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A Fresh Start: Welcoming You Back to the Primetimer Forums

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Regular visitors to these forums will know that we’ve been shut down for the last week. We'd like to explain why, and share with you the plan moving forward.

At their best, these forums have been a place for lively, intelligent, and, yes, snarky commentary about TV, and that’s entirely thanks to our posters, our volunteer moderators, and our community manager. 

In recent years, pockets of these forums have also seen increasing instances of bullying, and implicit (and explicit) hate speech that have undermined the vibrant discussions and connections that define us. We’ve attempted to address this along the way with new rules and moderation processes, but it’s recently become clear that our efforts have fallen short, and in some cases have hurt those that we’d hoped they’d help.

The last week has served as a time of reflection and reset for our community team as we’ve focused on how best to try to fix what’s broken while preserving what’s great.

A Time for Change

As we re-open our doors, it’s not with the intention of returning to business as usual. This reset isn’t about implementing new rules; it's about reimagining how we interact, share, and grow together. This will be an iterative process, but here’s where we intend to focus our efforts in the coming weeks:

  • Deepening Understanding: We're on a journey to enrich our moderation practices with further Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion principles, focusing on the richness that diversity brings and the strength found in our collective resilience.
  • Innovative Growth: We'll soon be introducing Community Growth Funnels, a new way to navigate discussions and conflicts with a focus on learning, inclusion, and meaningful engagement. Part of this will include a  🔴🟡🟢 Light system to monitor and potentially intervene in threads and topics that might not align with our community values. Just like traffic signals, the yellow and red lights will alert contributors to threads where the direction of the conversation has veered in a concerning direction.  It's essential to recognize that our community culture is shaped by each one of us with every word and emoji we select. Remember, for every person engaging with your posts, many more are reading without responding. It's crucial to consider what message we're sending to the wider TV-watching community about who is safe here and how they are welcomed. Let's collaboratively create a community culture that makes everyone proud and feel included. 

Our Commitment to You

Moving forward, we commit to:

  • Empowering Voices: Every member's voice is vital to our community's fabric. We're committed to ensuring that all voices, especially those marginalized, are heard and valued.
  • Continuous Improvement: The journey of growth never ends. We will keep learning, adapting, and evolving our community practices.
  • Open Dialogue: We invite your feedback, ideas, and stories. Our community thrives when we all contribute to its shaping. 
  • Respectful Engagement: We pledge to uphold an environment where respectful debate and diverse opinions are not just allowed, but encouraged. 

A Call to Action

This reset is a collective journey. We invite you to join us in this commitment to humorous, respectful, and inclusive dialogue. Together, let's make this a community where every member feels valued, where discussions enlighten and connect us, and where we all contribute to a culture of kindness and growth.

Welcome back to the Primetimer forums. We hope you’ll embrace this fresh start with open hearts and minds, ready to write the next chapter of our community's story — together.

With anticipation and warmth,

The Primetimer Community Team



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