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  2. Ok, I didn’t really like Eilene. I fail to see her charm and I don’t follow her soap(s)? I guess that’s one of the reasons I also don’t care for Rinnar. I did watch Denise’s reality show and I remember liking her and her Dad. Probably because I’m close to her Dad’s age. Omg! See! I’ve aged out and I’m one of the younger boomers.
  3. They are trying so hard ,to push this train wreck down our throats. Fashion and beauty products are not in her DNA.
  4. bros402

    S05. E20. Better Angels

    There was actually an interesting study I read the other day that Deadline posted that the Lear Center for Media did on political alignment & TV shows - conservative TV watchers do not want to watch anything that might make them feel emotions they do not want to feel
  5. Holmbo

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Agreed! I think Tyrion's character has suffered the most from plot requirements. They needed reasons that Dany didn't just flatten Cersei immediately upon arrival to westeros. I don't think the writers had any overall plan for his character after the book material ended, but this episode gives me hope that they're at least trying to tie it all together this season. Fair point!
  6. Neptune

    GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson Returning for a Third Guest Spot on General Hospital https://people.com/tv/chandra-wilson-guest-star-general-hospital/?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-button-sharing
  7. SweetTooth

    S14 E20: Moriah

    Okay, that was my thought. The second I heard that Chuck had manipulated everything and made everyone die and/or resurrected, and every monster they've ever killed coming back, all I could think was, "HOLY CRAP! This is going to end with Chuck reversing everything, isn't it?" Like, Mary will come back. John Will come back. Bobby, Jo...everyone. He's going to hit reset! So, that's my theory for the end. I don't know if they're going to make it so that Sam and Dean were never hunters, but I wouldn't put it past them. And I love how there were subtle hints for so long that Chuck was an a$$hole, but because it was bad guys saying it, everyone pretty much thought it was all talk. Chuck was the actual Chekhov's gun! This episode changed everything.
  8. EllenB

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    I'm one who calls Reem a hag, and I'm much older than she is. In a normal season, the first boot would be gone and long forgotten. Reem is a bitter, self-deluded fool who thinks everyone else owed her more time in the game, and continues to verbally punish people for daring to vote her out. Or, possibly worse, she's so desperate for her 15 seconds of fame that she's playing a character to make herself memorable. Pretty disgusting either way.
  9. green

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    I agree 100% with everything you just said so much I could have given you a dozen thumbs up. And I hate when "older" women get called all sorts of names and people think it is okay to do that in society. Someone here a few episodes back said Keith posted or tweeted that he and Wendy got to go to Australia and they had a blast. I'm glad someone enjoyed this season. This is the worst. You don't meet Kama save Joe and Aubrey to like half way through. It's like opening a book at the middle and starting to read it not having formed any attachment to any of the characters. And what you can see when we finally meet (gag me) "Kama Strong" is that they are big fat nothings. Aurora has the outcast label but it is the label that makes her of any interest as in the underdog. Her personality doesn't grab you. Red hair looked like she was suppose to be a strategy type early on but she is just a follower who can't even get into the main herd at this point to follow anyone. Ron is an asshole and Gavin is his little yappy, whiny asshole caddy/squire. Julie is a mess. The non-Joe physical guy didn't register at all. And of course EoE makes everything a theatre of the absurd since no one is technically gone from the game or getting back into same except the happy two-some that vacationed in Australia. Probably clips of their vaca there on Survivor's dime would be far more interesting than this season. I really like David and Aubrey is okay but man they got cursed returning to what is shaping into the worst season ever. And the fact that Probst has to go out doing the PR and lying through his teeth saying people love this season just makes the fans more angry. Thank God TAR is back and off to a good, entertaining start. I'll take those two catty/smug Survivor women team on it to 90% of this cast any day and I'm rooting for them to go out next. But at least they have entertaining personalities.
  10. phoenix780

    S11.E09: L.A.D.P.!

    I feel like talking about Silky will only make them think she and her type are good for the show. But, I also need to ask...how does she get away with blowing off the runway like that? Not even a scare? Bad show, even if this is a build up to a big fall. At least Ru seemed unhappy with her in the (generally awful) reading challenge. Or, I'm gonna pretend she was. Nina was robbed of a place in the top. It's like watching Pandora again. I don't understand why it's not OK for Plastique to rely on stereotypes about Asians. Others get to lean into stereotypes.
  11. biakbiak

    House Hunters International

    That was my least favorite. Those staircase would annoy the fuck out of me, completely open so noise would travel throughout all floors and you would have to wench up a ton of things just because of how tight the staircases were which is most likely why they put in an electric one but it’s still cumbersome. It was also only two bedrooms with no real space to work because the rooms were small. Add in the small living space on the first floor that could only fit two narrow built in stone couches with cushions and despite what he said I can’t imagine that space as anything but an air b n b. Not to mention it was $100 over budget.
  12. HeShallBMySquishy

