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  2. This episode is very instructive. The display of Teddi's arrogance and delusion was on display. It is Teddi that has destroyed this season and quite possibly destroyed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Teddi has stated that she had never discussed the Dorito dumping debacle directly with Lisa before the filming at Vanderpump Dogs. Her information came from one of the employees who she was friendly with and who was outraged at what Dorito did with a puppy that he had raised. He is on the record as saying that he is an independent person and that Lisa Vanderpump did not tell him to rope Teddi into a "conspiracy" to get Dorito. Now this guy is an extremely thirsty individual and it is quite possible that he did this to get air time on the show. It is also possible that Bravo producers encouraged them to do this to have something dramatic to film. If Teddi had simply examined the situation honestly she would have realized that she should have exposed Dorito. What she did was horrible and more important for Teddi is that Dorito hates her as witnessed by her dismissive attitude towards her in this past episode. Teddi is so arrogant that she thought this whole thing revolved around her. That Lisa Vanderpump had some grand plan to make her a fall guy when truth is that Teddi Mellencamp is just not that important to Lisa. Or to anyone. Lisa has flatly stated that she can get along in life just fine without Teddi Mellencamp. What Teddi's arrogance and martyr complex did is set up Kyle for her annual attack on Lisa Vanderpump. Ever since the Bobby Fischer comment Kyle has been attacking Lisa as a chess player and manipulator. Every year there is a come to Jesus scene where Kyle demands that Lisa admit that she is some sort of puppet master and demands that she appologize and debase herself to the likes of Kyle and Brandi Granville and Yolanda Lemon and this years random cannon fodder. Every year it is the same thing. Lisa brings the galmor and the free dinners and the fun and Kyle brings the accusations and the attacks. This was different. Lisa was emotional and vulnerable on the balcony of the Bahama trip. She told Kyle that after her brother killed himself all these petty arguments didn't mean anything. Kyle's response was to want to talk about Dorito and the Dog. At that point Lisa realized that there was no reason to go on. There was no reason to sit there and take the abuse of the combined witches coven when the person who did something wrong was Dorito. None of these people mean much of anything to her. She could not keep up the pretense of the sham made for TV friendships anymore. The only quasi real friendship with Kyle had run its course. Just in the same way as all of the original friendships on all of the franchises had ended in acrimony and recriminations. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has run its course as presently constituted. It will not go on with the present cast. There has been a lot of uniformed blather about how Nene and Bethenny and Lisa were the Queen Bees and unredeemable narcissists and how the shows would be better without them and they aren't necessary. Well you know who disagrees vehemently with this idea? The producers of these shows. After Nene and Bethenny left there shows they were brought back with larger salaries. They didn't bring back Kim or Jill Zarin. They choose one of the members of the basic friendships to feature as the heart of these franchises. Nene, Bethenny and Lisa are the three housewives who have leveraged their participation in the Housewives to the greatest effect. Bravo knows this. They must think they are vital to the success and popularity of these shows or they wouldn't bring them back. If Lisa leaves for a year they will try to bring her back just as they did with Nene and Bethenny. They are the heart of their franchises and just as a body cannot exist without a heart neither can these shows. The proof of this is what has gone on before. History matters. Dare I say it this is the reality of the situation. The world and this show will get along just great without Teddi Mellecamp. Or Lisa Rinna. Or Erika Jayne. Or Kyle Richards. Or Dorito. Watch and see. There can be only one.
  3. George Costanza logic. “It’s not a lie if you believe it”. Lol
  4. Bastet

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Yes, I've seen categories like that numerous times, where it would help to go in order, because the clues and/or the answers form a pattern that provides an additional way of getting the next one right - which is what Alex has cited as his annoyance with board jumping - but I don't think they've ever done a category where you needed to go in order because the later clues only made sense in the context of the earlier ones; if they have, someone with a better memory will let us know.
  5. CharlizeCat

    The Pioneer Woman

    Or ... step into any current "Real Housewives" thread on this site. The vitriol is almost worse for the fellow posters than the ho'wives.
  6. annzeepark914

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Being so swift with the correct questions, you should apply to Jeopardy. Maybe you'll he the one to beat James.
  7. Wouter

