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  2. Snarky McSnarky

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Suddenly she's worried about her kids seeing something in the media? 😄
  3. Have they said why she didn’t apply for a K1? Wouldn’t he do better here, than trying to hide from his parents and live a lie there? Even if they don’t live a luxurious life here, they should be able to live better than they do in India. Neither one of them seems lazy.
  4. shapeshifter

    Major Crimes

    So many great punch lines in the "Turn Down" episode--especially these from Amy! I tried to see via IMDb if there was a particular writer that does the comedic ones with the witticisms, but IMDb doesn't seem to differentiate. Maybe the rolling credits do, but that would still be hard to determine. I really resented Rusty when these episodes first aired, but this time I realized that at least Rusty, unlike my middle daughter at his age, only briefly expresses his objections with regards to violations of "freedom of the press" and his rights to privacy, search & seizure (WRT his cell phone) etc., before calmly surrendering and even being apologetic.
  5. Joimiaroxeu

    Atomic Blonde (2017)

    Via Deadline, Charlize Theron Confirms ‘Atomic Blonde 2’ On ‘Watch What Happens Live’
  6. Stusan

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I'm quite surprised Jenelle was able to spell quiet.
  7. No, it was a music video. The girls did it at the studio.
  8. Perfect Xero

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    If you're going to end things with Old Man Steve, then Bucky probably should have survived the snap. That way, at the least, we'd know that Steve had been working with Bucky for 5 years and he'd know that Bucky had adjusted after shaking the Winter Soldier programing and was in a relatively good place before he went back to Peggy. Also could have got a scene where Tony apologizes to Bucky for the whole trying to murder him thing.
  9. Stusan

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Winner, winner, chicken dinner, @galaxychaser!
  10. Spencer Hastings

    The Other Duggars: The Howlers, Lost Girls, Grandma Duggar and Amy

    Amy might even know how Grandma truly felt about some of them and their antics (so many to choose from). No doubt she loved them, but I’d be willing to bet that she made side comments from time to time while it was just her and Amy. That may also contribute to Amy’s current mindset.
  11. farmgal4

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I don’t think Izzy’s pants were just too long; they were too big all over. They honestly look 2 or 3 sizes too large. Dickhead looks awful, as usual, but I do love Jill’s updo. I wonder if she did it herself or if the bride’s hairstylist did it for her.
  12. annzeepark914

    What Did We Eat Today?

    I don't have to drive over the dreaded bay bridge, do I? 😁 I'm on my way!
  13. Joimiaroxeu

    The Son

    So doesn't it seem more likely that the women would've known just enough of each other's tribal languages to converse that way versus speaking Spanish (or English?). I guess it was a shortcut the producers to took make the scene work but it felt wrong to me. But then, this is the show that has Pierce playing the world's most spry 80-year-old so...
  14. Irlandesa

    Giada At Home

    Like this with an "A" with more of an aaaah sound: I thought it sounded she was saying Capri with the cap pronounced more like cap. (i.e. ballcap) Given how she exaggeratedly Italianizes other Italian words, I just found it odd.
  15. You know, to me the ONLY positive to being a member of a family this massive is that there should be someone around to pay attention when you get old and more accident-prone. Instead she dies because there was no one there to pull her out of the damned pool. It’s ironic, sad, and, frankly, borderline negligent.
  16. helpmerhonda

    Season 35 Final Jeopardy Contest

    3 of 5
  17. Enigma X

    Bad Times at the El Royal (2018)

    Maybe we are saying the same thing or maybe we are not. I am saying it was somebody notable but the writers did not really have a specific notable person in mind. Yes, they wanted people to speculate MLK or RFK or any notable person around during that time. I just don’t think they wrote with a specific person in mind. Any popular person who was considered moral and just who died around that time fits the bill. I don’t think they had xxxx in mind specifically though.
  18. SimoneS

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    I will never stop resenting that Barry and Iris got married on another show. I had to watch their half-ass wedding on YouTube. They are the lead couple on the number one CW show, yet they had to share their wedding with another couple. Hell, even their kiss was blocked by Oliver and Felicity. Iris will probably give birth on another show. Anything to raise those ratings and increase the ad revenue. RME. I don't much care whether Joe and Cecile get married or not. Their relationship just there to me.
  19. Reese Witherspoon's renewed success is especially impressive because that drunk driving, "Do you know who I am?" incident could've seriously derailed her career. She and her PR team handled that so well that I think most people have forgotten about it entirely.
  20. Cirien

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    Argh!!!! I tried this, but as a Brit it made me want to bang my head against a brick. The BRF family stuff is so so so bad ( I figure that saying it's about the British Royal Family since it's at least about one of them isn't a spoiler ) and it's just so culturally inaccurate, I can't go back and read it again. I much prefer "The Royal We"
  21. jumper sage

    "The View": Week of 6/10/2019

    In the story Sunny states it's her daughter. I don't care about how many kids are gathered on a beach where people are renting. If you don't want neighbors then don't rent on a beach with neighbors. It's just that simple.
  22. Joimiaroxeu

    Bad Times at the El Royal (2018)

    If it wasn't anybody then pretty much the basis of the plot evaporates and a big chunk of the dialogue doesn't make sense. IMO, clearly it was somebody rather notable and the movie left enough clues to encourage viewers to speculate who it was. However, who it was didn't matter so much as the characters' behavior surrounding the the tape and the money and the creepy motel. Otherwise I think the movie would've revealed who it was. Plus, the producers likely would've gotten into legal hot water if they'd actually tried to use the name of any number of famous people such as the ones most commonly mentioned. (Though I believe audio tapes of MLK engaging in adultery have been leaked, courtesy of Hoover's FBI. Not sure about any physical evidence of RFK's rumored sexual indiscretions.)
  23. TobinAlbers

    B&B : In the Media!

    A) Annika knows how to pose. B) I’ve always wanted Sharon Case to play the late Kelly Cooper aka Liam’s mother. This pic makes me want her to play his mom in ghostly visits ala John Abbott even more, C) I’d pay good money for a Y&R/B&B crossover where Cassie tells Liam about himself. Cassie’s good at laying lovingly shaded smackdowns. If Sharon were Kelly’s long lost twin sister, then Cassie would be Liam’s cousin and dude could use a takes no crap cousin like Cassie. So could Wyatt.
  24. LucindaWalsh

    S17.E14: Finale

    Ha, your example reminded me that I was reading some twitter stuff about that self absorbed twerp Jim Acosta making everything about himself and they used this picture as an aside to how he does it: Hester is very much the Jim Acosta of the runway. There was a little blurb Project Runway ad during the finale and it said that PR was coming back this fall. That is what Christian's little "leave the lights on" at the end meant. So nice to know we don't have to wait a year!
  25. Yes - bringing the character back is not the same as bringing the actor back. Don't bother unless it is really Ellen and Jo. These weird versions of Charlie and Bobby just haven't worked AT ALL.
  26. Also haven’t studies proven that obesity is, in fact, contagious? Meaning if you are around unhealthy people eating junk and not being active, you are also more likely to eat the same and ya know, not be active.
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