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  2. SRTouch

    Hot Bench

    Few years ago I had a friend who ran afoul of her HOA when she had a wooden privacy fence installed. Seems it was 12" too tall. Her hubby's solution: snap some chalk line at maximum height - put new upper stringer - take circular saw - cut off top of the fence.... problem solved
  3. MajorNelson

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    Oh yes, in this episode Jenny says it was her "first time in a rickshaw." Oh? Previously in India for multiple months and never used one, hmmmmmm.
  4. Cassidy Kay’s account came up on Instagram through the Explore page and I’m struggling to see how she didn’t make it to training camp. She obviously excels in hip hop and her contemporary is pretty good too. She’s light on her feet but with power when needed. I think she’d be an asset to the team!
  5. I haven't seen it, either, so yep, we shall settle in at our little table :p.
  6. I wonder if in her shape wear Kim has to wear 3 pairs at once to get that trademark “worker ant” physique like she said she did w Spanx? 🐜
  7. scrb

    S03.E01: Chapter 20

    This is really an affectation. They show some fusion of retro industrial design or devices which have capabilities way beyond what's possible now. So there are things which look like they're from the '60s but can do things which no technology from our present can do. I'm thinking especially of a lot of the things in Cary's lab. But this Chinese girl would FaceTime with her father on these big hulking CRT TVs which they'd have to wheel in and out. Quaint but nonsensical. If you use analog transmission technology to send video signals back and forth, it would be prohibitively expensive. You'd need TV stations at both ends essentially. And if they're hundreds of miles or more apart, they'd need to uplink them to a satellite and back down. Using video chat apps. but sending the signals to old TVs would be possible but there would have to be digital to analog converters which output these old TV transmission signal formats, which I don't know if they were ever made. Of course Legion takes place in a world that resembles ours but isn't really. However when she was following the breadcrumbs, in one shot, it showed in the background the Hong Kong skyline, so it's our world but maybe in some alternate timeline.
  8. biakbiak


    There was so much wrong with this show but I can’t for the life of me figure out why the producers thought adding Penny as the voice of the show after the fact was a good idea.
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  10. Unless there is another article that simple states that she started dating Jim when both he and his than wife were dating other people.
  11. Sad app news. Looks like a few more have been banished from the channel just in time for Christmas in July Window Wonderland (Sad to see this go. One of their funniest and unique movies) A Majestic Christmas (that didn't take long) Finding Father Christmas Catch a Christmas Star Christmas Festival of Ice One Christmas Eve (already there, but now officially announced) I'm always surprised when their newer stock gets sent to the app. Most of the additions are usually their back catalog items.
  12. ElectricBoogaloo


    I look forward to the EW reunions every year so YAY! One nice thing about having such a small core cast is that we got to hear from everyone. On a shallow note, I hated what Charisma and Amy were wearing. They're both still hot but a leotard with a flasher raincoat and a PVC dress? I always love hearing what people took from the set. I remember SMG said that she kept the finial from the staircase at the Summers house because they always knocked it off during fight scenes.
  13. Somewhere in one of these threads I posted a comment wondering why Kim had stopped saying "Spanx" & instead was saying "shapewear". Now I know why.
  14. scrb

    S03.E01: Chapter 20

    Yeah I would assume there will be blanks for them to fill in about how it reached the point where his former enemies and allies banded together to decide David must be ended, with extreme prejudice, no capturing or anything, And it looked like in the rewind scenes, in other parts of the commune the soldiers are taking liberties, like didn't some of the girls get dragged into a room? And yes, season 2 really didn't go too far plot-wise. Just seemed like the same primal struggle with David and the Shadow King, told repeatedly in different visual styles. Some of the imagery is striking, like the big-headed monsters of season 1. But I kind of suspect that after this show is over, it will be images and idiosyncratic visual design which remain with those who watch the series, not so much the story elements or the characters.
  15. Wavesofblue

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    I heard him say Franklin to Ovi when they were talking about UT so I’m thinking that’s where he’s from. And we know Franklin and Nashville are not the same.
  16. I had forgotten all about that storyline...and never knew it was due to the head writer's obsession with John Hudson. I will, however, admit my serious crush on David Forsythe 😍
  17. So she admits she and Jim were together while he was still married, for 1.5 years or so, during his and #2's separation period. Personally, I'm not impressed with her actions.
  18. Steff

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I'm having the same problem. My mind won't stop running away with worse images & sex games. throw in chatter about Jilly doing yoga and I'm stuck on them doing a downward doggie style. ( I shared that because I can't be this miserable by myself, welcome to my nightmare everyone!) I don't need just brain bleach, I need a frigging sledge hammer to knock this out of my head.
  19. Thanks @magemaud and @LGGirl It's not easy piecing together the facts and the clips the editors have available, especially across shows. The fact the that Debbie was lying in her on-air moment maybe reveals that Coltee's gaslighting was learned at her knee. Tell other people whatever's necessary to keep them under your spell. Except, she doesn't realize all the scenes with her belie her words so easily, and so we don't believe her.
  20. "Ted" is the ONLY reason I now watch Days with Closed Captions on😑
  21. parrotfeathers

    Awards Chat: And The Winner is....

    So I'm thinking I'm one of the few people who have never watched Game of Thrones? Was tickled at worst reality show ever. It really is.
  22. In my scholarship days at Joe Tremaine dance center, I was lucky enough to study under a lyrical legend. His name was Doug Caldwell. Sadly, the dance world lost him and it devastated many of us. I wish you could have taken one of his classes. They were truly magical. As for musical theater, I can relate. That is what I focused on while studying theater arts at UCLA. 😉
  23. AgentRXS

    S03.E06: Household

    So this episode was basically created so we could see a headless Lincoln statue and the Washington monument turned into a cross. Style over substance. The rest of it is so ridiculous, I just can't. Aunt Lydia beats the shit out of Janine last week, but this crosses the line for her? Yeah, it's really healthy for pregnant women to be on liquid diets due to having their mouths clamped shut. Smart idea, Gilead. You all have all ready covered the stuff about Gilead's economic status and global status, as well as external and internal politics, so I'll leave that alone. And now all of a sudden, Nick is this all powerful guy but can't save June from Handmaid status and was just given lowly driver status instead of Commander status from the get-go. Yeah, right. Commander Meloni is gay. What a shocker...not.
  24. Umbelina

    S03.E06: Household

    Well, I'm watching Tonya make triple axles, so I guess doing triple edits fits right in. Switzerland only does shit for money, they made a fortune being "neutral" and no way would they be involved in this unless lots of money was changing hands. Just sayin'...and Gilead doesn't have lots of money anymore, unless they are selling weapons. Yeah, Nick was a mess, and "saved" at the unemployment office, and now he's hot shit enough to scare the Swiss? Not even a double agent is that powerful, UNLESS the "world" is secretly supporting the rebels. One can hope...
  25. JakeyJokes

    Big Little Quotes

    Renata: I will be rich again and i will buy a fucking polar bear for every kid in this school!
  26. AnswersWanted

    S03.E06: Household

    Shoot, I thought I had managed to post that in time, heh. Yeah, it was the Swiss, I guess the show wants to invoke the old "neutral Switzerland" angle that's been made so famous over the years.
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