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Sansa defended Tyrion in her scene with Dany in 8x02, showing she is still on overall good terms with him. In the books, there are certainly examples (lord Manderly with his daugters, and at least Alys Karstark flirted with Jon on her own initiative). In the show, Jon has barely been home and a lot of the time he was home, there is this rich, exotic, foreign girl around him all the time. Not a chance that Dany will be mad or a villain. It's refreshing that Dany and the Starks (and Tyrion, for that matter) don't see eye-to-eye on everything, but while Dany could be (to some extent) antagonistic from a Stark POV she isn't going to be a villain. This is one of the strenghts that makes ASOIAF (and by extension, GOT) different from other "fantasy"-style books or series.
  8. Llywela

    Completely Unspoiled Speculation Thread

    I do agree with you, @Pallas, Dany has done great things and has proved herself a strong ally in the fight against the Army of the Dead. I'm just not entirely convinced she's the ruler post-war Westeros is going to need - or that she is capable, in the end, of becoming the sort of ruler post-war Westeros is going to need. What she wants, at the end of the day, is to re-create the kingdom her father had, exactly as it was - which will put her at odds with some of her greatest allies, who want nothing of the sort. Is she capable of compromise, where her greatest personal ambition is concerned? I'm not convinced she is. I hope she proves me wrong! Watching the gang make plans for the coming battle has got me wondering how the survivors are going to handle Cersei, when they pick up the pieces to find themselves facing that not-so-little problem. I mean, their armies are going to be decimated, no question about that, while Cersei's will be fresh and are likely to outnumber them tremendously (although I'm still not entirely sure how she is paying for it - I thought the Iron Bank was more cautious than that!). A full frontal assault would seem doomed to defeat, so I wonder if they might try a similar gambit to what is planned for the Night King (and a similar gambit to what Robb pulled with Jaime) - stage a battle as distraction, while sending a small, stealthy assault team in to take out Cersei (Arya could prove handy there). And that makes me wonder what Bronn's part in all this will ultimately be - he's on his way North right now, so will probably arrive in the middle of all the anticipated chaos next week. If he survives, and doesn't turn on his old chums Tyrion and Jaime as ordered, could he prove some kind of ace in the hole? He has access to Cersei, of a sort, after all, having been sent by her on this mission. He could act as a spy in the camp, if he were willing (and still alive)... Or maybe I shouldn't be thinking that far ahead! Dangerous, I know. I also can't help wondering what's going on in all the other regions of Westeros right now - you know, all the places that have lost their long-standing feudal overlords and been left without any clear form of local government, in all the upheaval. Is Robyn Arryn still being fostered by one of his bannermen? Who is running the Vale for him in the meantime? What's going on in Dorne, the Riverlands, wherever it was Margery and her people came from, that place the Freys were in charge of, etc? And I realise on writing this that my Westeros geography is atrocious, I can't remember the names of half the places we've seen or heard about over the years, but you get the picture. I know that those kinds of details are not important to the big picture A Show is focusing on, but enquiring minds can't help wondering.
  9. IndyMischa

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Haha! That was my first thought too! Followed by (pure speculation), is she pregnant again??
  10. eleanorofaquitaine

    S11.E08: Birds, Broads and Breakups

    I don't think Ramona was "lying," in that I actually don't think she remembered what happened. In other words, whether willfully or not, I think she truly believes she was at Table 61, not Table 62, at least by the time she got to the spa day. She is creating her own reality, and in that way, she wasn't "lying" because she believes what she says is true.
  11. essexjan

    S07.E17: Cillas' Story

    I swear I am going to be found dead in front of my laptop one day where I've choked to death laughing. You nearly got me this time Barbara Please!
  12. Featherhat

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Not a real split obviously given he's there at the birth, still wearing her wedding ring etc but to keep her and Mia secret and safe hidden in a cabin in the woods whilst he's elsewhere. And explain in show why she's not Over Watching. Of course they could just say she's on an extended business trip and then COIE happens/the show ends. Sadly I could see Lyla dying or going Evil Argus from Zari's Seattle 2042. Which is just as shirty as Star City 2040.
  13. iMonrey

