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Topic colors & icons explained

If a forum has new posts in any of its topics, it will be highlighted Yellow (gold) on your homepage and have bold title text. This is the same in either Light or Dark theme style.


Within Forums, Topics with new posts will have bold title text, and be highlighted either yellow or a paler yellowy-grey depending on Light or Dark theme.



Topic Tags: 

Topic tags are 'at a glance' info to let members know about a topic, they include:

  • Episode - denotes episode-specific topics
  • Spoilers - this topic contains explicit spoilers beyond the usual after-it-airs rule
  • No Spoilers - spoilers of ANY KIND are not allowed in this topic
  • Story - associated with story content on our main editorial site
  • Unaired USA - denotes that this episode has aired somewhere else first but has yet to air in the USA.
  • Streaming - episode topic is part of a set of episodes all made available at once on a streaming platform
  • Book Talk - for shows that are based on other materials like books, denotes topics where those who have read books may reference the source material
  • No Book Talk - for shows that are based on other materials like books, denotes topics where discussion of the source material is NOT ALLOWED
  • Fun and Games - Fun and Games!

Topic Icons

Topic icons indicate certain important things about specific topics:

  • User - You have posted in here
  • Push Pin - Topic has been pinned to always appear at the top of the forum topic list
  • Lock - Topic is locked and can be viewed but not replied to
  • Clock - Topic is locked but will open in the future (opening time is displayed at the top the topic page)
  • Arrow - Topic has been moved or merged and this link will bring you to the new location
  • Megaphone - Important announcement, please read
  • Bar Graph - Topic with poll
  • Flame - This topic has a lot of recent posts
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