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    Honestly, the Edge of Extinction has rendered this entire season so joyless and flavourless that even seeing Wardog get his torch snuffed barely elicited a "meh" from me. I can barely muster the energy to shrug (although my dislocated rotator cuff may have something to do with that). If Probst or anyone else on the producing team even thinks about bringing Edge of Extinction back, I may very well sit out a season or two. THIS!
  13. Meushell

    S02.E14: The Road Not Taken

    Seeing the earth and moon like that was a hit to the gut. Ouch. Overall, I enjoyed the episode, but I don’t like the “person disappears with changed timeline, but only for plot reasons” aspect. The galaxy also seemed a lot better in Pria’s time, that is, with the Orville being “destroyed.” No Isaac to save them from the initial attack. Would there be a Krill alliance (at least that early on) without Ed? Pria should also have been kind of bothered by Isaac, as his real mission should have been known then. It seems the war just didn’t happen in her timeline. The reason, production wise, is obvious of course, but from a story POV, it’s kind of hilarious. It reminds me of DS9...
  14. AntAnn

    S17.E07: Elegance Is the New Black

    For sure! As much as I haven’t been a fan of what Hester has presented (or her) and I wasn’t a fan of the pastie dress, I can really see some celebrities wearing that on the red carpet. Look at what the K girls wear out and about. They’re not trying to appeal to us mere mortals.
  15. Glade

    S11.E09: L.A.D.P.!

    Vanjie should have tried to do something else with her voice for this challenge, she sounded more like a barking dog incoherently shouting over her scene partner then a cat, their scene was a trainwreck. And then Plastique came out with her standard pretty/shiny! look rather then following the challenge, and Vanjie's was pretty basic too, even if not a leotard. Was really strange seeing the queens watch the completed skits from the work-room, as opposed to the judges viewing it on the runway as usual. Brooklyn nailed the runway, and Shuga looked good as well, though in terms of silhouettes I think this was the same as her purple gown last week. I liked Nina's, but there was too much plain white space in her outfit for it to be really good, and I didn't care for Akeira's. Silky's was so basic and busted, and it looked like there was a rip at the top back of her skirt, I'm glad she was read for not being a team player and not wearing makeup, but I was hoping she'd be in the bottom finally.
  16. Temperance

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah and Jason

    @Cinnabon There's been no official announcement. I can barely see the photo, so it could be Joe and Kendra. Kendra's sister had her photos professionally taken by Joe and Kendra's photographer.
  17. LennieBriscoe

    S17.E07: Elegance Is the New Black

    Yes, Hester got critiqued, because the judges wanted to a.) give her more air-time to explain her design; b.) laugh about and excuse the risque' nature of her dress; c.) caution Hester for future challenges; d.) other. But elimination was not in the equation.
  18. AntAnn

    S17.E07: Elegance Is the New Black

    IKR? Sorry to see her go too. The addition of the kimono might have secured a win for her.
  19. Re the group hirings.....I think HSN overall does a much better job of hiring. I can only remember two people I've seen where I thought, "OK no. She's awful or unwatchable." Where as many of QVCs newbies have been "fails" IMO. And some of them are still around. I still think Stacey Stauffer is awful. And Amy too. They're just two examples, there are others. (Your mileage may vary.) ----- And how did his skin look? I've never understood why his line is successful. Sure he was in the media a lot 20 years ago when expensive, high-end skin care for the masses had a resurgence, but even so. if HIS SKIN isn't great, why would I make him richer buying his line when it clearly doesn't work for him. I've never thought his skin looked good. He actually looks like he might have a skin condition. Or is it just age that makes him look that bad?
  20. Temperance

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Jill could chop a foot off and still wear her hair in the same way she does now. She could go shorter without it being short enough to need a style. However it's her hair, so she should be able to wear it how she wants.
  21. TheGourmez

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    That was a lot of fun to watch! And reminded me just how darn hot that man can be in modern day clothes. I'm not as much for the hot, greasy, blacksmith look.
  22. mimionthebeach

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    They've already got a book. Why would they need another one? 😏
  23. ^^^Rolls eyes. Seriously, why would she even try to pull this off? Opps, I forgot, all endorsements add up.
  24. Arkay

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Thank you...it's actually the opposite....I prefer not being signed in at all, except when I want to comment. I guess it's new domain, new rules.
  25. Temperance

    Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    Actually I googled empty tomb oreos and was directed to site called Catholic Icing. (This seemed too Pinteresty for them to have thought of on their own.) I honestly don't care if they make little empty tombs out of oreos, doughtnuts, etc.
  26. Tallulah7606

    Coronation Street

    Same! He seems so sweet-and utterly besotted with Eileen. Maybe a bit of a father figure for Seb too? Anyone else absolutely hating Chesney and Gemma together or is it just me? Gemma was actually quite comical at times before, when she was just a background character, but now shes on screen ALL the time, and to be honest I find her constant gurning and ridiculous behaviour so irritating I have to fast forward her scenes.
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