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How to use Activity Streams

Activity Streams allow members to view content from all of the forums they follow, all in one place. There are several default streams, or you can set up your own customized streams.

To start, click on Streams in the navigation at the top of the site. By default, you will see All Activity, which shows all site activity, including posts and reactions, in realtime.  You can choose a condensed or expanded view.



Additional Default Streams:

  • Unread Content - only shows content you have not previously read
  • Content I Started - only shows content in topics that were started by you
  • Content I Follow - only shows content in topics/forums that you follow
  • Members I Follow - only shows content from other forum members you follow
  • Content I Posted In - only shows content from topics you have posted in

All Streams (except All Activity) have filters at the top to allow you to restrict what is shown.


To create a custom stream of content, click on the My Activity Streams dropdown at the top of the screen and click on Create New Stream. You can then customize the stream and name it, and it will show up under the My Activity Streams menu. 

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