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  2. gonecrackers

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    Jon definitely loves attention but he's most likely putting this out there to solicit offers, otherwise he would just spill it in a blog post or something.
  3. Absolom

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I think the brown may be his belt. I thought it was skin at first, too.
  4. DXD526

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I'd like to see how James would do without any DDs. That's where he racks up those huge amounts and puts the games out of reach. Play would be more competitive if he didn't have that.
  5. ImpinAintEasy

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    I always liked the Afghanimals. I don’t remember why so many people don’t. Is it because they like to troll the other teams? I’ve always found them funny. Rupert is so not cut out for this competition. He can actually be decent at some of the road blocks, but his lack of navigation skills will doom him and his wife. I only know Victor from ‘The Challenge’, not BB. He seemed far too innocent for that show, so he’ll probably do better on this one. I’m glad the border patrol guys are gone. I only know them by their occupation. That says it all.
  6. Emkat

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    The way that she is always rubbing her legs is very weird/disturbing.
  7. Stan39

    S03.E07: Epic Grand Gesture

    Every time I hear “Lover Boy” i think of “Mother Boy” from Arrested Development and can’t take Carl seriously. That, and the fact he went from maybe considering creating a new beer company to having a beer company in about two weeks. I guess I’m just old. I realize now how important marketing is to a business. There’s no history, passion, or expertise in what Carl is doing. He just threw together a product, stuck a name and label on it and used this show to sell it. I get it. I just don’t like it. It’s basically the reason why something like the Fyre Festival can happen. It’s all gloss with no substance. Carl didn’t have to work to do this.
  8. Kaiju Ballet

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    I'm really starting to root for Aurora. She's fighting back hard, and she's been surviving multiple times now that the target was blatantly placed on her. I wish that we were given a little bit more explanation as to why she gave her advantage to Ron. I'm guessing that Devins was already an ally, "Judgmental Julie" is a sworn enemy, WW is obviously the new target--and the "Lesu three" aren't budging. So it's either Victoria or Ron, and unforch, Ron was the only one that had any leverage--safe enough to eat disgusting pizza, IIRC. But then why like that, where his immediate thought was to use it against her? Maybe the good it did do was create the beginnings of the fissure in that six, where he was able to turn on Judgmental Julie, in which case Aurora has serious guts. Because Ron is slimy. I'm also wondering if Julie's animosity towards Aurora is based on envy? Maybe Aurora doesn't have any alliances in the game, but she doesn't have haters on the jury either. At this point, Julie's looking like the possible goat if she does make it to the end. ETA: Oops I forgot about Gavin. Well, shows what I think about him.
  9. meowmommy

    Joe and Mika Know Their Value: The Hosts Thread

    Y'know, I don't have any problem with some middle-aged never-was-rock-star living out his dreams and blowing his wad playing in a band if it makes him happy. I have a problem with a television news host and his dippy wife using network air time to plug his mediocre-at-best product, for no other reason than his personal enrichment. They've been married, what, not even six months, and the marriage is already on the rocks?
  10. ChrissyX

    What We Do In The Shadows

    I'm the opposite. I really enjoyed Colin and Evie's scenes together and could've watched an entire episode of their rivalry and romance. I know the vulva garden was a big hit, but I found it more creepy than funny. A man remembering women for their sexual organs felt like an outdated 80s joke to me. We're more than holes. The series is entertaining, but I miss the tender moments and childlike wonder of the vampires in the film. On this series, there's so much swearing and yelling that it starts to feel like every other cable show. Wellington Paranormal, their NZ spinoff, maintained the same naïve innocence of the film, and I wish this had too. FX Americanized it a little too much for me.
  11. sleepyjean

    Past Seasons

    This is what shelly posted in "DCC Q&A: Mysteries of the DCC World" pg 16:
  12. TurtlePower

