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  2. Mindthinkr


    I’m glad that Barrel didn’t retire. Crate and Barrel are two great characters that bring a little levity to the precinct. It was sweet that they gave him the smart watch and the party. Now wait until everyone finds out he took a 5 year deferment!
  3. AimingforYoko

    The Star Wars Saga

    Mark Hamill says Luke did not die a virgin.
  4. That since Emily was going to leave anyway they should've let him kill her - he said it would've been better for the storyline and the show. "She can't just walk away. They should've had me kill her!"
  5. ams1001

    S10.E06: Back to School

    I was thinking if they ever have any contests for students, they could use the bean bag chairs as prizes (or give them to the kids who appeared on the show, but I think there were more kids than chairs). Though I wonder how long t-shirt fabric is gonna last with people sitting on them. I didn't see how they were put together; maybe there's a sturdier fabric underneath so they won't leak filling? I did think the low table was cute, but mostly only younger teachers are likely to be able to use it. I'm sure someone at the school could add longer legs to it to make it more usable for adults (or has a family member or friend who could do it. Or maybe the middle school has a wood shop class? Mine did...I still have the bookshelf I made in eighth grade). The Wayfair picks were a set of fancy pencil-holder-type cups and a round metal tray (which the first team looked at, then the second team took it), but I didn't see where they ended up in the rooms. I think they should replace the item the first team picks and see if the second team picks the same thing. That could be funny once or twice.
  6. StatisticalOutlier

    What We Do In The Shadows

    But we generally don't even know what the various lady bits are called, so I'm with @HouseofBeck in appreciating the accuracy of the terminology, and personally think it was worth it just for that. . Excellent point. I definitely like the movie more than the series, and think that might be a big part of it. . The leader of the werewolves in the movie was played by the guy who played Murray in Flight of the Conchords, and he comes off as very sweet to me. In the TV show, the leader was played by the "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor" guy from Flight of the Conchords, and while I was happy to have him show up, he doesn't read as "sweet" to me.
  7. Airdate 2019.04.21
  8. Jeeves

    Science Shows: Oceans, Engineering etc

    Oh-kay. I'm watching, on DVR, S1:E8 of Sinkholes: Swallowed Alive, "When Florida Attacks." Holy carp! I ruled out Florida as a retirement location because I hate humidity and bugs. Now I can breathe easier knowing I've dodged sinkholes too.
  9. hummingbird

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    her thing with Katia is odd, she isn't better than any of the others, and even though she's thinner and taller I don't think the Grater stuff looks much better on her than anyone else the print in green isn't that bad as a top, but the way it's done in the cropped and ruched pants is
  10. BitterApple

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    He looked a good fifteen years older than Robert. Just going by the visuals, I would've assumed Stannis was the older brother too.
  11. I refuse to watch KA answer a Q like that. What did he say?
  12. Catfi9ht

    Doom Patrol

    I have mixed feelings over this week's episode. While, I did love that they modernized the Beard Hunter and gave him an actual super power while keeping him as comic relief, I could have done without the actual beard eating, numerous saliva closeups, and sex with a cave woman. Niles is definitely a conundrum. He has a retirement home for discarded super heroes, but this episode showed his protector origins. I expect there will be an episode showing an event that bridges the two. I least, I hope there will be! :D
  13. He's definitely playing to his audience. I'm happy that clearly great desire of his will forever go unfulfilled.
  14. GHScorpiosRule

    Batman Movies

    Quoting myself because I watched this again last night and it's STILL HILARIOUS!!!! I 🤣😂at the opening credits. I wish Timm would make more movies like this. But I still don't like Rauch's take on Harley's voice. Arleen Sorkin's Harley had the New York, but it was very subtle. Rauch's is too annoying.
  15. Mabinogia

    S10.E06: Back to School

    Until they explained that they were all pics of the principal I assumed that each kid did a drawing of each of the different teachers at the school. I would never have guessed that it was all supposed to be the same person. I would have lost big on that bet. haha
  16. Mod Note: DO NOT discuss episodes leaked early in this forum. This topic is for spoilers and speculation only.
  17. I saw a clip online before this aired where Paul Rudd was saying for some role where he was a cop or a spy they made him dye his hair blond and his wife thought he looked like Simon LeBon making a spy video. I was looking forward to seeing the whole story but it didn’t make the cut. I’ll have to find the YouTube version of the episode.
  18. EXACTLY. That's what is turning me off about her. And she did that last year too with Red Scarf Guy. Couldn't stand that Carole had a date with him. Either her self-esteem is at all all time low or an unwarranted all time high.
  19. icemiser69

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Anyone else watching Jeopardy? In eleven or twelve days, the dude has won somewhere in the neighborhood of $800,000.00. The dude (James) is absolutely amazing. He starts out with the hardest questions first.
  20. There is a puff piece about MM in the Washington Post. The comments about the article and McCain are scathing. ( I added one too, under the name KojKen). If she reads these, she will be in a terrible mood on Monday! https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/from-politicians-daughter-to-snl-punchline-meghan-mccain-has-embraced-going-mainstream/2019/04/18/42ece4fe-6123-11e9-9412-daf3d2e67c6d_story.html?outputType=comment&utm_term=.8726f42eb852
  21. CooperTV

    100 Secret Plots and Alliances: The Spoiler Topic

    They arrive to the new planet with two suns. They found an empty settlement on it. Shaw died randomly in the first ten minutes (he and Raven had sex in the first five minutes of e1). There was a children's book about toxin that's activated by the eclipse of the two suns. After that they started to experience the effects, went crazy and tried to kill people closes to them (Emori tried to kill Murphy, Bellamy tried to get to Clarke, Echo and Murphy, Clarke tried to kill herself). There was also a flashback to 238 years prior to that, to the first colony, where a head scientist killed his wife and the entire colony, and attempted to kill his daughter (she named the planet Sanctum) due to the eclipse psychosis. These three people are highly regarded by the present day colonists, for some reason. In the present day the space ship was overrun by four people from the planet but Raven asked Dyioza (and Madi, because reasons??) to help to get rid of them. The lady who left led the Eligius crew to the settlement where Clarke and co were. Octavia tried to commit suicide via crowd beating. Meh. Kane is in stasis again because he's in a bad way. Raven hates Abby. Murphy and Emori hate Clarke. Bellamy dislikes Octavia.
  22. xaxat


  23. buttersister

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    Seemed like some HGTV-style shenanigans going on with their backstory. Still, the place is so much more functional—yes, they voted you off the island, lady. Wonder where in the NY area they’ll end up—Westchester or Connecticut—even with their $$, getting tons of space in the city would be tough, pottery room not withstanding.
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