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  2. MrWhyt

    S04.E17: Quinceañera

    Hello Lauren Ash
  3. amazinglybored

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    That you can’t control who you love bit... it sounds good on the surface but falls apart under any attention. It’s bad advice. Like when Max was going on about when Michael was abused he was abused. Dude, No. Ignoring how they jumped to her loving him. 1) I think you can choose to shut things down early on, 2) you still control your actions 3) you’re still responsible for your actions and 4) those two were around each other for a decade without any feelings or doing anything. 4 just annoys me. Anyway, the frustrating part is that she knows she shouldn’t be doing this, it’s been established that she does, and then without any kind of explanation she happily does it. Yay, some light character assassination? I chalk the friendship looking weak up to their spectacular pacing that made so many things confusing. There was definitely a time or two the AB household thought we’d skipped an episode. I think it’s supposed to be a good friendship and the pacing probably partially explains why she’s suddenly perfectly receptive to Michael. I liked the Liz, Maria and Alex chemistry we saw. I don’t think he’s just using Maria but he’s still using her and not being straightforward. Her being a good and kind person who he cares about makes it worse. He’s not doing this with bad people, he’s doing it with good people who are dealing with a lot and he knows that. She’s dealing with her mother’s mental decline and I really relate to that part. Actually, she may not have the history like Alex does and she may be easier but her life is anything but easy. That’s a lot and if the show has even a faint whiff of realism (it does not), he’s cost her part of a support system. Iirc, it’s the part that reminded Liz about Maria’s mother and being a more engaged friend. So possibly and sadly the best part she has? I loathe love triangles. She needs to find out about the aliens and not have things drag out. She’s already been drugged and controlled by one, and she should have been told then. It’s screwed up that she wasn’t. Cosdick, one might say. Kyle is the catch of the show. This is a fact. He cannot be another character sacrificed to the SS cosmic love. Alex would be lucky.
  4. lexington11

    S31.E02 Knock the Newbie Out of Us

    I actually remember Nicole saying on an episode of the podcast that she and Victor do that when she went on to play BB a second time, she didn't enjoy the experience as much as she did the first time, because second time around, she was so hyper focused on winning that she forgot about the fun element. And I can definitely see that being the case here, especially because she's also been open about how she's always had anxiety about anything that involved her being out of her comfort zone.
  5. BabySpinach

    S14 E20: Moriah

    Dabb would sooner villainize GOD than his precious Wonderchild OC. Lmao.
  6. Callaphera

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    They talk a good game (Maria called Alex one of her best friends in a scene like three episodes ago?) but at this point, I honestly believe that they could bump into each other down the chip aisle at the grocery store and Maria would be all, "Hey, that guy looks vaguely familiar. I think I went to high school with him? Aaron? Andrei? I wish I could remember his name..." And then wacky music would play as Alex goes to visit Liz and ask about this woman he just ran into that he can't quite identify because he just missed running into Maria at the soundproof Crashdown by, like, a minute or two doing the exact same thing. Besties! Hire me, Show. I already made it better.
  7. ratgirlagogo

    Pet Peeves

    But the ATMs at the drive-up window of the bank are the same as the ATMs inside the lobby of the bank. Those shady rando bodega ATMs are a different breed of animal.
  8. OnTime

    "The View": Week of 4/22/2019

    So who won't be there? Whoppi? Can't imagine they would have all six of them at the table with Joe. Meghan will want to sit by him.
  9. Risky Librarian

    S02.E21: Stuck as Foretold

    America's favorite medical themed game show, "Druggie or Killer?!" (Sorry, I'm in a weird mood tonight. Knowing this show, it's probably both.)
  10. topanga

    NFL Thread

    So will the Cards trade Kyler? Or was this essentially an F-U to Josh Rosen?
  11. Did anyone catch the pic of Rachel W kneeling in the fringe top from the insta story. That looked like a cover pic worthy photo there.
  12. Oh god, I was almost pretty certain I wasn't gonna watch season 2, but this might put me over the edge. I.hate.Rosa.
  13. topanga

    Romantic Comedies

    Of course the movie is about crazy rich Asian people. My comments in response to the original poster, comments that I also made in the movie topic itself, is that I’d wish there’d been commentary on how people spend their money. I loved the movie, and it’s one of my favorite rom coms from recent years. And earlier, someone posted a link to an article that suggested CRA is not a rom-com. So when I questioned that in my post, I think some people are assuming I was the one making that statement about the movie.
  14. tennisgurl


    You ever seen Dead Snow? It features Nazi Zombies! And its sequel, Red Vs Dead, has Nazi Zombies Vs Communist Zombies!
  15. roamyn

    NFL Thread

    They’re the NFL version of internet trolls. Good Luck Kyler. You’re gonna need it behind that O.L. I’m glad u have quick feet. I’m shocked the Jets didn’t trade down. That even said they wanted to. Guess they were blowing smoke or didn’t get their price.
  16. Minneapple

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Just saying...that's a lot of words and a lot of repetition about how Sansa was bitchy and mean to poor Tyrion. I mean, we've seen this tree before. Tyrion sat down to have a chat with Bran so thus far it doesn't seem like he's holding much against the Starks.
  17. ZennyKenny

    S14 E20: Moriah

    As is tradition, I will be singing this to my dog at the start of the show: "Carry on my wayward pup They'll be treats when you are done Lay your floppy ears to rest Don't you whine no more"
  18. @ByTor here's one of your girl Brennan!
  19. calliope1975

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    If Taylor Swift had an app that eventually shut down, someone should have told DR to rethink this.
  20. BigBingerBro

    Dorothy Zbornak: Who Are You to Judge Her?!

    Here's a good article on Bea - https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/bea-arthurs-son-golden-girls-maude
  21. fonfereksglen

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    She has only gone from LA to TX once. Can't laugh since I live in a city where crossing various short bridges over a river going from the east to west side is a major journey into enemy territory.
  22. tennisgurl

    Romantic Comedies

    Crazy Rich Asian is almost an archetypal romantic comedy. It has our lovable every girl protagonist, her hunky nice guy boyfriend, a big secret revealed, fish out of water tale jokes, quirky best friend, mean girls, shopping montage, lots of kisses and cuddles, people from two different worlds fall in love, third act break up, reunion at an airport, etc. It just made it funny and clever in ways that a lot of rom coms got stale doing, because they were more interested in cliches than in actually being funny. Plus, having an all Asian cast and being partially set in Asia, which is certainly not something you would see in a lot of those late 90s early 00s movies of the genre.
  23. Hater

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Most do not have the screen time that Kelly, Steve, Maurice and Laura do so it's very noticeable when their characters hog up the show and do nothing but suck the energy out of everything.
  24. Robert Lynch

    Cobra Kai

    Episode 6 featuring Johnny's gang! Spoiler alert!
  25. ImaTart

    Home Shopping Network

    Thanks for posting the pic. I am not a fan of high-low, skark bite, asymmetrical hemlines. It's because I don't like the reverse side of fabric showing at hemlines. The dress Collen's wearing is not a good look for her - imo. The sleeves have a 1940s vibe to me (nothing wrong with that), I've seen pics of my grandmother in her 20s, the early 1940s, wearing blouses and dresses with similar sleeve styles. I bet that open sleeve style would help in keeping cool during the hot weather back then when AC was wasn't common, and having a fan was a luxury.
  26. maggiemae

    "The View": Week of 4/22/2019

    Blissful - unfortunately they do think they are good role models for their kids. Very sad.
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