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Ok, first of all--again--her food looks hideous. Take the photo before you dive in, Janelle. And second, came home for lunch? Did she not think of bringing a lunch with her if she's worried about the temptation of eating out? Where I work some people go out for lunch every day--and it shows. The folks who eat out every day are heavy (except for the one guy with the light-speed metabolism). There are just a couple of us who are fitness/health conscious and we are in the minority. It seems like everyone "goes out" for lunch. I don't get it--the traffic, the calories, the weight gain. No thanks.
  13. gonecrackers

    S02.E12: Tell All

    Vanessa was (or seemed to be from the show) like a mother figure to those kids. Nannies have to keep distance to some degree, she didn't; she got attached & most likely, the kids were attached too. So this is a sad situation they put their kids through. And if they did it for teevee (any of them), then it was incredibly selfish as well. Hopefully the kids won't be too brainwashed to have clear thoughts about their childhood someday & will never emulate their parents. The saying keep your friends close & your enemies closer applies to Paige. Bernie's probably a serial cheater, so she thinks the solution is having a 'friend' he can screw around with, however, the reality is she doesn't want that at all. But she's fed the bear, so now Bernie won't give up until he gets his new woman. And if they're isolated now, I can only imagine how isolating being poly will be in their area. Both of them are also selfish, & stupid, & again, the kids suffer.
  14. XOQueens

    Joe and Mika Know Their Value: The Hosts Thread

    Such a solid marriage. #goals
  15. Marshmallow Mollie

    S10:12 Tell All: Part 1

    I agree that Meri isn’t the clear villain when it comes to how she and Janelle don’t get along. Divorcing your brother for your husband is WEIRD. But in terms of living together, can you imagine?! I can’t imagine living with either one, but I would especially pull my hair out if I had to live with Janelle. Do you think she ever washed dishes or unloaded the dishwasher? Can you imagine figuring out dinner? I bet she never offered suggestions for meals, or went to the grocery, or cooked dinner without a lot of Strife. Meanwhile I bet Meri washes her glass as soon as she uses it.
  16. Happy Harpy

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    "A targling in the oven", that's so cute. If she's pregnant, the reveal will imo parallel Cersei's miscarriage re: YMBQ. It isn't sure that 8x03 is all battle. It could, they have enough characters involved, but didn't they talk somewhere about 50 minutes of fighting? There would be 20 of other scenes.
  17. Special K

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    They're trying to be cutesy. "Message in a bottle" and all that.
  18. bythelake

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    If you zoom in, unfortunately you can see that the brown is his blubbery belly along with his belly button.
  19. blackwing

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    I don't get the bottles either. All of the clues say the same thing. It would be so much more interesting if the clues were different, some get a better clue than the others, you only get half a clue so have to work with someone to get the other half, some contain nothing at all. Why have individual bottles if they all say the same thing?
  20. Special K

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    Pretty soon he's going to need a wheelbarrow to deliver all the identical clues. Dumb.
  21. Carolina Girl

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    Me too! I get so excited when I see them succeeding on the program. I admire the work they put in. I was told recently to lose 40 lbs. and I'm making bitch faces about what I need to give up! To see these people - like our Optimism on a Stick Brittani - really work so hard to transform their lives is an inspiration. And then? You have the past three weeks.
  22. Ha, I’m glad it wasn’t just me!
  23. phoenics

    Scheduling & Ratings for The Flash

    Yeah it was only the NYC area.
  24. Blergh

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Possibly, but let's remember that Mr. Giannulli's tale of cheating his own parents out his supposed college funds to launch his line evidently became a family legend and even via their daughter's retelling of it, she just said that she 'wasn't supposed to talk about it' NOT 'Mom disapproved of what Dad did and has urged him to make things right with my grandparents'. IOW, water often meets its own level despite one stream supposedly being on higher ground because that's others want to believe.
  25. CatherineM

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    Giving them a bit of a break, it can be hard to tell who is really going to get with the program. Penny said all the right things in the beginning. She had a family worth getting out of bed for. Same with James. In my weight loss group, I never know who’s going to stick it out, and who’s going back to their addiction.
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