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Reorg: Custom Homepage Shutoff Complete

This announcement is no longer active


As mentioned in the previous announcement we’re turning many forums for small TV shows into single topics. Since the Custom Homepage (CHP) is now off, we're are just going to power through the rest of the alphabet we haven't processed yet. Please note that the "forums started in last 14 days" area was part of the CHP and is now off as well.

Completed sections:

  • # A I N O PQ R S T U V W XYZ

We process each letter in two waves, the second being the creation of the new topics for vaulted shows and can lag a day behind the first wave. If you don't see a replacement topic for a vaulted show, it should appear within a day.

We have also moved the "Info" area (Bugs, Questions,  etc) to the bottom of the homepage.