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  2. DivaLasVegas82

    S09.E11: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

    The general consensus where? This board? LoL. This board hardly represents the majority of the viewing audience. I believe Teddy does have some fans, or else Bravo wouldn't have invited her back for another season. We saw how quickly Joyce Giraud, Carlton Gebbia, and Kathryn Edwards disappeared.
  3. AZChristian

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    I hate to even type these words: Some scientists say he's right.
  4. VK can spend all the money in the world or as little money on a solo. She'll still make it to prelmins and finals. What a joke to flaunt having to fly out to finalize the solo. Girl, (VK), get real. I do not want to see her on the team this year. It is clear that she makes it based on connection only and I'm not an advocate of that shit, whether it is on a dance team or applying for college. There is nothing more hurtful than to not be selected because the other person who was selected (with less credentials) was a friend or family member. NO VKMTT!
  5. andipandi

    Whiskey Cavalier

    ray and wills movie should have been princess bride, yes!
  6. MissAlmond

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Larry Hagman was great as JR. He grew up knowing oil men and it showed in his portrayal. The Jock/JR dynamic of Jock being the one person JR wanted to be proud of him was lost forever after Jim Davis died. I try to stay away from that thread because I have decades of casting/storylines I'm still angry about, the last being Sleepy Hollow. After SH ended, I swore off having passion shows but the years of TV watching bitterness remains. (LOL)
  7. AnimeMania

    S04.E18: Crime and Punishment (2019.04.21)

    Well the therapist did say that it would take a little while for the exercises to work, but don't worry, they will be giving you different therapy exercises each week to try to help you get through each episode.
  8. Bryce Lynch

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    "We didn't have air in the foster care system." I hope Victoria wins and I think she has been playing a pretty good UTR game. That said, two of the self-proclaimed threats (Rick and The Warthog) were the two biggest targets, so I think it is clear that they are perceived as threats. I'm not so sure about Matthew Perry's 2nd most famous character, though. I think he might be perceived as the flipper who has no chance to win.
  9. Skyfall


    And Shaun was pushed into marrying Maya’s mom cause Maya wanted a family and Shaun was always the “loner”. Girl Meets World did some things right but other things completely wrong.
  10. AngelKitty

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    But he's so pretty. 🤩
  11. hoodooznoodooz

    S11.E08: Birds, Broads and Breakups

    Absolutely! Watching the season Kelly joined the cast. In the pool Jill asks Frankel about Kelly. Frankel looks so annoyed, insecure and resentful. Kelly is a model, one of the beautiful people. You can see Frankel comparing herself physically to Kelly and coming up short. I think that’s also the reason the retouching remark from Lu upset her so much. Frankel was no beauty before all the money could pay for procedures, surgeries, makeup artists and a better wardrobe. I also think that’s the reason she keeps telling us about all these guys who worship her and are madly in love with her.
  12. RedbirdNelly

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    some unpopular opinions from me: 1. I'm enjoying Reem. No, I don't agree with her (Kelly did not ruin your experience) but she is like Norm on Cheers to me but the reverse. I looked forward to hearing "norm" just as I enjoy now her salty welcome wagon routine. Why? I don't know but I've flipped from "get over it" to "it's some kind of tradition I look forward to" perhaps because the people getting voted out are less likeable? not sure but she's now part of what I expect to see and I'd be disappointed if Wardog just got a "oh hi!" 2. I'm no Kelly fan but she didn't bug me this episode. (1) they tend to focus on the new person at Edge; (2) I don't think she seriously meant "they got revenge for ME" when she said that based on her tone. I thought it was a little joking and a bit of "I want him gone and thanks everybody for doing me this favor even though I know that was not your motivation." 3. I don't really care who wins but I guess go Aurora for being tough. I do think voting her out is not a bad idea if you don't want to be with her in the final 3 because she is solid on challenges. Same with Devin. If you are convinced no one would vote for her, then definitely keep her around. But if you think the jury may admire her pluck, her never freaking out despite being out of the loop all the time, then you don't want to sit next to her at the end.
  13. i feel and felt the same way as vr..
  14. It's interesting that Ramona "I support other women" Singer is so harsh in her unwarranted criticism of Babs... Almost all the negativity she spews about Babs is regarding physical appearance or the fact that she might "swing both ways". Lord. At Ramona's age she really should know better and have some relaxed outlooks on life. Oh who am I kidding? She's emotionally stunted. And what is up with the multiple Mario appearances? Is she back with him? Is that what all the ridiculous "I'm into great sex" banter is about? Miss "I can't be associated with Alex's nude pictures" (but was fine with Jellybean Bensimone's Playboy pictorial) is now comfortable lauding how she lurves great sex? Mmmkay... That was such a set up that he showed up with all those stupid "flashes from the past" krap associated with Ramona... Oh well - if she's willing to forgive his sketchiness and get back with him - I guess it would make for interesting tv.
  15. merrick715

    Sansa Stark: A Direwolf In Sheep's Clothing?

