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  2. Scarlett45

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @Nysha I am so sorry to hear this news. I know your family and other loved ones are burdened by broken hearts and grief right now. May he provide the location of the body so you guys can bury her and get the closure you deserve. May he rot in the prison cell until the end of his days.
  3. bigskygirl

    Past Seasons

    Courtney in Season 5. Karissa and Kali in Season 6. Rachel Buckmaster in Seasons 4 and 5. You could tell Judy did not want Courtney on the team at all. Karissa, Kali and Rachel could not dance at all. One of my biggest pet peeves is when Kelli and/or Charlotte want to take a girl into TC because of their looks or because the girl reminds them of a movie or television star. Seriously...
  4. Mindthinkr


    I just went outside to refill the bird feeders. There was a neighbor whose house I can now see (hurricane Florence took down a lot of trees there as it’s the beginning of a path that a tornado cut through) and I heard happy squealing. The grandparents were following around two grandchildren with their parents. Someone had hidden Easter eggs for the kids and they were searching around filling their baskets. It was such a cute sight. Warmed my heart.
  5. Blissfool

    Better Things

    I wondered if Max is gonna become pregnant. In one scene Sam says, "Great. He f*cked her." In another scene Frankie is going on and on about Easter being a holiday that celebrates a woman's fertility. Can't remember if the two scenes were adjacent.
  6. letusprocrastinate

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    My mom had a dress like that back in the 70s. I know because I have a photo of her in it and I wore the dress once.
  7. Christine is pretty too. All the women are gorgeous.
  8. TurtlePower

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    * So, if she enjoyed this, why doesn't she do her workouts outside MORE OFTEN? Also, outdoor workouts can be tracked, Janelle. Every runner I know does it, including me. * To be fair, vegetables don't taste as good as they used to. They might look nice, but they lack flavor. I grew up with a large garden and loved nearly every vegetable. They were good enough to eat right out of the ground. I looked forward to everything except zucchini (and turns out my mom didn't know how to cook it). Nowadays, veggies are mass-produced to survive a trip on a semi-trailer and oftentimes don't have a fraction fo the flavor they should. It's no wonder some people don't like them and most people buy their veggies from the store. Even organic can suck! Unless one has their own garden, they are subjected to the disappointment that is mass-produced produce. Kinda sad, really.
  9. Caro’s Easter greetings:
  10. Gem 10

    The Wendy Williams Show

    HAPPY EASTER everyone ! Xo Gem 10
  11. This is perfect and exactly how I feel about B. I think it’s a certain demo that appreciates this. I’m going to generalize now, but I think you have to be from an overbearing ethic background to appreciate her, maybe even live in a big robust city too. I know people like B, I might even be her too (minus the millions of course). I love people like B, you know where you stand, there’s no gray area and if she see the good in you, she’s ride or die. Cross her and you’re done.
  12. msrachelj


    and she peed herself. i, thank god, know not much about diabetes. would that be a correct showing? my guess was she had ms or something similar.
  13. GHScorpiosRule

    Gadgets: Phones, Tablets, & Whatever Else They Come Up With Next!

    Thanks!!!! Link worked and I just ordered it!!!😁
  14. I think she can do better than the Q. and I hope she does.
  15. SuprSuprElevated

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    I'll agree that it is shortsighted perhaps, but I'll say that when it's generally accepted to be a high-paying job, those of us at a lower paygrade tend to find it difficult to imagine voluntarily giving that up. I realize that there is more to life than $$, and a work-life balance is crucial, but at least in JB's case, she didn't seem to be lacking in home time imo.
  16. nodorothyparker

    S02.E07: Treasure of the Sun

    I'll give it next week to see if the ending sticks, but if that's really it I think I'm out. This show is so much flash and so very little actual substance that resonates that there isn't enough left if you rip the very heart out.
  17. chenoa333

    The Pioneer Woman

    I say this in all sincerity: I'll bet you are absolutely gorgeous being a natural redhead with dimples. But I come to this forum to snark on "celebrities/tv personalities etc".....not other posters. I don't REALLY dislike Pioneer Woman's dimples. Just most of her personality. She really is a cute redhead! So there! I said it....I gave her a compliment 😁 And I've always had a strong attraction to Irishmen...the green eyes, red hair. And yes, throw in the dimples and some whiskey and I'm in heaven. Ok folks...that's my Easter Sunday confession! Lol. Now back to my regular sassy snark!
  18. JohnnyStar5

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Random Q Observations : Not a good signal for Katie McGee unless she is relgated to random Q2 shows a la Nancy. Cathy P's lack of bitterness is admirable, being someone who held a grudge against a former employer for 7 years after a layoff! Maybe Jill saw that Sharon seems happy and content and decided to follow suit.
  19. That image is positively GHASTLY !!!!!
  20. Good Morning all, As I said, I was just checking out the top of the hour yesterday between innings, and there was MB Roe crying, handing Jill tissues and telling her how much she will be missed and that if you’re with a company for 25 years, you must’ve done something right! Jill just smiled and said that yes, she was leaving but her last day was June 12, no mention why, that’s why I asked everyone.....I looked at JB FB & IG and there was no mention.....I don’t know any of the new hosts because I don’t watch anymore....so, any guesses as to who’s next? MB Roe has been there over 30 years as has Dan Hughes, Dopemier has at least 20-25, PJD is an original, JRT (Blabby) can’t go fast enough for me, (totally obnoxious IMO) and then there’s SK..... 🤔. Although I admit, that if Leah is on, I’ll watch for a few minutes, she seems to have maintained her dignity & quieter sense of self than most of the others.....QVC seems to be doing a lot of re-arranging & re-naming of the same shows with the same tired sales clerks hawking the same tired and/or over-priced stuff..... Have a Sunny Sunday! Thanks for the ❤️ & laughs! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  21. tv echo

    The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    Arrow season 8: How can the show continue without Emily Bett Rickards? April 21, 2019 https://cartermatt.com/361345/arrow-season-8-how-can-the-show-continue-without-emily-bett-rickards/
  22. Scarlett45

    To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018)

    Being black and multi racial are not mutually exclusive things. Most black people born on North American soil are multi-ethnic to some degree. That quote doesn’t sound as if he’s denying his blackness at all. Acknowledging and embracing his other ethnic roots doesn’t make him “not black”. Who raised you has nothing to do with your ethnic background, the people that loved and raised you are the people that loved and raised you. Being raised by your white grandparents (or having white biological grandparents) doesn’t make ANYONE less black. I don’t quite follow that logic. I think he will be awesome in the part for the record.
  23. xaxat

    The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    New York Times profile of Kwame. Looks like he's bounced back nicely from his last, unsuccessful, venture.
  24. The print on this dress is way too busy, also it looks matronly.😝
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