Iris will make different choices in the future with Nora. Nora shouldn't have chosen a criminal as her mentor and lied to her family. (Not to mention all the messing with the timelines she's been doing.) She never went back to clear the air, etc., with her mother, or attempted to get her family/friends side of the story. Understandable, she felt betrayed; but I still find it very hard to believe that Eobard Thawne was her only option. She's been cordial to everyone to everyone on Team Flash in the present, so she mustn't have hard feeling toward their future versions, I would think. Barry is clearly letting his emotions get the better of him; though it's also kind of understandable, he tends to get betrayed every year by someone on the team. This time it hurts extra hard because it's his own daughter, being manipulated by his mortal enemy. Now, Nora is grown and isn't even supposed to be in 2019 anyway, so her getting booted to the future wasn't a problem for me by itself. The way Barry did it is the issue for me. I think he should have taken some time to cool down and get all the information. At least about what Nora knows about Thawne and what he has had her do, because he's the real threat here. (Though I can see how he wouldn't want to talk with Nora since she's been lying this whole time.) He took Nora back in anger without discussing it with Iris or Nora. West-Allen family drama is one of the main ongoing stories this season, so I don't mind the conflict, and I'm here to see how it all shakes out. Hopefully with the family as a stronger unit (... and a twin brother).
  18. Machiabelly

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    So if enough of the right people die, Arya and Gendry can jointly rule as the rightful heirs to the throne. I would be OK with that. I would also be OK with Ayra killing Cersei while wearing Neds face somehow.
  19. Amazee-Dayzee

    S06.E19: Lumbar Support and Old Pork

    As for not mentioning what has been going on with Roscoe, considering the fact that Chuck Lorre has said that he wants to move away from the kids and he is very mean-spirited, I could see Candace sending Roscoe off to a fancy boarding school and him just forgetting about his mother and not bothering to contact her. Only because the show seems SO desperate to make Christy look like a shitty mother who has never ever changed while Bonnie seemed to be perfect with a few mistakes. I wonder if the show even remembers that Christy has a granddaughter.
  20. Friendly kitty

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    What a good episode ... Very kind, sweet, soulful and touching. It blows so warm from him ... I liked everything, without exception. But it could not be otherwise. The whole episode is dedicated to love, friendship and reconciliation. A breather for spectators before a terrible battle. I was pleased by the love that flared up between Arya and Jendry. True, memories of the first season flashed through my head ... The girl is ripe! Sansa and Theon had a very warm hug. They survived a lot, both were in Ramsay captivity, the common grief of them would make an excellent pair. It is a pity that this will not happen. Pleased with the love triangle with Brienne. She finally became a knight! Still, I want her to be with Jaime ... But Redhead is good too! And what gatherings around the campfire were soulful with a beautiful song ... But the final shot hints that this will be the end of it. In the next episode there will be many deaths ... And the Ghost showed too little! John didn't even hug him! This is unforgivable !!!
  21. glowbug

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    We know we can’t trust Maisie Williams. She said that Arya is asexual. Clearly not.
  22. checkmeboo

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Amen to all of this!!! My biggest beef so far is that no one has acknowledged the fact the Night King has a freaking undead dragon yet, is just flat out lazy story telling. In the too quick war council scene I don’t think it was even mentioned!
  23. I wish they had just faded to black after the kiss (just cause we've seen Maisie grow up on-screen so it's always going to feel a little weird) but for the most part, I really liked the Gendry/Arya stuff because Arya clearly has all the power in that relationship and it was nice to see two, consenting adults who are into each other (and not related) have a nice positive sex scene together cause god knows that seems rare on this show. I also super enjoy that Arya's form of flirting is talking about weapons and showing them off and Gendry is simultaneously scared of her and also into it. Honestly, I thought this was one of the best episodes they've had in ages. Some really great character and relationship moments which of course will just make the heartbreak in the next eps even worse.
  24. Snow Fairy

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    I thought she was pregnant in the Abby's birthday photo...
  25. zillabreeze

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    It's a thang!!!! I broke up with a otherwise nice guy because he smacked and chewed too loudly. We were great friends and connected on all other levels, but I died a little everytime we shared a meal.
  26. TheGreenKnight

    "The View": Week of 4/22/2019

    Or Monday.
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