    S31.E02 Knock the Newbie Out of Us

    Wow, lots of Rachel hate around here, but other teams dismiss her at their own peril. She's a tough competitor regardless of what you think about her personality and she made it to the final three twice before, in addition to winning BB. Elissa was no slouch in BB challenges either. And yes, I think Elissa overdid it with the collagen filler but Christie is looking pretty plastic these days too. Nicole and Victor's children would be beautiful but stupid. That said, Nicole's appreciation for the elephants was awfully endearing. Apparently they were given some sort of "treat" to feed them along the way because the elephant was reaching up for something and Nicole told him "I only have one left so we'll save that for the end, OK?" I also got a kick out of seeing her actually kiss the elephant goodbye. Corinne actually got a laugh out of me when she compared the Laotian alphabet to anyone from Boston saying anything. At least the tasks were somewhat challenging this week, as opposed to eating shoes and climbing a slippy-slide. Still not early seasons levels of difficult, but better. He was nice enough when he first appeared on Survivor but the fan popularity went right to his head, and afterwards he became rather arrogant and entitled. The downfall of buying into your own press.
  14. tennisgurl

    S05.E16: Never Doubt I Love

    Oh yeah, Kinglsey is gonna die, and give Andre his heart, so he can be the heart of the family. I can see it all happening now. Really, it works for me, I will be super pissed if Andre really does die. Really nice episode, I thought all the wedding stuff was really lovely (and Becky should host ALL weddings clearly) and it seems like a good way to end Jamal's character. He finally finds a guy who wants to put a ring on it, and while Kai isnt my favorite, they do have a lot of chemistry, and it also gives him some closure on he and Lucious`s complicated relationship. Lucious is never going to fully "get" Jamal when it comes to his sexuality, but he still loves and supports him as best he can. Lucious saying he has "moral issues" with Jamal being gay is just so hilariously hypocritical, its amazing. Like, maybe say that over the dozen or so corpses you put in the morgue, Lucious. Thirsty owning that smug fed lady was awesome. Dont try to fight a fucker, FBI lady. Chaka Khan!!!
  15. GaT

    Bake Off: The Professionals

    Liam & Tom are 2 of the most useless hosts on any competition show I've seen. It feels like the producers have to remember to insert them into the episodes.
  16. Definitely East coast thing. I lived in Texas in the 70’s and would bring boxes back every time I visited my parents
  17. JTMacc99

    Pet Peeves

    My guess was that they don't make two different kind of ATM's, one for cars and one for kiosks.
  18. Holy cow, @Mindthinkr! You are the best. That stinks about the rain in NOLA. I can feel the humidity now, even up here on the tundra where I live. I'd combat that with a couple of Hurricanes at some French Quarter nightclub. Or maybe they aren't called that anymore, after Katrina. Check in again soon! I love hearing about vacations.
  19. Remember all those reports saying William and Harry completely ignored each other on Easter. Well, here’s a picture from Easter. Just something to keep in mind when you read royal rumors
  20. blackwing


    Awesome news!
  21. schroeder

    "The View": Week of 4/22/2019

    Anybody remember when MM said she would have to quit if Biden ran because she liked him too much and wouldn't be able to do her job?..... On the other hand, I don't quite get this argument. If you are there to represent a conservative viewpoint based on policy, then there's no personal conflict. She can like Biden and still disagree with him.
  22. I love Duke's mayo. Stay safe in NOLA, @Mindthinkr!
  23. Ohmo

    SEAL Team

    Large quantity of spoilers above that deal with the rest of the season. Proceed as you may wish. Last night's episode was very sad. First the KIA soldier and then Swanny. Even though he had significant issues, he was growing on me, and I liked the Swanny/Clay dynamic. The ending reminded me of a news report about veterans who die by suicide. The report mentioned a vet who took his own life in the waiting room of a VA hospital.
  24. ElectricBoogaloo

    Jane the Virgin in the Media

    Yesterday was the last day of shooting so there have been lots of pictures of hugs like this being posted.
  25. Scarlett45

    S09.E15: Bow Down

    On Briana’s original 16 & Pregnant I definately understood their appeal towards each other. Devon wasn’t into drugs then, and Briana was so fresh faced. I think all the DeJesus women are attractive, but plastic surgery and poor choices have taken away the youthful glow (besides Brittney). As far as the poster upthread who commented as to why the family was so immeshed and focused on “helping” Briana- this may be the Sib in me coming out, but there are a lot of people who are capable of making decisions, but don’t have the capability to make good decisions. I don’t think Briana is intellectually disabled but I do think she is very very very much on THIS SIDE of competent, and her sister/Mom know it. They don’t want anything to happen to her. Again this might be my Sib self talking- my sister is a Tall Toddler who isn’t capable of making any decisions, but I see the MESS that happens when people are capable of making decisions but not good ones. I am on vacation so I haven’t seen the episode yet BUT- Leah and Jeremy are back together for real? Yup.
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