    As a Sansa "stan" I really enjoyed this episode, I think Brienne's defense of Jamie was calculated to appeal to Sansa. That's why she starts off with, Jamie saving her from being raped, and as punishment, he lost his hand. It moved Sansa enough to get her to change her whole demeanor towards Jamie. How do people interpret Sansa's look after hearing Bran telling Jamie: "the things we do for love"? There are three tiny Sansa moments I love. After Jamie's "trial" ends, Dany is the first to rise, and the other lords follow suit, but it isn't until Sansa walks out of the meeting, do the other lords begin to move around. Then, there is Sansa telling Lord Royce to keep the gates open as long as they can, because there are still people coming in from the countryside. Finally, there is Sansa and Theon sharing their last meal in the courtyard, amongst all the smallfolk.
  16. Yes Alessandro Michele is the designer for Gucci now and has a very very very very particular aesthetic. It's not for everyone. Very different from the sexy, sleek Tom Ford Gucci I grew up with 1994-2004 (Not that I could afford it either.) Alessandro Michele first pic. Tom Ford Gucci / 1990s second pic.
  17. Billy said it was the longest and loudest ovation he had ever heard. Luann's head proceeded to swell and destroy the WWHL set. I think Bravo missed a couple of great opportunities to show Ramona getting throat punched last night. ymmv
  18. Yea, I'm guessing Dorinda just decided to let it go. Ramona will never own up to what she did. I don't know that I'd ever be able to overlook that type of behavior; but I guess Dorinda thought it was worth it to preserve the friendship? I guess now she's trying to pass it off as a hereditary thing. It's not her fault, y'all!!! Sidenote - did it bother anyone that they showed Lu and Tinsley exiting a building; and captioned it - "Al-Anon"? I thought those things were supposed to be pretty private. I guess they didn't show any of the other attendees; so maybe it's not a big deal?
  19. Guildford

    S04.E19: Never Let You Go

    Oh miracles of miracles...the baby/mother didn't die. I did roll my eyes when they mentioned a 38 week pregnant patient. I mean we haven't had a good baby/mother dying plot for a while. Although a mother who had a ruptured uterus, lost litres of blood and had rather unsterile surgery would still be cactus for a long while yet. I know I shouldn't let the little things bug me, but every single ED department is equipped with sterile packs, particularly one with a fancy hybrid OR, which seemed redundant at this point because they don't use it, but why the hell is Rhodes up to his elbows in uterus without gloves and gown on? It would take seconds to do & save her from potentially life threatening complications. But then again, she's taken that magical healing potion that gets handed out like candy in #OneChicago land so she will be right. Natalie continues to be completely unprofessional and dates a dead patients husband. It's not only wrong, it's creepy and I am getting bunny boiler vibes from Lady FBI. They do not need to get rid of Rhodes & the crazy South African, they need to nuke the whole place.
  20. BetterButter


  21. lorbeer

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    This is what bothers me. They should know better. Especially those who fought white walkers and know what they can do.
  22. This is how I felt. If they really wanted to paint Sam as the villian they wouldn't' have swept it under the rug. They would have had Dean mention it repeatedly like the text. But I find this is a pattern. They dont' want to address Sam's more narcissistic tendencies to they ignore them or write a storyline to support that he really is just that special. Its the exact kind of writing that makes a character dull and unappealing for me. It didnt' help how they introduced Amelia. She wasn't very likable and she was acting like Sam hit the dog on purpose. What vet would force an animal on someone. She doesn't know Sam's situation. I love dogs but due to my work schedule and the rules of my apartment its not possible for me to have one. It didn't help either that the actress seemed completely unprepared for the role. I was listening to any interview with her and she mentioned she auditioned by videotape, and it didn't seem like she even did any back ground reading on the show because she had no clue on about Sam's history. They had to fill her in on his whole background. I might give her the benefit of the doubt and say it might be sort of method acting (since Amelia would only know what Sam told her), but she didn't even know Jensen was director for the first day. She thought he was a bossy actor. The whole situation was just odd. Part of me wondered this as well. I believe it was Dean (but it might have been Benny. I don't tend to rewatch s8) who mentioned something about 'what we did down there..." I really wanted to know what it was. There was the person standing outside watching Sam. I don't buy that that was Amelia's husband. It just seemed like they pulled him out of thin air. as a way to get rid of the story. They seemed to have something more planned that was dropped when Amelia went over like a lead ballon and Carver through the purgatory out along side it.
  23. Blergh

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    How Miss Barr managed to attract not one, not two, but THREE husbands, I will NEVER understand (and the latter two she married after her less appealing qualities were broadcast via fame). Not to say that each of them didn't have their own problems but still. . . Well, whoever might want her in their lives (regardless of what shape their own skin may be), they can't claim to be ignorant of her shadow side not for many years!
  24. Advance35

    S03.E19: Chapter Fifty-Four: Fear the Reaper

    It hadn't already?? And their talk had all the emotion of a cashier giving a patron their receipt. They likely would have gotten the same writing as the other couples had the "actress" stuck around. Also, definitely not a Josie fan but WHAT was going on with that "Back to Black" cover? I think that's the worse performance she's ever had. She's not remarkably talented but I might have to blame the arrangement this once. That was really bad. I cannot with The Jones. That scene between Penny and Gladys??? LMAO. Veronica Lodge could run for Mayor and still be more realistic than the Gang Leader turned Town Sherrif, His Gemma Teller knock-off of a Baby Mama, The Hardy Boy/T-Bird Son and the Cousin Oliver like Daughter. The Boxing stuff was the most realistic thing on the show. The only things I liked about tonight was Veronica's wardrobe and Hiram being the snide, petty subhuman he is. "Heard I missed quite the fight last night." Him in the Sauna. Hubba Hubba Hubba. Who's hotter than Hiram Lodge in Riverdale? Nobody. Hermione, your a fool.
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