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Frequently Asked Questions

New FAQ system.

How to report a site technical problem or bug

Before reporting a bug, try these things:

  1. Depending on the issue, doublecheck that your settings are correct (i.e. you correctly set your notifications, or follow settings, or ignore settings, etc)
  2. Make sure you can reproduce the problem - refresh the page and try again
  3. Close out the site and try it in an incognito or private window
  4. Clear your cache

If the problem persists:

Go the Bugs, Questions & Suggestions area. First, check if there is a topic on that subject started by someone else, or see if your problem has already been addressed in the Fixed/Resolved area. If not, start a new topic for the issue.

Try and be detailed - always link us to the problem, and it's often helpful to provide screenshots, your browser type and version if you know it, and let us know whether you're on your phone, tablet or computer and what OS your device is running.

How to report a post or private message (PM)

Each post and PM has a report button (flag icon) at the bottom of it - click that and type in the reason for the report in the pop up that appears, then click the "Submit Report" button to let the moderation team know what's up.

If there are multiple posts with the same issue in the same topic, no need to report each individually. Use the report button on the first and indicate in report reason that it is one of several.

How to delete your post 

Members cannot delete posts, this includes their own. There are four ways to remove your post:

  1. If it's within the permitted editing window of 1 week, simply edit the post to delete the content.
  2. As above and replace the content with a specific deletion request a la "Please delete".
  3. PM a moderator with a link asking for your post to be removed. 
  4. Click the report button (Flag icon) and request post deletion.

How to stop seeing/Ignore another member's posts

Use our handy-dandy Ignore Feature.


1. Hover over the member's avatar and select 'ignore user', then follow the on-screen directions.


2. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner, then selected Ignored Users from the dropdown menu.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 11.58.19 AM.png

From there you may add multiple members to your Ignored List. 

Please note that if another user quotes members on your Ignored List, you will still see that. 

A final note: it is not possible to Ignore moderators or admins.

How to use notifications

Notifications can be received by email and/or seen in the notifications area at the top right corner of the site, found by clicking on the bell.

To manage your notification settings, click on your name at the top right, then go to Account Settings. From there, click on Notification Settings on the right-hand side. You can manage how you receive notices via email and on-site, as well as what your default notification settings are for forums you follow.


How to request a forum

  1. Start a new topic in the New Show Forum Requests area and use the title of the show as the topic title.
  2. Submit 3 topic titles for us to set the forum up with otherwise it'll be all empty and sad-looking. One of these must be a Small Talk - with obligatory witty subtitle - topic. (If more than 3 are submitted we will choose 3 from your list).
  3. Submit an 'official show synopsis' for us to post in the forum.
  4. All forums will start off with individual episode topics, so no requesting Season or All Episodes Talk topics.

Please see this example request for reference.

Please note: Only requests for brand new shows or shows currently airing new episodes will be accepted. Cancelled shows and limited series consisting of 5 episodes or less, should be created as a single topic within the appropriate 'Other X Shows' area. Users can create such topics themselves.

How to change your forum theme and/or size

At the bottom of the screen in the footer menu is a Themes dropdown option. Changing your theme will change sizes and colors for your forum view. Light vs Dark? M, L, XL? You decide!

How to change your username, email or password

Usernames, email addresses and passwords can all be changed from Accounts Settings, found by clicking your name at the top right-hand corner of the site.

To change your username: Click on the change button on the Username field in Account settings. Please note that usernames cannot be changed more than once every 30 days.

To change your email: Click the change button on the Email Address field in Account Settings. Then click on the activation link you are sent via email.

To change your password: Click on the change button on the Password field in Account Settings.


Topic colors & icons explained

If a forum has new posts in any of its topics, it will be highlighted Yellow (gold) on your homepage and have bold title text. This is the same in either Light or Dark theme style.


Within Forums, Topics with new posts will have bold title text, and be highlighted either yellow or a paler yellowy-grey depending on Light or Dark theme.



Topic Tags: 

Topic tags are 'at a glance' info to let members know about a topic, they include:

  • Episode - denotes episode-specific topics
  • Spoilers - this topic contains explicit spoilers beyond the usual after-it-airs rule
  • No Spoilers - spoilers of ANY KIND are not allowed in this topic
  • Story - associated with story content on our main editorial site
  • Unaired USA - denotes that this episode has aired somewhere else first but has yet to air in the USA.
  • Streaming - episode topic is part of a set of episodes all made available at once on a streaming platform
  • Book Talk - for shows that are based on other materials like books, denotes topics where those who have read books may reference the source material
  • No Book Talk - for shows that are based on other materials like books, denotes topics where discussion of the source material is NOT ALLOWED
  • Fun and Games - Fun and Games!

Topic Icons

Topic icons indicate certain important things about specific topics:

  • User - You have posted in here
  • Push Pin - Topic has been pinned to always appear at the top of the forum topic list
  • Lock - Topic is locked and can be viewed but not replied to
  • Clock - Topic is locked but will open in the future (opening time is displayed at the top the topic page)
  • Arrow - Topic has been moved or merged and this link will bring you to the new location
  • Megaphone - Important announcement, please read
  • Bar Graph - Topic with poll
  • Flame - This topic has a lot of recent posts

Different colored posts and topic announcements explained

A yellow (or gold) post within a topic is an official business post from the moderators.

A topic announcement is a colored post pinned just above the reply box. These are critically important messages from the moderators that should be read before posting.

Posts that receive 25 positive reactions are designated popular = outlined in pink with a heart in the top right corner.

Reaction icon posting limit

You get 1000 'Likes' or other 'Reactions' per day, if you need more than that you're obviously too likeable! 😉 

Banned words and profanity

Please see our Hate Speech & Insensitive Language policy. Slurs and hate speech are not tolerated.

Profanity is not moderated for by default, but as always, intent matters. Swearing in general is ok, swearing AT other posters is not.

Primetimer and 15/15 and 'boards on boards' rules

Members do not have to read all posts before posting, and are allowed to generally discuss the boards, though  criticizing groups of posters and/or flaming is not permitted. Additionally, discussing official moderator actions in-topic is a no-no.

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